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Page 88:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 24Z0065 Card Parallel Interface 1284-b
LEX- 24Z0350 Printer X925de Color Mfp Laser Wide A3 Format Printer
LEX- 24Z0653 Printer X925de Color Mfp Laser Wide A3 Format Lexmark
LEX- 2580 Lexmark 2580-100 Forms Printer
LEX- 2580-PLUS Lexmark 2580+ Dot Matrix Forms Printer Narrow
LEX- 2580N-PLUS Lexmark 2580n+ Dot Matrix Network Forms Printer Narrow
LEX- 2581-PLUS Lexmark 2581-500 Wide Carriage Dot Matrix
LEX- 2581N Lexmark 2581-110 Forms Printer Wide Carr 9 Pin Network
LEX- 2581N-PLUS Lexmark 2581-510 Forms Printer Wide Carriage Network
LEX- 2590 Lexmark 2590-100 Dot Matrix Printer 24 Pin
LEX- 2590-PLUS Lexmark 2590+ Dot Matrix Forms Printer 24 Pin Narrow
LEX- 2590N Lexmark 2590-110 Form Printer Network 24 Pin Wide Carriage
LEX- 2590N-PLUS Lexmark 2590+ 2590-510 Forms Printer Narrow Carriage Network
LEX- 2591-PLUS Lexmark 2591+ Forms Printer Wide Dot Matrix
LEX- 2591N Lexmark 2591-110 Forms Printer Wide 24 Pin Network
LEX- 2591N-PLUS Lexmark 2591n+ 2591-510 Forms Printer Wide Carriage Network
LEX- 25A0001 Lexmark W840n Laser Printer
LEX- 25A0010 2 X 500 Sheet Drawer X85xe W840x
LEX- 25A0013 Staple Cartridge 15k W840 X422 X85xe X792 3pk 5k Per Pack
LEX- 25A0015 W840 Duplex Unit Complete w/ Exit Asm
LEX- 25A0020 2000 Dual Input W84x X85xe
LEX- 25A0025 2000 Sheet Hi Capacity Feeder Tray X85xe W840
LEX- 25A0030 W840 Finisher 2/3 Hole
LEX- 25A0032 Ipds Scs/Tne Card W840
LEX- 25A0033 W840 Card For Prescribe Emulation
LEX- 25A0034 Lexmark W840 Printcryption Card
LEX- 25A0035 W840 Forms Card
LEX- 25A0036 W840 Bar Code Card
LEX- 25A0037 W840 Forms Card Simplified Chinese
LEX- 25A0075 Lexmark W840 Laser Printer
LEX- 25A0076 Lexmark W840dn Laser Printer
LEX- 25B0000 Lexmark MX721ade
LEX- 25B0001 Lexmark MX722adhe Mono Mfp Laser Printer
LEX- 25B0002 Lexmark MX722ade Mono Multifunction Printer
LEX- 25B0003 Lexmark MX721adhe
LEX- 25B0601 Lexmark MX822adxe Mono Mfp Laser Printer
LEX- 25B0610 Lexmark MX826ade Mono Mfp Laser Printer
LEX- 25B0611 Lexmark MX826adxe Mono Mfp Laser Printer
LEX- 25B2000 Lexmark MX822ade Mfp Mono Laser Printer
LEX- 25B2900 550 Sheet Drawer w/ Tray MX822 MX82x
LEX- 25B2950 Tray 2100 Sheet MX822 MX826
LEX- 25B2999 Offset Stacker 550 Sheet MX822 MX826
LEX- 25C0433 Forms And Bar Code Card C734 C736
LEX- 25C0434 Ipds Card Scs/Tne C734 C736
LEX- 26A0000 Lexmark C540n Color Laser Printer
LEX- 26C0002 C544dn Taa/Gov Compliant
LEX- 26G0050 Lexmark X548 Forms And Bar Code Card
LEX- 26G0051 Lexmark X548 Card For Ipds
LEX- 26G0052 Lexmark X548 Card For Prescribe
LEX- 26H0001 T430 250-sheet Tray
LEX- 26H0002 T430 500-sheet Drawer
