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Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Okidata laser and dot matrix printer
repair parts, accessories, and supplies.

Oki fusers, maintenance kits, and toner cartridges
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Oki repair parts

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Part Number Description
OKI- 390TURBO 390turbo 24-pin Printer
OKI- 391TURBO Microline 24 Pin Esc / P2 Ibmpropr 391t
OKI- 393 Oki 393 Printer 24 Pin
OKI- 395 Okidata 395 Printer OKI-395
OKI- 395-S Oki 395 Dot Matrix 24 Pin Printer
OKI- 395C Oki 395 Color Printer
OKI- 40011401 Film: Fg
OKI- 40018901 Power Unit Acdc
OKI- 40019001 Power Unit Acdc
OKI- 40019201 Frame Asm Scanner
OKI- 40019401 Lever PC1
OKI- 40019501 Lever PC2
OKI- 40019601 Roller Assy Adf OF4580
OKI- 40020201 Plate Earth Adf
OKI- 40020301 Gear Z95/14
OKI- 40020501 Spring Latch
OKI- 40020601 Piece Exit
OKI- 40020701 Spring Exit
OKI- 40020703 Spring Exit Okioffice
OKI- 40020801 Gear Z31
OKI- 40021001 Frame Assy Scanner U
OKI- 40021201 Roller Sensor
OKI- 40021202 Roller Assy Sensor Okioffice
OKI- 40021401 Spring Pinch L
OKI- 40021501 Spring Pinch R
OKI- 40021701 Guide Sensor B
OKI- 40021801 Spring Adf
OKI- 40022001 Bearing S
OKI- 40022101 Cover Assy Top
OKI- 40022301 Holder led
OKI- 40022701 Ope Assy
OKI- 40023501 Sheet O 048
OKI- 40023601 Sheet Cover
OKI- 40023701 Plate Assy Base
OKI- 40023901 Bracket Package
OKI- 40024001 Guide Paper U
OKI- 40024101 Guide Paper L
OKI- 40024201 Film Guide
OKI- 40024501 Spring Cis
OKI- 40025201 Gear Z38 Okioffice
OKI- 40025301 Cover Front
OKI- 40025401 Cover Main
OKI- 40025501 Cover Rear
OKI- 40025601 Cover Ncu
OKI- 40025701 Tray Document
OKI- 40025801 Tray Paper
OKI- 40026001 Sheet Insulation
OKI- 40026101 Spring Tc
OKI- 40026301 Bar: Discharge
OKI- 40030302 Pcb Com Main OKIPAGE16n
OKI- 40032401 Roller: Fuser Pressure A4 OKIPAGE16n
OKI- 40033001 Spring: Sensor In OKIPAGE16n OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40033501 Cover: Frame OKIPAGE16n
OKI- 40034001 Spring: Stopper Okioffice OKIPAGE8p
OKI- 40035401 Operator Panel Assy Op16n OKIPAGE16n
OKI- 40035502 Sheet: Op Touch Okipage 16n Ps OKIPAGE16n OKIPAGE16
OKI- 40040001 Cable: Ope Conn
OKI- 40040201 Cable: Cis Conn
OKI- 40040301 Cable: PC1/PC2 Conn Cord
OKI- 40043001 Sheet: Insulation B
OKI- 40044501 Board Unc OF5050 Okioffice
OKI- 40045101 Gear: Idle OKIPAGE16n
OKI- 40045601 Plate: Fg ML320turbo ML321turbo ML390turbo ML391turbo OKI-320t ML320turb ML321turb ML390turb ML391turb
OKI- 40048101 Connection Cord
OKI- 40052901 Pcb: Ctr Okioffice
OKI- 40054401 Plate Assy Support
OKI- 40065601 High Voltage Power Supply Unit
OKI- 40074601 Eject Roller Okioffice
OKI- 40084301 Motor S
OKI- 40086701 Board 04w Okioffice
OKI- 40086901 Operator Panel Assy Ol610es
OKI- 40087001 Sheet: Op Panel
OKI- 40093201 Spring Support
OKI- 40096401 Guide Belt F
OKI- 40097301 Guide Paper Input A
OKI- 40098401 Cover Rear
OKI- 40099101 Spring Lift Arm PM4410
OKI- 40103802 Stacker Assy OKIPAGE10e
OKI- 40103805 Stacker Assy OKIPAGE14
OKI- 40104201 Film: Fg Okipage 6e
OKI- 40104401 Operator Panel Assy Op10i OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE12
OKI- 40104403 Op Panel Assy Okipage 10ex
OKI- 40104801 Cover: Lid OKIPAGE10e
OKI- 40106701 Frame: Main Assy Op16n OKIPAGE16n
OKI- 40109804 Front Multi-purpose Feeder Oki B4400 B4500 B4550 B4660 Beige B4600 B4400n B4600n
OKI- 40111302 Cover: Stacker Assy okipg6e
OKI- 40111303 Cover: Stacker Assy okipg6ex
OKI- 40111601 Latch: Face Down Stacker
OKI- 40111701 Operator Panel Assy Op6ex
OKI- 40124101 Motor Pulse Id
OKI- 40127501 Connection Cord
OKI- 40128001 Cord Flat
OKI- 40130301 Gear z20
OKI- 40130601 Gear Helical 67/18
OKI- 40130801 Roller Registration
OKI- 40131205 Pcb: L6a Main Assy
OKI- 40132301 Lever Link R
OKI- 40132401 Lever Link l
OKI- 40135301 Photo Interrupter ES3640exmfp MC560mfp-plus CX2033mfp-plus MC860MFP-1tray C9600hncolorsignage C9650hncolorsignage C9650dxncolorsignage C6100nsmartformssolution B430d C5400 C810n C830n B430dn C3200n C3400n C3600n C5100n C5150n C5200n
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