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Page 125:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X6772 Insert Standard Bin
LEX- 40X6773 Rail Slide Feeder Unit
LEX- 40X6774 Cover Top
LEX- 40X6775 Left Rear Upper Cover
LEX- 40X6776 Left Rear Lower Cover
LEX- 40X6777 Left Upper Cover
LEX- 40X6779 Internal Top Cover
LEX- 40X6780 Internal Rear Cover
LEX- 40X6781 Cover Right
LEX- 40X6782 Right Rear Cover
LEX- 40X6783 Rear Upper Cover
LEX- 40X6784 Filter Cover
LEX- 40X6785 Cover Input Tray Interface
LEX- 40X6786 Controller Box Cover
LEX- 40X6787 Cable Interface Door
LEX- 40X6788 Developer Unit
LEX- 40X6789 Svc Tray
LEX- 40X6790 Svc Other General Svc
LEX- 40X6791 Svc Board
LEX- 40X6792 Svc Gear
LEX- 40X6793 Svc Gear
LEX- 40X6794 Adf Platen Pad
LEX- 40X6795 Automatic Document Feeder
LEX- 40X6796 Adf Main Drive Sub-Asm
LEX- 40X6797 Adf Rear Cover
LEX- 40X6798 Adf Front Cover
LEX- 40X6799 Adf Interface Cable
LEX- 40X6800 Adf Controller Card
LEX- 40X6801 Adf Media Stop
LEX- 40X6802 Adf Left Hinge
LEX- 40X6803 Adf Right Hinge
LEX- 40X6804 Adf Scan Pad
LEX- 40X6805 Roller Kit Feed C950 X954 C952 X952
LEX- 40X6806 Adf Document Tray
LEX- 40X6807 Adf Top Door
LEX- 40X6808 Adf Left Door Retainer
LEX- 40X6809 Sensor Adf Top Door Interlock
LEX- 40X6810 Adf Feed Motor
LEX- 40X6811 Adf Registration Motor
LEX- 40X6812 Adf Feed Motor Spring
LEX- 40X6813 Adf Sensor 1 Cable
LEX- 40X6814 Adf Motor Cable
LEX- 40X6815 Adf Sensor 2 Cable
LEX- 40X6816 Adf Diverter Gate Solenoid
LEX- 40X6817 Adf Nip Release Solenoid
LEX- 40X6819 Adf led Pcb
LEX- 40X6820 Adf Registration Turn Guide
LEX- 40X6821 Adf Separation Roller Guide
LEX- 40X6822 Adf Sensor Actuator Guide
LEX- 40X6823 Adf Left Door Inner Cover
LEX- 40X6824 Adf Feed / Pick Roller
LEX- 40X6825 Spring
LEX- 40X6834 Tray 4 Feeder Lower Guide
LEX- 40X6871 Tray 4 Feeder Upper Guide
LEX- 40X6873 Cover 2 Screw Parts Pack
LEX- 40X6874 C792 Forms And Bar Code Card
LEX- 40X6876 Controller Card Cooling Fan
LEX- 40X6878 Lexmark 6500e Model Name Plate
LEX- 40X6883 Tray 4 Feeder Sensor Cable
LEX- 40X6896 Tray 4 Feeder Motor Cable
LEX- 40X6918 Operator Panel Lcd Screen X654 X656 With Hinges
LEX- 40X6919 Card For Ipds C792 CS796
LEX- 40X6920 Card For Prescribe Emulation C792 CS79
LEX- 40X6921 C925 Forms And Bar Code Card
LEX- 40X6922 C925 Card For Ipds
LEX- 40X6923 C925 Card For Prescribe Emulation
LEX- 40X6924 X925 Forms And Bar Code Card
LEX- 40X6925 X925 Ipds Card
LEX- 40X6926 Svc Cables
LEX- 40X6927 rip Cage Fan
LEX- 40X6928 X925 Prescribe Card
LEX- 40X6929 X792 Card For Ipds
LEX- 40X6930 Svc Adapter
LEX- 40X6932 Actuator Tray Size Sensing 3-pack
LEX- 40X6948 Svc Other Mechanical Hardware
LEX- 40X6949 Svc Board
LEX- 40X6950 Svc Duplex
LEX- 40X6953 Svc Pad
LEX- 40X6957 Svc Cover
LEX- 40X6958 Svc Cover
LEX- 40X6959 Svc Cover
LEX- 40X6963 Card Reader Cac
LEX- 40X6964 Case Small Cac Card Reader
LEX- 40X6965 Case Large Cac Card Reader
LEX- 40X6966 Adf Tray Paper Size Sensors
LEX- 40X6967 C792 X792 550-sheet Drawer w/ Tray Option Drawer
LEX- 40X6968 2000 Sheet High Capacity Feeder Tray C792 X792
LEX- 40X6969 Lift Drive Motor
LEX- 40X6970 Left Cover
LEX- 40X6971 Right Cover
LEX- 40X6972 Rear Cover
LEX- 40X6973 Controller Card User Interface Uicc
LEX- 40X6974 Svc Actuators
LEX- 40X6975 Svc Sensor
LEX- 40X6976 Svc Sensor
LEX- 40X6977 Svc Other Electrical Component
LEX- 40X6978 Cover Flatbed Front
LEX- 40X6979 Svc Cover
LEX- 40X6980 Scanner Flatbed
LEX- 40X6981 Svc Arms
LEX- 40X6982 Mulitpurpose Feeder Paper Empty Lever
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