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Part Number Description
GENI- 3470 Genicom 3470 18 Pin 700 Cps
GENI- 3480 Genicom 3480 24 PIN/136 400 Cps
GENI- 3480PLUS Genicom 3480 Plus Printer
GENI- 3810S Genicom 3810s 18 Pin 500cps
GENI- 3840EP Genicom 3840ep 18 Pin 500cps
GENI- 3850 Genicom 600cps 24 Pin Ser/Par
GENI- 3860D Tg Genicom 3860 Dual Tractor Printer
GENI- 3860D-ENET Tg Genicom 3860d Printer w/network
GENI- 3860S Tg Genicom 3860 Single Tractor Printer
GENI- 3860S-ENET Tg Genicom 3860 Printer w/ Network
GENI- 3870 Genicom 900cps Serial Matrix Printer
GENI- 3880D Tg Genicom 3880d Dual Tractor Printer
GENI- 3880D-ENET Tg Genicom 3880d Printer w/network
GENI- 3880S Tg Genicom 3880s Single Tractor Printer
GENI- 3880S-ENET Tg Genicom 3880s Printer w/network
GENI- 3910IS Genicom 3910is 18 Pin 500cps
GENI- 3940IP Genicom 500cps Twinax Coax IBM System Printer
GENI- 4490I Genicom 1400lpm Ultra Quiet Printer
GENI- 4490XT 4490 1400 Lpm Matrix Line Printer
GENI- 5050E Genicom 5050e 500lpm Line Printer
GENI- 5100E Genicom 5100e 1000lpm Line Printer
GENI- 5180I Genicom 5180 1800lpm Quietized
GENI- 5180XT Genicom 5180xt 1800lpm Lineprinter
GENI- 5180XT-136 5180xt 136-column Printer
GENI- 930 Genicom 930 Printer Par Interface
GENI- 935 Genicom 935 Wide Printer w/parallel Interface
GENI- LA36N Dec LA36n Printer Narrow Carriage 24 Pin 360 Cps
GENI- LA36N-CA Dec LA36n Narrow Carr 24pin 360 Cps
GENI- LA36N0200-CA LA36n With Network Interface
GENI- LA36W Dec LA36w Wide Carr 24pin 360cps
GENI- LA500 Genicom- Dec 600cps 24 Pin S/P
GENI- LA550N Tg LA550n Narrow Printer
GENI- LA550W LA550w Printer
GENI- LA650PLUS LA650 Plus Printer
GENI- LA700 Dec LA700 Wide Carr 24pin 700cps
GENI- LA700PLUS Genicom / Dec 840cps 24 Wire S/P
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