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Page 189:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X6449 Cover Pick Roller Access 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6450 Cover Adf Top 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6451 Latch Handle Adf 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6452 Exit Tray Adf 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6453 Cover Flatbed 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6454 Flatbed Scanner Module 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6455 Flatbed Scanner Rod 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6456 Hard Drive x850e Mfp x850e ve3 ve4
LEX- 40X6457 Mulitpurpose Feeder Mpf Maintenance Kit c925dte c925de c925dte xs925de x925de
LEX- 40X6458 rip - Video Standoffs c925dte c925de c925dte
LEX- 40X6481 Adf Unit Lexmark x651e x652e x652de Mfp lv x652de xs651de Hv
LEX- 40X6482 Lower Front Cover Latch Latch Only t640 t642 t644 t644dtn t644n x646ef Mfp
LEX- 40X6483 Flatbed Scanner Belt With Spring 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6484 Sensor Flatbed Scanner Home Position 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6485 Flatbed Scanner Cables Parts Packet 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6486 Lift Drive Motor c792 x792 2000-sheet High Capacity Feeder
LEX- 40X6487 Cover Left Operator Panel 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6488 Cover Right Operator Panel 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6489 Cover Front Operator Panel 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6490 t64x Svc Tray Insert
LEX- 40X6491 Main Operator Panel Cover With Keypad 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6492 Cover Uicc Access 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6493 Usb Cable Parts Packet 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6494 Controller Card 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6495 Power Supply Universal 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6496 Pick Arm Mpf c746dn c746dtn c746dn c746dtn x746de x748de x748dte c748de c748dte x748dte c746dtn
LEX- 40X6497 Engine Board 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6498 Cable Engine Board To Controller Card 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6500 Cable Power Supply To Controller Card 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6501 Fan Cpu Cooling c792de c792dte c792de c792dte 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6502 Scanner Adf Complete 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6503 Upper Adf Scanner Module 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6504 Sensor Adf Cover Open 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6505 Sensor Adf Paper Present 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6506 Sensor Multifeed Parts Packet 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6507 Sensor Adf Paper Jam 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6508 Sensor Media 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6509 Multifeed Sensor Cable Parts Packet 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6510 Drive Belt #3 Feed Roller 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6511 Drive Belts #1 And #2 Feed Roller 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6512 Guide Front Adf Entry 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6513 Guide Rear Adf Entry 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6514 Controller x548 x548de
LEX- 40X6515 Uicc Card x548de
LEX- 40X6516 Uicc Cable x548de
LEX- 40X6517 Speaker 28c0500 cx310n 28c0500 cx310n 28c0550 cx310dn cx317 cx410de 75272311p cx410de x548de
LEX- 40X6518 Pcba Eprom x548de
LEX- 40X6519 Op Panel x548 x548de
LEX- 40X6520 Operator Panel Frame Cover Cover x548de
LEX- 40X6521 7-inch Lcd With Ground Cable Display x548de
LEX- 40X6522 Memory 1gb ddr3 So-dimm ms510 ms610dn ms517 ms617 ms610dtn ms510dn
LEX- 40X6523 Operator Panel Bezel Cover x548de
LEX- 40X6525 Drive Motor Pick Roller 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6526 Drive Motor Feed Roller 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6527 Paper Jam Idle Roller Parts Pack 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6528 Feed Roller #1 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6529 Feed Rollers #2 And #3 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6530 Roller Bearing 6500e Mfp
LEX- 40X6531 Sensor Adf Paperpath xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6532 Holder Gears w/spring xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6533 Roller Idle W / Shaft xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6534 Sensor Scan xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6535 Actuator Scan Sensor xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6536 Gear spur:g36t xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6537 Gear spur:g63-27t xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6538 Gear spur:g28t xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6539 Actuator Paper In xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6540 Actuator Paper Present xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6541 Actuator Cover Open Sensor xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6542 Arm Release xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6543 Roller Idle Pully xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6544 Roller Idle Clutch xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6545 Adf Unit Complete x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6547 Lock Separator Roll xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6548 Svc Sensor xs925de x925de xs925de
LEX- 40X6549 Usb - Uicc Cable c925dte c925de c925dte
LEX- 40X6550 Scanner Right Cover x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6551 Scanner Top Cover x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6552 Scanner Rear Cover x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6553 Scanner Blind Cover x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6554 Flatbed Scanner x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6555 Sensor Fb Platen Length x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6556 Fb Ccd Sensor x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6557 Rear Scanner Ribbon Cable x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6558 Adf Angle Actuator x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6559 Spring x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6560 Sensor Fb Scanner Hp x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6561 Mirror Retainer Clip x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6562 Exposure Lamp Flat Cable x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6563 led Exposure Bar x950de x952dte x952de
LEX- 40X6565 Rear Block Printhead c950de
LEX- 40X6566 Printhead led c950de
LEX- 40X6567 Door Printhead Retract c950de
LEX- 40X6568 Cable Flat Data Printhead c950de
LEX- 40X6569 Contact Interface Printhead c950de
LEX- 40X6570 Bracket Fuser Drive Release c950de
LEX- 40X6571 Spring c950de
LEX- 40X6572 Link Release Fuser Drive c950de
LEX- 40X6573 Spring Fuser Release Link c950de
LEX- 40X6574 Motor Retract Fuser Drive Lower Redrive 1st Bt c950de
LEX- 40X6575 Gear 40t/23t And Belt c950de
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