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Page 148:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 41X0221 Proximity Sensor Cover
LEX- 41X0222 Proximity Sensor
LEX- 41X0224 Operator Panel Button Kit 10-inch MX720
LEX- 41X0227 Front Door
LEX- 41X0228 Bin Full Sensor Housing
LEX- 41X0229 Keyboard Access Cover
LEX- 41X0230 Scanner Left Cover
LEX- 41X0231 Scanner Right Cover
LEX- 41X0232 Scanner Front Cover
LEX- 41X0233 Scanner Left Upper Cover MX720
LEX- 41X0234 Scanner Right Upper Cover MX720
LEX- 41X0235 Scanner Front Upper Cover
LEX- 41X0236 Scanner Rear Cover
LEX- 41X0237 Controller Card
LEX- 41X0238 Operator Panel Support Cover
LEX- 41X0240 Printhead Adjustment Parts Pack
LEX- 41X0241 Charge Roller Hvps
LEX- 41X0242 lv Power Supply
LEX- 41X0244 lvps Cage
LEX- 41X0245 Transfer Belt
LEX- 41X0246 Fuser 110-120v CS820 CX820 CX825 CX860
LEX- 41X0247 Fuser 220-240v CS820 CX820 CX825 CX860
LEX- 41X0250 Left Door Rod
LEX- 41X0252 Fuser 110v Type 00 CS720 CS725 CX725
LEX- 41X0253 Fuser 220-240v Type 01 CS720 CS725 CX725
LEX- 41X0255 Fuser Type 05 110-120v Narrow Media CX/CS72x
LEX- 41X0256 Fuser Type 06 220-240v Narrow Media CX/CS72x
LEX- 41X0257 Scanner Icc Card
LEX- 41X0259 Media Sensor
LEX- 41X0260 Ac Power Input Cable
LEX- 41X0261 Scanner Support
LEX- 41X0262 Adf
LEX- 41X0263 Flatbed
LEX- 41X0264 Ep Gear Box
LEX- 41X0265 Printhead
LEX- 41X0266 Controller Board
LEX- 41X0267 Controller Board
LEX- 41X0268 Tray 550 Sheet Tray
LEX- 41X0270 High Voltage Power Supply
LEX- 41X0271 Tray 550 Sheet Tray
LEX- 41X0273 Scanner Belt MX720
LEX- 41X0274 Flatbed Ccdm Cable
LEX- 41X0275 Flatbed Scanner Top Cover MX720
LEX- 41X0276 Card Cover
LEX- 41X0277 Left Lower Cover MX720
LEX- 41X0278 Cable Cover
LEX- 41X0279 Scanner Gear MX720
LEX- 41X0280 Flatbed Scanner Cable
LEX- 41X0281 Scanner Frame Latch
LEX- 41X0282 Flatbed Scanner Motor
LEX- 41X0283 Flatbed Scanner Card
LEX- 41X0284 Tensioner Pulley MX720
LEX- 41X0286 Hinge Roller MX720
LEX- 41X0287 Flatbed Ccdm
LEX- 41X0289 Flatbed Scanner
LEX- 41X0290 Sensor Flatbed Media Length
LEX- 41X0292 Adf Media Exit Actuator
LEX- 41X0293 Top Interlock Actuator
LEX- 41X0294 Bottom Interlock Actuator MX720
LEX- 41X0295 Paper Bail MX720
LEX- 41X0296 Adf Ccdm Cable MX720
LEX- 41X0297 Adf Front Cover MX720
LEX- 41X0298 Adf Rear Cover
LEX- 41X0299 Pick Roller Cover
LEX- 41X0302 Top Door
LEX- 41X0303 Adf Bottom Door
LEX- 41X0304 Bin Extension MX720
LEX- 41X0305 Float Plate Guide MX720
LEX- 41X0306 Input Guide MX720
LEX- 41X0309 Deflector Guide
LEX- 41X0310 Top Door Hinge Retainer MX720
LEX- 41X0311 Left Hinge
LEX- 41X0312 Adf Motor
LEX- 41X0313 Calibration Roller Motor MX720
LEX- 41X0314 Adf Pad
LEX- 41X0316 Adf Rear Drive Gears MX720
LEX- 41X0317 Adf Front Drive Train MX720
LEX- 41X0318 Adf Controller Card
LEX- 41X0319 Float Plate MX720
LEX- 41X0320 Adf Ccdm
LEX- 41X0322 Sensor Adf Multi-feed Receiver MX720
LEX- 41X0323 Adf Tray
LEX- 41X0324 Automatic Document Feeder Adf
LEX- 41X0326 Tray 550 Sheet Tray
LEX- 41X0328 Tray 2200 Sheet Tray
LEX- 41X0329 Tray 2200 Sheet Tray Base
LEX- 41X0330 Tray 2200 Sheet Tray Insert
LEX- 41X0331 Controller 550 Sheet Tray Controller Board
LEX- 41X0334 Sensor 550-sheet Tray Pass-through
LEX- 41X0358 Adf Pick Roller
LEX- 41X0359 Adf Feed Belt
LEX- 41X0360 Adf Separator Roller And Cover
LEX- 41X0361 Tray 550 Sheet Tray Insert
LEX- 41X0362 Laser Scanning Unit Lsu Polygon
LEX- 41X0363 Polygon Laser Scanning Unit Frame
LEX- 41X0364 Controller Card Polygon Lsu MS312dn
LEX- 41X0366 Controller Card MS510dn Polygon Lsu
LEX- 41X0367 Controller Card Polygon Lsu MS610dn
LEX- 41X0368 Controller Card
LEX- 41X0372 Tray Rails
LEX- 41X0373 Paper Size Sensor Actuators
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