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Lexmark Spec Sheets

Click on a model number below to download a product brochure (datasheet) in PDF format.


Lexmark Mono Laser Printers
Lexmark Color Laser Printers
Lexmark Dot Matrix Printers
T640 T642 T644 C500 C510 C522N     4227-200
T630 T632 T634 C524N C530N C532N 248X 249X 4227-300
T620 T622 T520 C534N C750 C752 2480-200 2481-200 2490-200
T522 T420d T430 C760 C762 C770n 2491-200    
E321 E323 E332n C772n C780n C782n N4000e    
E240 E250 E232
Multifunction Printers
E340 E342n E350d X500n X502n        
E352dn E450d   X340n X342n X782e      
      X642e X644e X646 dte
Wide (11 x 17) Color Printers
Wide (11 x 17) Mono Printers
X940e X945e X772e C910 C912 C920
W812 W820 W840 X850e X852e X854e C935dn    


Page87 Page88
Page91 Page92
Page95 Page96
Page107 Page108
Page111 Page112
Page113 Page114 Page115 Page116
Page117 Page118 Page119 Page120
Page121 Page122 Page123 Page124
Page125 Page126 Page127 Page128
Page129 Page130 Page131 Page132
Page133 Page134 Page135 Page136
Page137 Page138 Page139 Page140
Page141 Page142 Page143 Page144
Page145 Page146 Page147 Page148
Page149 Page150 Page151 Page152
Page153 Page154 Page155 Page156
Page157 Page158 Page159 Page160
Page161 Page162 Page163 Page164
Page165 Page166 Page167 Page168
Page169 Page170 Page171 Page172
Page173 Page174 Page175 Page176
Page177 Page178 Page179 Page180
Page181 Page182 Page183 Page184
Page185 Page186 Page187 Page188
Page189 Page190 Page191 Page192
Page194 Page195 Page196 Page197
Page198 Page199 Page200 Page201
Page 202 Page203 Page204 Page205
Page206 Page207 Page208 Page209
Page210 Page211 Page212 Page213
Page214 Page215 Page216 Page217
Page218 Page219 Page220 Page221
Page222 Page223 Page224 Page225
Page226 Page227 Page228 Page229
Page230 Page231 Page232 Page233
Page234 Page235 Page236 Page238
Page239 Page240 Page241 Page242
Page243 Page244 Page245 Page246


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