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Page 142:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X8674 Pivot Front Toner Door
LEX- 40X8693 MS81x Svc Transport Packages
LEX- 40X8699 MX51x Svc Transport Packages
LEX- 40X8701 Cs Voyager+ Svc Transport Pac
LEX- 40X8712 MS81x Svc Flag Bin Flap
LEX- 40X8713 Output Expander Diverter
LEX- 40X8714 MS81x Svc Motor Motor Main
LEX- 40X8715 MS81x Bin Flag Cover
LEX- 40X8717 MS81x Service Tray Insert Output Expander
LEX- 40X8719 Sensor Mailbox Pass Through MS810 MX810 MS710 MX710 Series MX720
LEX- 40X8720 Mailbox Top Bin Cover With Bail MS810 MX810 MS710 MX710 Series MX720
LEX- 40X8721 Latch MS810 MS811 MS812 MX810 MX811 MX812 MX720
LEX- 40X8722 Diverter Plunger Asm Actuators MS810 MS811 MS812 MX810 MX811 MX720
LEX- 40X8723 Mailbox Top Diverter MS810 MS811 MS812 MX810 MX811 MX812 MX720
LEX- 40X8724 Deflector Middle Diverter MS810 MS811 MS812 MX810 MX811 MX812 MX720
LEX- 40X8725 Mailbox Top Diverter Spring MS810 MX810 MS710 MX710 Series MX720
LEX- 40X8726 Gear Expander Drive Gear MS810 MX810 MS710 MX710 Series MX720
LEX- 40X8728 MS81x Svc Sensor Tray Home Sensor
LEX- 40X8729 MS81x Svc Sensor Pass Thru Sensor
LEX- 40X8730 MS81x Svc Motor Hcoe Main Motor
LEX- 40X8731 MS81x Svc Misc Mechanical Har Hcoe Tray
LEX- 40X8732 MS81x Svc Belt Drive Belt
LEX- 40X8733 MS81x Svc Springs Hcoe Tray Spring
LEX- 40X8734 Hinge Right Adf MX31x MX41x
LEX- 40X8735 Left Hinge Asm
LEX- 40X8736 Adf Pick Roll
LEX- 40X8737 Card Reader Rfid MX720
LEX- 40X8738 Stapler Ejector Motor MS810 MS811 MS812 MX810 MX811 MX812
LEX- 40X8740 Media Pusher Asm MX810 MX811 MX812 MS810 MS811 MS812
LEX- 40X8741 Stapler Drive Gear Asm MS810 MX810 MS811 MX811 MS812 MX812
LEX- 40X8742 Stapler Tray Spring MS810 MS811 MS812 MX810 MX811 MX812 MX720
LEX- 40X8743 Tamper Asm MS810 MS811 MS812 MX810 MX811 MX812
LEX- 40X8744 Tray Link Staple Hole Punch Finisher MS810 MS811 MS812 MX810 MX720
LEX- 40X8745 Sensor Throat Media Present MS810 MS811 MS812 MX810 MX811 MX720
LEX- 40X8746 Uicc To Controller Card Cable
LEX- 40X8748 Stapler Tamper Main Asm
LEX- 40X8749 MX61x Svc Other Paper Handlin Tamper Sub
LEX- 40X8750 MX61x Svc Belt Tamper Belt
LEX- 40X8751 MX61x Svc Other Drive / Motio Accumulator
LEX- 40X8753 MX61x Svc Motor Paddle Eject
LEX- 40X8754 MX61x Svc Sensor Photo-interrupter tlp
LEX- 40X8755 Low Voltage Power Supply lvps X792 XS79x
LEX- 40X8777 Gearbox Multipurpose Feeder
LEX- 40X8778 X65xe Adf Maintenance Kit X651 X654 X658 X652 120k
LEX- 40X8800 Sensor Flag Media Present
LEX- 40X8803 Internal Duplex With Cable MS71x Only
LEX- 40X8804 Duplex Rear Flap MS71x Only
LEX- 40X8805 Maintenance Kit X644e X646e Scanner
LEX- 40X8806 X792 XS796 Adf Maintenance Kit With Cushion
LEX- 40X8810 Svc Adapter MX6500e Prescribe
LEX- 40X8811 Svc Adapter MX6500e Forms+barcode
LEX- 40X8819 CX41x Svc Flag Right Fuser Deflector
LEX- 40X8840 X925 Svc Cables Mfp rip-print Controller
LEX- 40X8841 MS81x Svc Bezel M5163dn
LEX- 40X8843 MS61x Svc Bezel Low And Mid Mono Blank B
LEX- 40X8844 MS61x Svc Cover Nameplate Blank 550
LEX- 40X8846 MX71x Svc Misc Mechanical Har Cover Plat
LEX- 40X8850 Redrive Roller MS310 MS410 MS610 MX310 MX410
LEX- 40X8853 CS41x Svc Adapter F And Bc S. Chinese
LEX- 40X8854 MS81x Svc Adapter MS81x F And Bc S Chin
LEX- 40X8855 Bin Insert MS810 MX810 MS710 MS710 Series
LEX- 40X8856 Fan Cpu X748 X746
LEX- 40X8858 Rear Cover
LEX- 40X8859 Fan Toner Suction Paper Exit
LEX- 40X8860 Controller Card
LEX- 40X8861 Right Hinge
LEX- 40X8862 Adf Frame
LEX- 40X8863 Front Cover
LEX- 40X8864 Left Hinge
LEX- 40X8865 Cis Data Cable
LEX- 40X8866 Adf Cushion
LEX- 40X8867 Compiler Feed Roller Release Cam
LEX- 40X8868 Sensor Adf Paper Length 1
LEX- 40X8869 Sensor
LEX- 40X8870 Adf Paper Width Sensor
LEX- 40X8871 X46x Svc Guide Adf Width
LEX- 40X8872 Adf Paper Length 2 Sensor Actuator Legal
LEX- 40X8873 Adf Tray Cable
LEX- 40X8875 Adf Door Latch
LEX- 40X8877 Adf Ground Cable
LEX- 40X8878 Adf Feed And Pick Roller Asm
LEX- 40X8879 Adf Pick Roller
LEX- 40X8880 Adf Pick Belt
LEX- 40X8881 Mount
LEX- 40X8882 Adf Separator Pad
LEX- 40X8883 Upper Pre-feed Guide
LEX- 40X8884 Adf Feed Motor
LEX- 40X8885 Timing Belt
LEX- 40X8886 X46x Svc Rollers Registration
LEX- 40X8887 Adf Registration Motor
LEX- 40X8888 Adf Registration Motor Cable
LEX- 40X8889 Adf Registration Motor
LEX- 40X8890 Adf Scan Motor Belt
LEX- 40X8891 Adf Document Exit Roller
LEX- 40X8892 Adf Scan/Exit Roller Belt
LEX- 40X8893 Adf Scan Roller 2
LEX- 40X8894 Adf Scan Roller 1
LEX- 40X8895 Exit Sensor Housing
LEX- 40X8896 Adf Scan Shaft Release Motor
LEX- 40X8897 Standard Bin Base
LEX- 40X8898 Left Cover
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