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Page 34:
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Part Number Description
DS- 105596 Transformer 115v / 230-vde
DS- 105621 Ds Power Supply Pcb
DS- 105727.1 Twin Ax Interface Board
DS- 105813 XL300 Printhead
DS- 105821 Keypad Overlay
DS- 105825 XL300 Carriage Assy
DS- 105828.1 Oper Pan Asm xl
DS- 105880 XL300 Maintenance Manual
DS- 105894.3 Base Assy Xldd
DS- 105895 Top Cover Assy xl
DS- 105896 Access Door xl
DS- 105897 Access Door Xldd
DS- 105971.1 XL300 Logic Board w/fw
DS- 106367.1 XL300 Logic Board Ce
DS- 106371 DS242 Ribbon Cartridge
DS- 106485 Lower Paper Guide
DS- 106486 Fan Motor
DS- 106487 xl Printhead XL300 XL300dd Ds 180
DS- 106488 Xldd Printhead XL300 XL300dd Replaced By 106487
DS- 107003 Printhead Cable Assy
DS- 107007 Left End Cap
DS- 107009 Power Supply Assy
DS- 107012.1 Main Controller A6300
DS- 107017 Carriage Motor/Encoder
DS- 107029 Paperfeed Motor
DS- 107355-1 Individual Ribbon Cartridge XL300 XL300dd DS-180
DS- 107548 Door Output Bin
DS- 107648 Power Supply Asm Journey
DS- 107716 Mech Roller Drive Asm
DS- 107733 Service Side Cover Journey
DS- 107734 Operator Side Cover Journey
DS- 107766 Mech Roller Grit Asm
DS- 107783 Main Motor Assy
DS- 107785 Feed Motor Assy
DS- 107786 Printhead Journey Atb Printer
DS- 107787 Solenoid Assy
DS- 107800 Post Mag Sensor Assy
DS- 107801 Exit Sensor Kit
DS- 107805 Mag Head Asm
DS- 107807 Keypad Assy
DS- 107809 Service Top Roller Atb Kit
DS- 107811 Lock Assy
DS- 107813 Platen Roller Kit
DS- 107820 Burster Assy Journey
DS- 107821 Pre Mag Assy
DS- 107828 Front Cover Assy
DS- A3300 Datasouth A3300 Dot Matrix Printer
DS- A3302 Datasouth A3302 w/ Dual Tractor &
DS- AAB-105828-1Z Operator Panel xl-400
DS- N3300 Datasouth N3300 Network Printer
DS- XL300 XL300 Printer
DS- XL300DD Datasouth XL300dd Printer w/ Bottom Feed
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