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Page 114:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X5056 Fax Card N8110 V.34
LEX- 40X5057 Hard Drive C73x T650 T652 T654 X65xe
LEX- 40X5069 Top Cover Asm Includes Narrow Media Sensor E250 E350 E450
LEX- 40X5073 Duplex Belt
LEX- 40X5074 Duplex Clutch
LEX- 40X5075 Duplex Roll 1
LEX- 40X5076 Duplex Roll 2
LEX- 40X5077 Duplex Motor
LEX- 40X5078 Option Feeder Controller Board
LEX- 40X5079 Option Feeder Drive Asm
LEX- 40X5080 Turn Clutch
LEX- 40X5081 Transparency led
LEX- 40X5082 Transparency Sensor
LEX- 40X5084 Non-locking Rear Caster
LEX- 40X5085 Locking Front Caster
LEX- 40X5086 Feeder Foot Front Left Or Rear
LEX- 40X5087 Feeder Foot Front Right Or Rea
LEX- 40X5088 Turn Clutch
LEX- 40X5089 Feed Clutch
LEX- 40X5090 Screw Kit
LEX- 40X5091 Multi-protocol Card
LEX- 40X5093 Fuser Maintenance Kit C746 C748 X746 X748 C734 C736 X734 X736
LEX- 40X5094 Maintenance Kit 220v C73x C74x X73x X74x
LEX- 40X5096 Transfer Module Maintenance Kit
LEX- 40X5099 Top Cover Asm
LEX- 40X5100 A1 Board With Modem
LEX- 40X5101 Right Cover
LEX- 40X5102 Cover Left
LEX- 40X5103 Cover Rear Upper
LEX- 40X5104 Cover Rear Left
LEX- 40X5105 Cover Rear Right
LEX- 40X5106 Cover Output Bin Extension
LEX- 40X5107 Shield Support System Board
LEX- 40X5108 Fan Cooling Cartridge
LEX- 40X5109 Fan Cooling
LEX- 40X5110 Front Access Door Cover
LEX- 40X5111 Parts Packet Front Door
LEX- 40X5112 Front Door Asm
LEX- 40X5113 Duplex Reference Edge
LEX- 40X5114 Top Access Cover
LEX- 40X5115 Operator Panel Bezel 230 280
LEX- 40X5116 Operator Panel Bezel 430
LEX- 40X5117 Operator Panel Asm With Card
LEX- 40X5118 Top Access Cover Parts Package
LEX- 40X5119 Cover Links Top Access Slider Cam
LEX- 40X5120 Operator Panel Buttons Parts Package
LEX- 40X5121 Sensor Bin Full With Cable
LEX- 40X5122 Color-on-demand Asm
LEX- 40X5123 Printhead C734 C736 X734 X736 X738 C746 C748 X748 X746
LEX- 40X5124 Low-voltage Power Supply
LEX- 40X5125 Drive Ep
LEX- 40X5126 Card Motor Driver
LEX- 40X5127 Switch 5v Interlock
LEX- 40X5128 Switch 24v Interlock
LEX- 40X5129 Power Supply High Voltage
LEX- 40X5130 Camshaft Top Cover
LEX- 40X5131 Mp Feeder Duplex Motor C734
LEX- 40X5132 Parts Packet Mp Feeder/Duplex
LEX- 40X5134 Feeder Paper Pick Asm
LEX- 40X5135 Cables Parts Packet
LEX- 40X5136 Parts Packet Screws
LEX- 40X5137 Springs Contact
LEX- 40X5140 Drawer 550 Sheet With Tray
LEX- 40X5141 Tray 550 Sheet Option Drawer Only
LEX- 40X5142 Drawer Specialty Media With Tray
LEX- 40X5143 Tray Specialty Media
LEX- 40X5144 Paper Drawer Tray Asm
LEX- 40X5145 Cover Rear Frame
LEX- 40X5146 Front Tray Cover
LEX- 40X5147 Right Cover
LEX- 40X5148 Left Cover
LEX- 40X5149 Rear Cover
LEX- 40X5150 Operator Panel Bezel 410
LEX- 40X5151 Operator Panel Bezel 210
LEX- 40X5152 Roller Pick Arm
LEX- 40X5153 Cover Dust
LEX- 40X5154 System Board Net C736n
LEX- 40X5155 Elevator Motor With Sensor
LEX- 40X5156 Feed With Bushing
LEX- 40X5157 Top Plate Asm
LEX- 40X5158 Photo Interrupter Sensor With Cable Asm
LEX- 40X5159 Controller Card Asm
LEX- 40X5160 System Board C734n Lexmark rip
LEX- 40X5163 Separator Pad Spring
LEX- 40X5164 Output Bin Extension Cover
LEX- 40X5165 Adf Static Ground Brush
LEX- 40X5166 Adf Exit Sensor With Cable
LEX- 40X5167 Flatbed Scanner Complete X734 X736 X738 Series
LEX- 40X5168 Tires Pick 2 Pack
LEX- 40X5169 Rear Frame Cover
LEX- 40X5172 Right Cover
LEX- 40X5173 Left Cover
LEX- 40X5174 Rear Cover
LEX- 40X5175 Top Cover With Springs
LEX- 40X5176 Top Access Cover With Touch Panel X734 X736 X738
LEX- 40X5177 Operator Panel Bezel 275
LEX- 40X5178 Operator Panel Bezel 476
LEX- 40X5179 Operator Panel X734 X736 X738 Lcd Touch Screen
LEX- 40X5180 Top Access Cover Parts Pack
LEX- 40X5181 Parts Packet Operator Panel Buttons
LEX- 40X5182 Low Voltage Power Supply X734 X736 X738
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