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Part Number Description
OKI- 40387201 Pcb:pco
OKI- 40388501 Bracket Sw
OKI- 40389801 Plate: Earth Bottom OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40390601 Fg Plate L OKI320t
OKI- 40392301 Motor Assy Belt
OKI- 40392801 Spacer: Bearing OKIPAGE10e OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE12
OKI- 40392901 Spacer: Bearing OKIPAGE10e OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE12
OKI- 40394201 Plate Oil Sensor
OKI- 40396101 Plate: Guide Pcb OKIPAGE10e OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE12
OKI- 40396201 Motor: Pulse Registration OKIPAGE10e
OKI- 40408601 Holder Switch
OKI- 40409201 Film: Guide OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40410701 Frame Upper Assy
OKI- 40412601 Upper Cover
OKI- 40412901 Hopper Plate
OKI- 40413201 Lens 2
OKI- 40413401 Cover Hv Okioffice
OKI- 40414001 Power Supply Unit Pm 4410 PM4410
OKI- 40423105 6e Main Pwb
OKI- 40433305 Image Drum Okipage OP10e OP10ex OP10i OP12i 20k Pages OKIPAGE10e OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE10
OKI- 40433318 OF5700/5900 Image Drum OF5700 OF5900
OKI- 40433701 Bracket: Sub Roller OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40437201 Pcb:pxf
OKI- 40437501 Pcb:pxl
OKI- 40437601 Pcb:pxm
OKI- 40437801 Roller: Transfer B Assy OKIPAGE10e OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE12
OKI- 40437802 Roller Transfer Assy OKIPAGE14e OKIPAGE14i OKIPAGE14
OKI- 40438001 Bearing Tr OKIPAGE10e OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE14e OKIPAGE14i B4350-black-lowprofile B4200 B4300 B4350 B4350n OKIPAGE12
OKI- 40441001 Cover: Side Assy L OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40441301 Manual Feed Assy OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40442501 Roller: Guide OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40443301 Feeder Unit Front OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40443501 Duplex Unit OKIPAGE20
OKI- 40445601 Plate: Earth L OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40446501 Interlock Sw Cable Assy
OKI- 40447001 JST8p JST8p
OKI- 40447101 AMP12p AMP3PX4
OKI- 40447201 Conn Cord Wire
OKI- 40447301 Cordwire JST6p AMP3PX2
OKI- 40448501 Conection Cord Wire
OKI- 40449001 Fdr Unit Main Assy
OKI- 40449101 Holder led Assy
OKI- 40449201 Plate Support R Assy
OKI- 40449301 Plate Support L Assy
OKI- 40449601 Sensor Assy T Y
OKI- 40449701 Hopping Roller Boss Assy
OKI- 40449901 Cover Sub Assy
OKI- 40450401 Sensor Assy Box Toner
OKI- 40450501 Cable: Head Assy OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40455701 Power Unit Acdc Switch 120v
OKI- 40455801 Power Unit Acdc Switch 230v
OKI- 40456101 JST12 AMP15 AMP10 AMP9
OKI- 40458201 Motor: Ribbon PM4410
OKI- 40462501 Cover Blind OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40468701 Image Drum Okipage OP18 OP20 OP24 30k Pages OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40468801 Toner Print Cartridge Black Okipage OP20 24 OP24 OP18 6k Pages OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40470101 Heat Assy Fuser OP10e OP10ex OP10i OKIPAGE10e OP10i-n OKIPAGE10
OKI- 40470102 Heat Assy Fusing Unit 230v OKIPAGE10e OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE10 OKIPAGE12
OKI- 40470103 Heat Assy 120v Fuser OP12i OKIPAGE12i
OKI- 40470107 Heat Asm 120v Fuser Okipage OP14e OP14ex OP14i OKIPAGE14e OKIPAGE14i OKIPAGE14
OKI- 40470108 Heat Assy 230v Fuser OKIPAGE14e OKIPAGE14i OKIPAGE14
OKI- 40472401 Motor Change PM4410
OKI- 40473001 Paper Cassette Assy OKIPAGE10e OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE14i OKIPAGE12 OKIPAGE14
OKI- 40473006 Paper Tray OKIPAGE14e OKIPAGE14
OKI- 40473008 Cassette: Paper Assy OKIPAGE14
OKI- 40474701 Belt: Space PM4410
OKI- 40481101 Spring Adf Okioffice
OKI- 40490801 Transfer Belt Kit Oki 8C/8cn 8/8n OKI-OC8 OKI-OC8n
OKI- 40490901 Fuser Kit 120v Okipage 8c 8cn 8n 8cccs
OKI- 40490904 Fuser Kit 230v Okipage 8C/8cn
OKI- 40492604 Cover: Op Panel Sub Assy
OKI- 40493301 Guide Roller Holder ML320turbo ML321turbo ML390turbo ML391turbo ML320/321turbo ML390/391turbo ML420-serial-black ML421-serial-black ML420 ML421 ML490 ML491 ML591 ML420n ML421n ML490n ML491n ML320turb ML520/521 ML590/591
OKI- 40494601 Space: Card Kgps 5rf OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40495802 Duplex Controller Board Pcb Lex w/o OKIPAGE20
OKI- 40495804 Duplex Controller Board OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40496001 Plate Damper OKIPAGE16n OKIPAGE24n OKIPAGE16 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 40496401 Pulse Motor OF4580 Okioffice
OKI- 40498501 4410 Beam-slide
OKI- 40498801 Spring: Pressure PM4410
OKI- 40499601 Bail Assy PM4410
OKI- 40500401 Platen PM4410
OKI- 40500501 4410 Guide Sheet U Platen
OKI- 40500601 4410 Sheet Guide L Platen
OKI- 40501201 Ag Sensor Coil Assy PM4410
OKI- 40501301 4410 Sensor Cover Ag
OKI- 40501901 Assy: Carriage Unit PM4410
OKI- 40502001 Frame: Carriage PM4410
OKI- 40502701 4410 Connector Guide
OKI- 40502901 Protector: Ribbon Assy PM4410
OKI- 40503301 4410 Cover Sensor
OKI- 40503401 Guide Asm Ribbon PM4410
OKI- 40504501 4410 Main Shaft
OKI- 40504601 4410 Bracket Shaft Pressure Left
OKI- 40504701 4410 Bracket Shaft Pressure Right
OKI- 40505201 4410 Spacer Motor Bracket
OKI- 40505501 Fan: Head Cooling Fan 1 PM4410
OKI- 40505601 4410 Fan Bracket
OKI- 40505801 Fan Pg Cooling PM4410
OKI- 40507001 Feed Roller Shaft Fu PM4410
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