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Page 121:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X6286 rip Board C925de C925dte
LEX- 40X6287 Video Board
LEX- 40X6289 Svc Cover
LEX- 40X6292 Cover rip Board
LEX- 40X6293 Cover Upper Paper Exit
LEX- 40X6294 Cover Rear Cave
LEX- 40X6295 Cover Upper Right
LEX- 40X6296 Cover Output Bin
LEX- 40X6297 Cover Cable l
LEX- 40X6298 Cover Back l
LEX- 40X6301 Cover Inner Right
LEX- 40X6302 Cover Op Front w/car Read
LEX- 40X6303 Cover Op Panel Front
LEX- 40X6304 Cover Cave led
LEX- 40X6305 Svc Cables
LEX- 40X6306 Cable Uicc To Display
LEX- 40X6307 Operator Panel Lcd And Touchscreen Display 10.2-i
LEX- 40X6308 Operator Panel Uicc Card X792
LEX- 40X6309 Svc Cables
LEX- 40X6310 Svc Cables
LEX- 40X6311 Cable rip Scanner Ffc
LEX- 40X6312 Cable rip Scanner
LEX- 40X6314 Cable Cave Light
LEX- 40X6317 System Board X925de
LEX- 40X6320 Svc Cover
LEX- 40X6321 Ccd Chassis X925de
LEX- 40X6322 Icc Card X925de
LEX- 40X6323 Cable 30 Pin Ffc Ribbon
LEX- 40X6324 18 Pin Ffc Ribbon Cable
LEX- 40X6325 Svc Sensor
LEX- 40X6326 Belt Ccd
LEX- 40X6327 Adf Pick Roll Asm X925
LEX- 40X6328 Adf Separator Roll X925
LEX- 40X6329 Adf Relay Card X925de
LEX- 40X6330 Svc Motor
LEX- 40X6331 Cover Outer Adf Top
LEX- 40X6332 Cover Inner Adf Top
LEX- 40X6333 Svc Other Mechanical Hardware
LEX- 40X6334 Hinge Flatbed
LEX- 40X6335 Svc Clutches
LEX- 40X6336 Bearing Roller
LEX- 40X6337 Card Arabic Font
LEX- 40X6338 Tray Adf Input Tray
LEX- 40X6339 Flash Card 64mb X264 X364
LEX- 40X6340 Handle Top Cover Release
LEX- 40X6341 Hook Top Cover Release
LEX- 40X6342 Svc Cover
LEX- 40X6343 Cover Left Adf
LEX- 40X6344 Cover Right Adf
LEX- 40X6345 Stop Adf Paper
LEX- 40X6346 Cover Upper Flatbed Top
LEX- 40X6347 Cover Lower Flatbed Top
LEX- 40X6348 Feeder Adf Main
LEX- 40X6349 Adf Media Paper Path Guide
LEX- 40X6351 Cable Motor Drive
LEX- 40X6354 Sensor Frame
LEX- 40X6355 Exit Solenoid Bracket
LEX- 40X6356 Main Power Cable
LEX- 40X6357 Right Cover
LEX- 40X6358 Rising Unit Hub
LEX- 40X6359 Rising Unit Spring
LEX- 40X6360 Timing Belt
LEX- 40X6361 UL1 Interface Cable
LEX- 40X6362 UL2 Interface Cable
LEX- 40X6365 Paperfeed Cable
LEX- 40X6367 Engine Paperfeed Motor Cable
LEX- 40X6368 Engine Power Supply Door Interlock Cable
LEX- 40X6369 Printhead Controller Option Cable
LEX- 40X6370 X925 Svc Cables rip Print Control
LEX- 40X6371 Main Power Button
LEX- 40X6372 Paperfeed Maintenance Kit
LEX- 40X6378 Upper Operator Panel Cover
LEX- 40X6379 Button Kit Parts Pack
LEX- 40X6380 rip Card Chassis Bracket
LEX- 40X6391 Tray Only 250 Sheet T650 T652 T654 Series
LEX- 40X6391-LOCK Tray 250 Sheet With Lock T650 Series Fits Std Drawer
LEX- 40X6392 System Card X651 X652 X654 X656 X658
LEX- 40X6393 Scanner Unit led Asm X651 X652 X654 X656 Mfp
LEX- 40X6394 Scanner Unit led X658
LEX- 40X6395 Adf Unit X658
LEX- 40X6396 Scanner Ccd Asm X65x Series
LEX- 40X6397 Adf Duplex led X654 X656 X658
LEX- 40X6398 Spacer
LEX- 40X6401 Transfer Module Maintenance Kit X738 X734 C736 C734 C748 C746
LEX- 40X6403 Isp rip Cover
LEX- 40X6405 rip - Usb Cable
LEX- 40X6406 Roller Adf Separator
LEX- 40X6407 Operator Panel Speaker
LEX- 40X6408 Redrive X543 X544 X546
LEX- 40X6411 Mulitpurpose Feeder Pad Holder
LEX- 40X6412 Mulitpurpose Feeder Separator Spring
LEX- 40X6414 Mulitpurpose Feeder Catch
LEX- 40X6415 Mulitpurpose Feeder Bottom Cover
LEX- 40X6416 Mulitpurpose Feeder Engine Board Cable
LEX- 40X6417 Output Bin Full Lever
LEX- 40X6418 Mulitpurpose Feeder Roller Bushing
LEX- 40X6419 Mulitpurpose Feeder Clutch
LEX- 40X6421 Rubber Grip Pad
LEX- 40X6422 Upper Registration Spring
LEX- 40X6423 Lower Registration Spring
LEX- 40X6424 Low Voltage Power Supply 220v X925 C925
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