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Page 161:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 41X1804 Tray 1 And Tray 2 Paper Feed Unit
LEX- 41X1805 Feed Clutch
LEX- 41X1806 Registration Clutch Feed Gear
LEX- 41X1808 Registration Transport Asm
LEX- 41X1809 Registration Unit Asm
LEX- 41X1810 Tray 2 Transport Gear
LEX- 41X1811 Right Door
LEX- 41X1812 Tray 2 Idler Gear
LEX- 41X1814 Registration Unit Spring
LEX- 41X1815 Duplex Secondary Gear
LEX- 41X1816 Fusing Speed Sensor Actuator
LEX- 41X1817 Duplex Primary Gear
LEX- 41X1818 Duplex Transport Asm
LEX- 41X1819 Motor Duplex Transport
LEX- 41X1820 Fuser Power Cable
LEX- 41X1821 Toner Print Cartridge Cooling Fan
LEX- 41X1822 Paper Exit Fan
LEX- 41X1823 Redrive Exit Belt
LEX- 41X1824 Port Mount Cover Spring
LEX- 41X1825 Bin Side Cover
LEX- 41X1826 Exit Asm
LEX- 41X1827 Power Supply Interface Board
LEX- 41X1828 Motor
LEX- 41X1829 Motor
LEX- 41X1830 Motor
LEX- 41X1831 Main Drive Asm
LEX- 41X1832 Duplex Clutch
LEX- 41X1833 Paper Feed Drive Asm
LEX- 41X1834 Fuser Transport Primary Gear
LEX- 41X1835 Fuser Transport Secondary Gear
LEX- 41X1836 Fuser Drive Gearbox
LEX- 41X1837 Air Deflector Hood
LEX- 41X1838 Usb Port Cover
LEX- 41X1839 Cmy Retract Clutch
LEX- 41X1840 Top Right Edge Cover
LEX- 41X1841 High Voltage Board
LEX- 41X1842 Main Power Supply 110 V
LEX- 41X1843 Main Power Supply 220 V
LEX- 41X1844 Power Socket Cable
LEX- 41X1845 Power Socket Mounting Plate
LEX- 41X1846 Engine Board
LEX- 41X1849 Engine Board
LEX- 41X1860 Fuser 120v CS921 CS923 CX921 CX922 CX923 CX924
LEX- 41X1861 Fuser 220 V
LEX- 41X1868 Output Expander Rear Door
LEX- 41X1870 Mailbox Rear Door MX720
LEX- 41X1871 Fax Card 1 Port Vertical
LEX- 41X1872 Marknet N8372 Front WIFI?FSM421
LEX- 41X1873 Wireless Module
LEX- 41X1874 3000-sheet Tray Separator Roller
LEX- 41X1879 Controller Board Upper Cable
LEX- 41X1880 Controller Board Lower Cable
LEX- 41X1882 Sensor Fb Ccdm MX720
LEX- 41X1883 Adf Pick Roller Cover MX720
LEX- 41X1884 Adf Tray MX720
LEX- 41X1886 Adf Rear Cover MX720
LEX- 41X1888 Motor Adf MX720
LEX- 41X1891 Scanner Glass Pad MX720
LEX- 41X1892 Flatbed Scanner Mx72x MX720
LEX- 41X1893 Flatbed Scanner Mx82x MX720
LEX- 41X1894 Adf Mx72x MX720
LEX- 41X1895 Adf Mx82x MX720
LEX- 41X1896 Adf Controller Board MX720
LEX- 41X1898 Sensor Adf Gap Detect MX720
LEX- 41X1899 Flatbed Scanner Ccdm MX720
LEX- 41X1900 Adf Scanner Ccd MX720
LEX- 41X1901 Ccdm Hold Down Screw MX720
LEX- 41X1902 Adf Top Door MX720
LEX- 41X1904 Sensor Left Toner Patch With Thermistor
LEX- 41X1905 Adf Bottom Door MX720
LEX- 41X1909 Left Hinge Cover
LEX- 41X1910 Right Hinge Cover
LEX- 41X1911 Adf Cis Power Supply Board Cable
LEX- 41X1912 Adf Cis Power Supply Board
LEX- 41X1916 Scanner Bottom Front Cover
LEX- 41X1917 Cave Light Lens
LEX- 41X1918 Cave Light led
LEX- 41X1919 Cave Light led CablŠ
LEX- 41X1920 Scanner Mirror 2
LEX- 41X1921 Control Panel Support Base
LEX- 41X1922 Control Panel Cable Guide Cover
LEX- 41X1923 Usb Extension Cable
LEX- 41X1924 Usb Cable
LEX- 41X1926 Option Interface Cable Cover
LEX- 41X1927 Document Holder
LEX- 41X1928 Tray 2 Size Sensing Asm
LEX- 41X1929 Tray Lock
LEX- 41X1932 Registration Unit Lock
LEX- 41X1934 Redrive Exit Guide
LEX- 41X1935 Standard Bin Exit Asm
LEX- 41X1942 Standard Bin
LEX- 41X1943 Top Left Corner Cover 2
LEX- 41X1944 Top Left Corner Cover 1
LEX- 41X1945 Marknet N8230 Fibe RETHERNET100base-fx lc 1
LEX- 41X1946 Marknet N8230 Fiber Ethernet 100base-fx Lc 1000base
LEX- 41X1948 Control Panel Hinge
LEX- 41X1949 Top Cover
LEX- 41X1950 Top Right Cover
LEX- 41X1951 Top Cover Support Base
LEX- 41X1952 Latch Cover
LEX- 41X1955 2 X 500-sheet Tray Insert Stopper
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