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Part Number Description
IER- 1-010102-90 Thermal Printhead 514 Printer Intermec f2
IER- 1-040327-52 Adapter Bobbin 3 Large Roll
IER- 1-200150-91 Print Key Asm Front Panel
IER- 1-200150-92 Print Key Asm Front Panel
IER- 1-200153-03 Motor Asm Paper Feed bt201
IER- 1-200314-20 Print Roller Paper Feed bt201
IER- 1-200314-21 Print Roller Paper Feed
IER- 1-200316-00 Spring Tension Phd Lift bt201
IER- 1-200345-20 Gear Wheel Motor
IER- 1-200362-21 Keypad Slide Front Panel bt201e
IER- 1-200469-11 Keypad Front Panel
IER- 1-200704-50 Display Asm Front Panel
IER- 1-200711-45 Power Supply 230v / 50hz bt201
IER- 1-200711-90 Power Supply 115v / 60hz bt201
IER- 1-200950-00 Sensor Label Stop bt201
IER- 1-200955-14 Ring Core Transformer bt201 Ubi 201
IER- 1-200957-10 Switch Asm Phd Lift bt201
IER- 1-206100-01 Pulley
IER- 1-206113-00 Cover Electronic Side Asm
IER- 1-206114-90 Guide Paper
IER- 1-206203-90 Roller Platen / Rewind
IER- 1-206222-90 Keyboard
IER- 1-206223-90 Button Print
IER- 1-206273-01 Handle Cam
IER- 1-206280-00 Cable Power Supply / Cpu
IER- 1-206297-00 Edge Upper Tear Off
IER- 1-206562-90 Guide Quick Load Kit
IER- 1-206959-00 Motor
IER- 1-800051-00 Belt 3x207mm Paper Spool
IER- 1-880051-00 Belt
IER- 1-959070-00 Memory 4mb Dram Simm
IER- 1-971607-55 Power Supply Unit Intermec f2 f4 514
IER- 1-971608-90 Cpu Board 514 516 Intermec f2 f4
IER- 1-971609-90 Console Pcb
IER- 1-971614-90 Pcb Network Interface
IER- 1-971617-90 Memory 4mb Flash Simm Expansion
IER- 1-971700-30 Cpu Pwb Bt 201e
IER- 1-971700-95 Cpu Pwb Assy 201e
IER- 1-975559-02 Label Stop Sensor
IER- 1-975560-01 Photo Cell Headlift
IER- 1-989125-90 Printhead Thermal 8d / Mm 201 Bag bt201 bt201e Ubi 201
IER- 1-990795-33 Belt T2 5 285 6 Paper Feed bt201
IER- 1-995103-01 Belt Sts s2m 140 Teeth
IER- 1-995103-04 Belt Sts s2m 420 Teeth
IER- 1425-123-000 Burster Module Bpr 640
IER- 1425-607-000 Pcb Com /Ethernet
IER- 1425-607-100 Pcb Com /Ethernet
IER- 1425-607-820 Pcb Com /Ethernet
IER- 1425-607-821 Pcb Com /Ethernet
IER- 1425-607-823 Pcb Com /Ethernet
IER- 1425-608-010 Pcb Main Bpr 640 Atb Printer
IER- 1425-608-821 Pcb Main Bpr 640 Atb Printer
IER- 1425-620-000 Power Supply bpr640
IER- 1A0820B02-6 mp1000 Ink Ribbon Cassette box/6
IER- 508 IER 508 Atb Bag Tag Printer
IER- 509 IER 509 Bag Tag Printer- Dassault At
IER- 512B 512b Bag Tag Printer
IER- 512B-FSP 512b Flight Strip Printer
IER- 512C 512c Bagtag Printer IER
IER- 5517101 Spacer m3x15
IER- 5517104 Spacer m3x25
IER- 5517115 Spacer m4x10
IER- 5517604 Foot Rubber 5x21x12mm
IER- 5534106 Washer d=10 6mm
IER- 5537411 Screw Th+wash m4x25
IER- 607 IER 607 Boarding Gate Reader
IER- 627 627 Gate Reader Atb Sc IER
IER- 78901106-001 Print Head 24n Extracopy mp1000
IER- 801BC 801 Bc Boarding Pass Gate Reader
IER- 9794855-0132 Belt t2 5 285 6 Paper Feed
IER- CC1425-013 Pcb Com /Ethernet
IER- E104842 Printhead Thermal 80mm Bpr 640 Atb Printer Dassault
IER- FL03932H Pcb Power Supply
IER- FL03934K Pcb Cpu v4
IER- FM04479X Pcb Cpu v5
IER- M91002A Thermal Transfer Asm
IER- M91002B Thermal Transfer Asm
IER- M91004A Ribbon Multi Pass Thermal Transfer 557 Atb
IER- M91010B Intro Asm 2 Ways Ways 1+2
IER- M91010C Intro Asm 2 Ways Ways 1+2 IER 557
IER- M91017A Keyboard English Backlit 557 Control Panel
IER- M91043A Ribbon Cassette Multipass IER 557 A Tb
IER- M91046A Keyboard English Backlit 557 Control Panel
IER- M91061A Module Double Intro Short
IER- M91119B Cartrige Black Multipass Ribbon IER 567 Atb Printer
IER- M91139A Ribbon Cartridge bpr600
IER- M93001B Pcb Microprocessor
IER- M93001C Pcb Microprocessor
IER- M93018A Pcb Main IER 508
IER- M93018B Pcb Main IER 508
IER- M93020A Pcb Main Risc 512c
IER- M93021B Pcb Micro Risc
IER- M93021C Pcb Micro Risc
IER- M93021D Pcb Micro Risc 3 3v / 32mhz
IER- M93022A Pcb Main IER 508
IER- M93022B Pcb Main IER 508
IER- M93025A Pcb Micro
IER- M93025B Pcb Micro
IER- M93025C Pcb Micro
IER- M94001A Power Supply IER 557
IER- M94001B Power Supply IER 557
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