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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X8879 Adf Pick Roller
LEX- 40X8880 Adf Pick Belt
LEX- 40X8881 Mount
LEX- 40X8882 Adf Separator Pad
LEX- 40X8883 Upper Pre-feed Guide
LEX- 40X8884 Adf Feed Motor
LEX- 40X8885 Timing Belt
LEX- 40X8886 X46x Svc Rollers Registration
LEX- 40X8887 Adf Registration Motor
LEX- 40X8888 Adf Registration Motor Cable
LEX- 40X8889 Adf Registration Motor
LEX- 40X8890 Adf Scan Motor Belt
LEX- 40X8891 Adf Document Exit Roller
LEX- 40X8892 Adf Scan/Exit Roller Belt
LEX- 40X8893 Adf Scan Roller 2
LEX- 40X8894 Adf Scan Roller 1
LEX- 40X8895 Exit Sensor Housing
LEX- 40X8896 Adf Scan Shaft Release Motor
LEX- 40X8897 Standard Bin Base
LEX- 40X8898 Left Cover
LEX- 40X8899 Rear Left Cover
LEX- 40X8900 Top Front Door
LEX- 40X8901 Tray Empty Board Cable
LEX- 40X8902 Tray Empty Board Cover
LEX- 40X8903 Tray Empty Indicator led
LEX- 40X8904 Front Lower Cover
LEX- 40X8905 Printhead Cleaner
LEX- 40X8906 Top Front Door Outer Hinge
LEX- 40X8907 Finisher Interface Cable
LEX- 40X8908 Upper Rear Cover
LEX- 40X8909 Engine Card Cover
LEX- 40X8910 Controller Card Access Cover
LEX- 40X8912 Port Mount
LEX- 40X8914 Bin Side Cover
LEX- 40X8915 Waste Toner Bottle Latch
LEX- 40X8916 Front Inner Cover
LEX- 40X8917 Main Power Switch
LEX- 40X8919 Lower Front Door Strap
LEX- 40X8920 Tray 2 Transport Guide
LEX- 40X8921 Rear Cover
LEX- 40X8922 Top Cover
LEX- 40X8923 Right Cover
LEX- 40X8924 Screw Hole Cover
LEX- 40X8925 Operator Panel Base
LEX- 40X8926 Left Cover
LEX- 40X8927 Compiler Idler Roller Holder Spring
LEX- 40X8928 Scanner Glass
LEX- 40X8929 X46x Svc Cables Scanner Parts Pack
LEX- 40X8930 Sensor Scanner Cover Switch
LEX- 40X8931 Cover Open Sensor Actuator
LEX- 40X8932 Sensor Scanner Paper Length 1 2
LEX- 40X8933 Adf Duplex Scan Glass
LEX- 40X8934 Scanner Controller Card
LEX- 40X8935 Ccd Cable
LEX- 40X8937 Ccd Lens Asm
LEX- 40X8938 Lamp
LEX- 40X8939 Lamp Cable
LEX- 40X8940 Scanner Drive Motor
LEX- 40X8941 Carriage Belt
LEX- 40X8942 Carriage Gear
LEX- 40X8944 Transfer Belt Fan Duct
LEX- 40X8945 Fan
LEX- 40X8946 Image Controller Card
LEX- 40X8947 Printhead Relay Card
LEX- 40X8948 Printhead Cable
LEX- 40X8949 Printhead
LEX- 40X8951 Toner Agitator
LEX- 40X8954 Elevator Bin Stack Height Sensor Actuator Arm
LEX- 40X8956 Toner Supply Motor
LEX- 40X8957 Toner Supply Motor Cable
LEX- 40X8958 Waste Toner Drive
LEX- 40X8959 Waste Toner Duct
LEX- 40X8960 Erase led
LEX- 40X8961 Photoconductor Cable
LEX- 40X8962 Contact
LEX- 40X8963 Transfer Belt Cable
LEX- 40X8964 Compiler Stack Front Guide
LEX- 40X8965 Tamper Rack
LEX- 40X8966 Integrated Trays 1 And 2 Paper Feed Unit
LEX- 40X8967 MX91x Svc Cover
LEX- 40X8968 Sensor Paper Feed Transport
LEX- 40X8969 Staple Unit Holder
LEX- 40X8970 Feed-separator Roller MS911 MX910 MX911 MX912 CS921 CX920
LEX- 40X8971 Integrated Tray Paper Feed Clutch
LEX- 40X8972 Integrated Tray 1 Sensor Cables
LEX- 40X8973 Transport Idler Roller
LEX- 40X8974 Standard Bin Paper Bail
LEX- 40X8975 Staple Unit Knob
LEX- 40X8976 Plastic Film
LEX- 40X8977 Front Right Lift Handle
LEX- 40X8978 Rear Right Lift Handle
LEX- 40X8979 Front Left Lift Handle
LEX- 40X8980 Rear Left Lift Handle
LEX- 40X8981 Tray Rail Guide Wheel
LEX- 40X8982 Tray Insert Rail
LEX- 40X8983 MX91x Svc Other General Svc Rubber
LEX- 40X8984 Tray Feed Cable
LEX- 40X8985 Paper Length Sensor
LEX- 40X8986 Cable
LEX- 40X8987 Tray Lift Motor
LEX- 40X8988 Tray Size Sensing Asm
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