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Page 173:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 99A0172 Flag Exit Sensor
LEX- 99A0175 Fuser Lamp 220v Optra S 4059-24x
LEX- 99A0179 Transfer Roller T520 T620 T630 T61x Optra S Series
LEX- 99A0179-FRN Transfer Roller T520 T620 T630 Series
LEX- 99A0180 Arm Asm Transfer Left
LEX- 99A0187 Card Asm rip Card 1250/162
LEX- 99A0198 Card Asm rip Card S2450
LEX- 99A0214 Low Voltage P/S 110v T616 S 24xx S 3455
LEX- 99A0216 Low Voltage P/S 110 T610 n T612 n
LEX- 99A0218 Power Supply LOW/110 Voltage
LEX- 99A0219 Plate Asm Top For Use With
LEX- 99A0220 Power Supply High Voltage
LEX- 99A0264 High Voltage Contact Kit
LEX- 99A0275 Spring Power Takeoff
LEX- 99A0276 Roller Asm Drive 250 500 Drawer
LEX- 99A0284 Card Asm Tray Option
LEX- 99A0288 Sensor Option Pass Thru
LEX- 99A0289 Tray 500 Sheet Asm
LEX- 99A0358 Card Asm rip 1855 EC3 Cod
LEX- 99A0359 Card Asm rip 2455 EC3 Cod
LEX- 99A0377 Flag Paper Output Level
LEX- 99A0382 Motor Asm Dc Envelope
LEX- 99A0383 2000 Sheet Input Option Drawer Ltr
LEX- 99A0384 Shaft Drive Pressure Rol
LEX- 99A0392 2000 Sheet Input Option Drawer Ltr
LEX- 99A0393 Clutch Restraint/Gear
LEX- 99A0394 Packet Grease Nyogel 744 Optra R+
LEX- 99A0397 Card Asm Tray Option
LEX- 99A0398 Lexmark Printhead S 1855
LEX- 99A0402 2000 Sheet Input Option Drawer Ltr
LEX- 99A0405 Arm Asm Pick 500 Sheet Tray Drawer Option
LEX- 99A0406 Card Asm Stacker Opt steppe
LEX- 99A0420 Marknet Token Ring N2000t
LEX- 99A0421 Card Asm Ina 10/100basetx
LEX- 99A0422 Card Asm Ina 10base 2 / T
LEX- 99A0423 Card Asm Tri-port
LEX- 99A0424 Card Asm Ir Adapter
LEX- 99A0425 Support Cross Brace
LEX- 99A0426 Screw Parallel Conn Mtg
LEX- 99A0427 Label Envelope Orientation Icon
LEX- 99A0428 Guide Debuckle Duplex
LEX- 99A0432 Guide Debuckle Duplex
LEX- 99A0444 Stud 500 Frame
LEX- 99A0447 Shaft Drive 550 Sheet 500 Sheet
LEX- 99A0448 Arm Paper Out 250
LEX- 99A0459 Drive Asm Hard 2 1gb w/ O Ca
LEX- 99A0462 Packet Grease Nyogel 744 Optra R+
LEX- 99A0466 Sensor Toner Print Cartridge Le
LEX- 99A0474 Fuser Optra S 4059-24x 115v 750w
LEX- 99A0475 Fuser Optra S 4059-24x 220v
LEX- 99A0477 Fuser Optra S 4059 1620 1625 1650 1855
LEX- 99A0478 Fuser Asm 220v Optra S 4059-16x 18
LEX- 99A0500 Maintenance Kit Optra S 4059-24x
LEX- 99A0503 Maintenance Kit 220v Optra S 4059-
LEX- 99A0512 Parts Charge Roller Kit Left Side
LEX- 99A0513 Parts Charge Roller Kit Right Side
LEX- 99A0518 Simm 8 Meg Memory
LEX- 99A0519 Simm 16 Meg Memory
LEX- 99A0520 Simm 32 Meg Memory
LEX- 99A0522 Card Asm 2mb Flash Simm
LEX- 99A0523 Card Asm 4mb Flash Simm
LEX- 99A0525 Fuser Optra S 4059-12x 115v
LEX- 99A0526 Fuser 220v Optra S 4059-12x
LEX- 99A0549 Shield Asm Esd
LEX- 99A0556 Spring Counterbalance
LEX- 99A0562 Hot Roller Asm
LEX- 99A0567 Link Gear Release
LEX- 99A0584 High Voltage Contact Kit
LEX- 99A0585 High Voltage Contact Kit
LEX- 99A0587 Fuser Optra S 4059 1620 1625 1650 1855
LEX- 99A0588 Fuser Asm 220v Optra S 4059-16x 18
LEX- 99A0590 Fuser Optra S 4059-24x 115v 750w
LEX- 99A0591 Fuser Optra S 4059-24x 220v
LEX- 99A0592 Fuser w/ 115v 750w Lamp
LEX- 99A0628 Simm 85.55 Ipds w/ Euro
LEX- 99A0629 Card Asm
LEX- 99A0651 Sensor Asm Paper
LEX- 99A0655 Door Asm Front 2000 Sheet Feeder Tray
LEX- 99A0657 Hinge Front Door
LEX- 99A0665 Motor Asm Drive
LEX- 99A0667 Power Supply Internal
LEX- 99A0669 Connector Appliance
LEX- 99A0671 Board Assy Control 2000 Sheet Drawer
LEX- 99A0674 Arm Asm Pick 2000 Sheet Tr
LEX- 99A0675 Packet Parts Screws
LEX- 99A0676 Packet Parts Nuts
LEX- 99A0677 Packet Parts Washers
LEX- 99A0684 Cable Hcit 14 Pin Flex
LEX- 99A0688 Card Asm 2000 Tray Option
LEX- 99A0692 Base Asm 2000 Option
LEX- 99A0695 Cable Asm Paper Size w/ Switc
LEX- 99A0702 Caster Non Locking
LEX- 99A0703 Caster Locking
LEX- 99A0704 Grommet Wire
LEX- 99A0705 Lock Cam
LEX- 99A0706 Shelf Storage
LEX- 99A0710 Filler Rear Top Piece
LEX- 99A0711 Table Asm Large
LEX- 99A0712 Table Asm Small
LEX- 99A0714 Cover lvps Bottom
LEX- 99A0716 Bearing Lead Screw Bottom
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