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Page 175:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 99A1017-FRN Charge Roller Compliant T620 T520
LEX- 99A1018 Card Asm Engine 1855
LEX- 99A1019 Maintenance Kit Optra S 4059- 1620 1625 1650 1855
LEX- 99A1024 Card Asm Engine All 2400
LEX- 99A1024-LVL3 Engine Card LEVEL2 Printers Only
LEX- 99A1031 Simm Imagequick Web
LEX- 99A1033 Charge Roller T520 T620 T630 T61x Optra S Series
LEX- 99A1048 Hinge Up Front Cover
LEX- 99A1052 Card Asm Simm
LEX- 99A1054 Arm Asm Pick 250 Sheet Drawer Option
LEX- 99A1055 Arm Asm Pick 2000 Sheet Tray
LEX- 99A1056 Arm Asm Pick Integrated 250 Sheet
LEX- 99A1059 Shaft Asm Decurl Duplex
LEX- 99A1064 Guide Debuckle Duplex
LEX- 99A1065 Paper Decurl Guide Asm
LEX- 99A1093 Bar Code Simm
LEX- 99A1107 Controller Board rip T610
LEX- 99A1108 Controller Bd rip T612
LEX- 99A1109 Controller Bd rip T614
LEX- 99A1110 Controller Bd rip T616
LEX- 99A1111 Controller Bd rip T610n
LEX- 99A1112 Controller Bd rip T612n
LEX- 99A1113 Controller Bd rip T614n T616n
LEX- 99A1114 Board Controller
LEX- 99A1115 Engine Board T610 T610n
LEX- 99A1121 Engine Board T616 T616n
LEX- 99A1127 Bar Code Simm
LEX- 99A1131 Guide Lh Upper 250 Dupl
LEX- 99A1133 Tray Asm Jam Removal 250 Du
LEX- 99A1134 Tray Asm Jam Removal 500 Du
LEX- 99A1135 Engine Board T616 T616n
LEX- 99A1138 Optra S Printhead 4059 1800
LEX- 99A1142 Fuser Cover w/thermistor Cables
LEX- 99A1143 Option Optra T 250 Input
LEX- 99A1144 2000 Sheet Input Option Drawer Ltr
LEX- 99A1145 Option Envelope Feeder
LEX- 99A1146 Duplexer 250 Sheet T610 T612 T520 T630
LEX- 99A1147 Duplexer 500 Sheet T632 T612 T622 T522
LEX- 99A1149 5 Bin Mailbox Optra T612 T614 T616 T632 T634 T620
LEX- 99A1150 Option Hi Cap Output Expand
LEX- 99A1154 500 Sheet Input Drawer Optra S
LEX- 99A1155 Envelope Feeder Optra S/Se
LEX- 99A1156 Duplexer 250 Sheet T610 T612 T520 T630
LEX- 99A1157 Option Output Expander
LEX- 99A1158 Feeder Asm 500 / 500 Dual Tray
LEX- 99A1164 Guide Debuckle Duplex
LEX- 99A1171 500 Sheet Drawer Option T Series
LEX- 99A1173 Staplesmart Option
LEX- 99A1174 Cover Asm Fuser Top Cover
LEX- 99A1185 Fuser Optra S 4059-12x 115v
LEX- 99A1186 Fuser 220v Optra S 4059-12x
LEX- 99A1188 Fuser Asm 220v Optra S 4059-16x 18x
LEX- 99A1190 Fuser Optra S 4059-24x 115v 750w
LEX- 99A1191 Fuser Optra S 4059-24x 220v
LEX- 99A1192 Fuser Optra Se 4059-345 115v
LEX- 99A1193 Fuser 220v Optra Se 4059-345
LEX- 99A1195 Maintenance Kit Optra S 4059-24x
LEX- 99A1197 Maintenance Kit Optra Se 4059-345
LEX- 99A1206 Wear Strip
LEX- 99A1290 Top Asm Cover 250 Duplex
LEX- 99A1408 Paper Slide Optra R+
LEX- 99A1501 Panel Asm Operator
LEX- 99A1502 Latch Upper Cover
LEX- 99A1507 Cover Asm Laser 500 Output
LEX- 99A1508 Cover Fuser Wick Asm
LEX- 99A1525 Deflector Upper Pf
LEX- 99A1526 Optra T610 Printhead 4069 010
LEX- 99A1528 Optra T614 Printhead 4069 414
LEX- 99A1529 Printhead Asm
LEX- 99A1530 Arm Asm Pick 500 Integrated
LEX- 99A1531 Deflector Lower
LEX- 99A1533 Redrive Inner 500 Hr
LEX- 99A1534 Door Asm 500 Deflector
LEX- 99A1535 Frame Right Side
LEX- 99A1536 Tray 250 Sheet Internal T52x T62x T63x
LEX- 99A1537 Knob Paper Size
LEX- 99A1540 Nut Plate Frame
LEX- 99A1541 Spring Duplex Ground
LEX- 99A1544 Drive Asm Developer
LEX- 99A1547 Fuser Lamp T614/T616/T620/T622
LEX- 99A1548 Fuser Lamp 220v T614/T616/T620/T622
LEX- 99A1549 Hotroll Asm 30 3mm T614 T616 T620
LEX- 99A1551 Sensor Exit
LEX- 99A1555 Bushing Charge Roll
LEX- 99A1556 Controller Board rip T610
LEX- 99A1557 Controller Bd rip T612
LEX- 99A1558 Controller Bd rip T614
LEX- 99A1559 Controller Bd rip T616
LEX- 99A1560 Controller Bd rip T610n
LEX- 99A1561 Controller Bd rip T612n
LEX- 99A1562 Engine Board T610 T610n
LEX- 99A1565 Engine Board T616 T616n
LEX- 99A1566 Shield Asm Engine Card
LEX- 99A1567 Low Voltage P/S 110 T610 n T612 n
LEX- 99A1569 Shaft Power Takeoff 500
LEX- 99A1576 Tray 500 Sheet Internal T52x T62x T63x T61x
LEX- 99A1584 Fuser Optra T614 T616 4069
LEX- 99A1585 Fuser 220v T614 T616 4069-414 -616
LEX- 99A1586 Redrive Asm 250 Sheet
LEX- 99A1591 Guide Fuser Entry Asm
LEX- 99A1600 Bellcrank Backup Roll
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