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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X7160 Paper Pick Mechanism Asm
LEX- 40X7161 Bracket Tray /Wt Beacon Asm
LEX- 40X7162 Parts Packet Waste Toner Gears
LEX- 40X7163 Sensors Parts Packet C792 X792
LEX- 40X7164 Cover Lower Frame Cable
LEX- 40X7165 Cable Fuser - System Card
LEX- 40X7166 Cable Itm Autoconnect
LEX- 40X7167 Parts Packet Ep And Cartridge Cables
LEX- 40X7168 Parts Pack Printer Cables
LEX- 40X7169 Parts Packet Op Panel Cables
LEX- 40X7170 Parts Pack Beacon Cables
LEX- 40X7171 Parts Pack Thermisters
LEX- 40X7172 Parts Pack Fuser/Mpf/Auto Comp
LEX- 40X7173 Parts Pack Screws
LEX- 40X7174 Parts Packet Pins And Pads
LEX- 40X7175 Parts Packet Cable Ties
LEX- 40X7176 Parts Packet Cable Retainer
LEX- 40X7177 Parts Packcable Retainers
LEX- 40X7178 Mpf Pick Tire Roll With Wear Strips C792 X792 For Bypass Tray
LEX- 40X7179 Esd Bracket
LEX- 40X7180 Cover Aio Upper
LEX- 40X7181 Cover Top Asm
LEX- 40X7182 Cover Aio Printhead Access
LEX- 40X7183 Cover Aio Option
LEX- 40X7184 Cover Aio Upper Front
LEX- 40X7185 Cover Aio Lower Scanner
LEX- 40X7186 Cover Aio Rear Scanner
LEX- 40X7187 System Board X792
LEX- 40X7188 Low Voltage Power Supply lvps X792 XS79x
LEX- 40X7189 Cable Cave Light & Output Beacon
LEX- 40X7190 Cover Scanner Top
LEX- 40X7191 Cover Scanner Front
LEX- 40X7192 Cover Scanner Right Side
LEX- 40X7193 Cover Scanner Rear
LEX- 40X7194 Cover Scanner Left Rear
LEX- 40X7195 Cover Scanner Left Front
LEX- 40X7196 Cover Aio Upper
LEX- 40X7197 Cover Op Panel Bottom
LEX- 40X7198 Cover Op Panel Housing Asm
LEX- 40X7199 Parts Pack Op Panel Cables
LEX- 40X7200 Scanner Flatbed Scanner Asm
LEX- 40X7201 Scanner led Illumination Asm
LEX- 40X7202 Scanner Flatbed Ccd Asm
LEX- 40X7203 Cable Flatbed Interface Card
LEX- 40X7204 Cover Scanner Filter
LEX- 40X7205 Cable Flatbed Ccd Ribbon
LEX- 40X7206 Svc Feeder
LEX- 40X7207 Cover Adf Top
LEX- 40X7208 Svc Other Mechanical Hardware
LEX- 40X7209 Pad Adf Platen Cushion
LEX- 40X7210 Pcb Scanner Interface Card
LEX- 40X7211 Parts Pkt Screws
LEX- 40X7212 Cover Adf Front
LEX- 40X7213 Feed Motor Asm With Belt And Cable
LEX- 40X7214 Limiter Torque
LEX- 40X7215 Svc Tray
LEX- 40X7216 Pcb Adf Controller Card
LEX- 40X7217 Scanner Adf Duplex Ccd Asm
LEX- 40X7218 Cable Adf Beacon led
LEX- 40X7219 Toroid Aio Flat Cable
LEX- 40X7220 Adf Maintenance Kit X650 X792 XS796
LEX- 40X7221 Relocation Kit
LEX- 40X7222 Scanner Front Cover XS796
LEX- 40X7223 X79x Svc Cover
LEX- 40X7224 Hole Punch With Sensor
LEX- 40X7228 Punch Gears And Belt
LEX- 40X7229 Power Cord 2.5 M 8 Ft. Straight India
LEX- 40X7230 Staple Finisher Complete Asm
LEX- 40X7235 Redrive Unit With Hole Punch Complete A
LEX- 40X7248 Finisher /Stacker Cable Parts Packet
LEX- 40X7249 Stapler Cables
LEX- 40X7251 Offset Stacker Complete Asm
LEX- 40X7254 5-bin Mailbox Complete Asm
LEX- 40X7258 Rear Redrive Cover
LEX- 40X7273 Mailbox Cables Parts Pack
LEX- 40X7274 Outer Front Cover X792 Only
LEX- 40X7275 Horizontal Transport Unit Htu Complet
LEX- 40X7276 Access Door
LEX- 40X7277 Access Door Rollers
LEX- 40X7278 Sensor Housing
LEX- 40X7279 Front Redrive Cover
LEX- 40X7280 Front Standard Bin Cover
LEX- 40X7281 Locking Lever
LEX- 40X7282 Locking Lever Card
LEX- 40X7283 Rear Standard Bin Cover
LEX- 40X7284 Svc Guide
LEX- 40X7285 Right Bottom Cover
LEX- 40X7286 Top Redrive Cover
LEX- 40X7287 Top Right Cover
LEX- 40X7288 Belts/Pulley Parts Packet
LEX- 40X7289 Right Bottom Cover
LEX- 40X7297 Hole Punch Cable
LEX- 40X7299 Chad Hopper
LEX- 40X7300 Diverter Gate Spring
LEX- 40X7301 Photo Sensor And Retainer One Per Package
LEX- 40X7302 Controller Card
LEX- 40X7303 Engage Roller
LEX- 40X7304 Spring Torsion Hook Front
LEX- 40X7305 Upper Redrive Guide
LEX- 40X7306 Output Bin Extension
LEX- 40X7307 Output Bin
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