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Page 145:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X9811 Rail Cover
LEX- 40X9812 Elevator Bottom Gear
LEX- 40X9813 Upper Exit Roller Secondary Belt
LEX- 40X9815 Stack Clamp
LEX- 40X9816 Jam Removal Gear 1
LEX- 40X9817 Jam Removal Knob
LEX- 40X9818 Upper Exit Idler Gear
LEX- 40X9819 Upper Exit Gear
LEX- 40X9820 Roller Gear Feed Exit
LEX- 40X9821 Exit Roller Drive Gear
LEX- 40X9822 Upper Exit Roller Drive Belt
LEX- 40X9824 Exit Guide Lift Cam Gear
LEX- 40X9827 Front Tamper Rack
LEX- 40X9828 Rear Tamper Rack
LEX- 40X9830 Lock Switch Cable
LEX- 40X9833 Elevator Idler Gear 3
LEX- 40X9834 Elevator Idler Gear 2
LEX- 40X9836 Elevator Drive Gear
LEX- 40X9837 X46x Svc Springs Tension Spring
LEX- 40X9840 Lock Switch
LEX- 40X9841 Transport Roller Belt 2
LEX- 40X9842 Transport Roller Belt 1
LEX- 40X9843 Aligner Shaft
LEX- 40X9845 Rear Aligner
LEX- 40X9846 Front Aligner
LEX- 40X9849 Elevator Bin Clutch Gear
LEX- 40X9850 Staple Unit Carriage Sensor Cable
LEX- 40X9853 Paddle Drive Encoder
LEX- 40X9854 Aligner Jam Access Door
LEX- 40X9855 X46x Svc Cover
LEX- 40X9856 Bifold Knife Idler Gear
LEX- 40X9857 Bifold Roller Idler Gear 2
LEX- 40X9858 Bifold Roller Drive Gear
LEX- 40X9859 Bifold Roller Gear
LEX- 40X9864 Bifold Exit Roller
LEX- 40X9866 Decurl Gears
LEX- 40X9868 Transport And Compiler - Cable
LEX- 40X9869 Transport Sensor Cable
LEX- 40X9870 Staple Unit Cable
LEX- 40X9873 Top Jam Access Door Spring
LEX- 40X9874 Aligner Gear
LEX- 40X9875 Aligner Drive Gear
LEX- 40X9878 Cable
LEX- 40X9879 Smart Card Reader
LEX- 40X9880 X46x Svc Switch Solid State Switch
LEX- 40X9881 Tray Empty Sensor Actuator
LEX- 40X9882 Feed And Transport Motor Cable
LEX- 40X9884 X46x Svc Cover /Right Front
LEX- 40X9885 Feed Sensor
LEX- 40X9886 Feed And Pick Drive Gear Separator Roller
LEX- 40X9887 X46x Svc Pulley /1
LEX- 40X9888 Separator Roller Clutch
LEX- 40X9889 X46x Svc Cables Paperfeed Wiring /1
LEX- 40X9890 X46x Svc Cables Paperfeed Relay Harness
LEX- 40X9891 Feed And Transport Primary Gear
LEX- 40X9892 Transport Gear Spring
LEX- 40X9893 Transport Gear Bushing
LEX- 40X9894 Feed Primary Gear
LEX- 40X9895 Pulling Coil Spring
LEX- 40X9896 Motor Elevator And Transfer Guide
LEX- 40X9898 Paper Feed Idler Holder
LEX- 40X9899 Tray Empty Sensor Actuator
LEX- 40X9900 Reserve Tray Paper Limit Empty Sensor Actuator
LEX- 40X9902 Main Tray Elevator Gear
LEX- 40X9903 Elevator Top Front Gear
LEX- 40X9904 Roller Gear Feed Exit
LEX- 40X9907 Svc Cover Door
LEX- 40X9908 Jam Access Door Strap
LEX- 40X9909 Belt Holder
LEX- 40X9910 Front Aligner Roller
LEX- 40X9911 Rear Aligner Roller
LEX- 40X9913 Bifold Knife
LEX- 40X9917 Top Front Door Inner Hinge
LEX- 40X9918 X46x Svc Guide Staple Finisher
LEX- 40X9921 Transport Roller 2
LEX- 40X9923 MX81x Svc Adapter MX6500e Scanner Commun
LEX- 40X9924 Standard Bin
LEX- 40X9925 Pick Roller MX910 MX911 MX912 MS911 CS921 CS923 CX921 CX922
LEX- 40X9926 Svc Rollers Separator Roller
LEX- 40X9927 Separator Roller Asm
LEX- 40X9928 Sensor Hole Punch Box Full Receive
LEX- 40X9929 Transfer Belt Maintenance Unit CS720 CS725 CX725
LEX- 40X9934 320 Gb Sata Hard Disk Drive MX720
LEX- 40X9935 Fax Card
LEX- 40X9936 Developer Unit MS911 MX910 MX911 MX912 600k Pages
LEX- 40X9937 MS41x Svc Controller MS410dn System Card
LEX- 40X9938 Marknet N8350 802.11 B/G/N Wireless With Nfc Print Server
LEX- 40X9939 Svc Adapter N8352 Nfc
LEX- 40X9940 Rear Paper Guide
LEX- 40X9941 Adf Tray
LEX- 40X9942 Front Paper Guide
LEX- 40X9943 Adf Bin Paper Stopper
LEX- 40X9944 Tray Bottom Cover
LEX- 40X9945 Paper Guide Rack
LEX- 40X9946 Top Cover
LEX- 40X9947 Door Frame
LEX- 40X9948 Idler Roller
LEX- 40X9949 Adf Registration Guide
LEX- 40X9950 Adf Feed Gear
LEX- 40X9951 Adf Registration Roller
LEX- 40X9952 Adf Registration Gear
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