LEX- 26H0003 T430 500-sheet Tray
LEX- 26H0100 Lexmark T430d Mono Laser w/ Duplexer
LEX- 26H0200 Lexmark T430dn Mono Laser Printer
LEX- 26H0350 Asm Main Tray 250
LEX- 26H0394 Imagequick Card
LEX- 26H0395 Bar Code Card
LEX- 26H0396 Card For Ipds And Scs/Tne
LEX- 26H0397 Printcryption Card
LEX- 26H0398 Card For Prescribe Emulation
LEX- 26H0399 T430 Forms Card Single Byte
LEX- 26H0400 Lexmark T430 Mono Laser Printer
LEX- 26Z0000 Lexmark MS911de Mono Laser Printer A3 Tabloid
LEX- 26Z0023 Lexmark MS911 Forms And Bar Code Card
LEX- 26Z0024 Ipds Card For MS911de Printer
LEX- 26Z0025 Lexmark MS911 Prescribe Card
LEX- 26Z0081 Staple Punch Finisher MS911 MX910 MX911 MX912 CX922 3-hole
LEX- 26Z0083 Booklet Finisher 3-hole MS911 MX910 MX911 MX912 CS921 CX922
LEX- 26Z0084 Staple Finisher MS911/MX910/MX911
LEX- 26Z0085 Drawer w/ 2 500 Sht Trays MS911 MX912 MX910 MX911
LEX- 26Z0086 2500 Sheet Tandem Tray MS911 MX910 Letter
LEX- 26Z0088 3000 Sheet Tray MS910 MX911 MX912 With Casters-letter
LEX- 26Z0090 Tray MX91x Working Shelf Mfp Only
LEX- 26Z0091 Tray MS911/MX91x 10 Sheet Banner Tray
LEX- 26Z0094 Cabinet With Casters MS911 & MX91xy
LEX- 26Z0100 Lexmark MX910de Mfp Printer
LEX- 26Z0101 Lexmark MX911dte Mfp Printer
LEX- 26Z0102 Lexmark MX912dxe Mfp Printer
LEX- 26Z0195 Forms And Bar Code Card MX910 MX911 MX912
LEX- 26Z0196 Card For Ipds MX91x
LEX- 26Z0197 Lexmark MX91x Prescribe Card
LEX- 27S2100 Drawer 550 Sheet With Tray C73x C74x X73x X74x
LEX- 27S2190 550-sheet Specialty Media Drawer
LEX- 27S2400 2000-sheet High Capacity Feeder Tray X736 C734 X734 X74x C74x
LEX- 27S2650 Specialty Media Drawer With Tray C734 C736 C746 C748 X73x X74x
LEX- 27X0014 Hard Disk 160+ Gb
LEX- 27X0025 Marknet N8250 802.11b/g/n Wireless
LEX- 27X0125 Marknet N8352 802.11 B/G/N Wireless Print Server Kit
LEX- 27X0128 Lexmark Marknet N8352 802.11b/g/n Wireless Print Server
LEX- 27X0129 Marknet 8352 802.11 B/G/N Wireless Print Server MX310 MX410
LEX- 27X0130 Marknet 8352 802.11 B/G/N Wireless Print Server Kit
LEX- 27X0135 Marknet 8352 802.11 B/G/N w/nfc Print Server Wireless
LEX- 27X0142 Marknet N8230 Fiber Ethernet MS825 MS725 B2865 MS821 MS822
LEX- 27X0200 Hard Drive C73x T650 T652 T654 X65xe
LEX- 27X0210 Lexmark 160+gb Hard Disk
LEX- 27X0225 Marknet N8350 802.11 B/G/N Wireless Print Server Kit
LEX- 27X0309 Marknet N8360 802.11 Wireless w/nfc Cs820 CX82x CX860
LEX- 27X0310 Marknet N8350 802.11 B/G/N Wireless With Nfc Print Server
LEX- 27X0327 Marknet N8350 802.11 B/G/N With Nfc Wireless Print Server
LEX- 27X0400 500+gb Hard Disk Drive
LEX- 27X0500 500gb Hd Usb (B2865dw MS622de MS725dvn MS821dn MS821n MS822de MS823dn MS823n MS825dn MS826de)
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