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Okidata laser and dot matrix printer
repair parts, accessories, and supplies.

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Part Number Description
OKI- 50104602 321ssd Mainframe / Base
OKI- 50107301 Cassette: Assy OKIPAGE14i OKIPAGE14
OKI- 50107304 Cassette Assy 2nd Tray B4100 B4250 B4300 B4350 B4350n
OKI- 50107426 Ssd Operator Panel Ml 320/321 ML320 ML321
OKI- 50107901 Chassis: Main Assy
OKI- 50108001 Paper Cassette Assy
OKI- 50108101 Panel: Operator
OKI- 50108105 Panel: Operator
OKI- 50108201 Stacker: Face Up Assy OKIPAGE16n OKIPAGE24n C7200-realestate C7200n-realestate C7200-marketingedition C7200n-marketingedition C7200 C7200n C7400n C7200-mar C7200-rea OKIPAGE18 OKIPAGE20 OKIPAGE24
OKI- 50110301 Assy: Face Up Stacker Oki OL810e OKIPAGE10e OKIPAGE12i OKIPAGE14e OKIPAGE14i OKIPAGE12 OKIPAGE14
OKI- 50110401 Assy: Operator Panel Ol810e
OKI- 50110404 Assy: Operator Panel ol810e/Ps
OKI- 50110501 Cassette: Paper OF1050
OKI- 50111701 Interlock Key: Ph Cartridge OJ2010
OKI- 50111801 Assy: Maintenance OJ2010
OKI- 50112201 Assy: Operator Panel Ol400e
OKI- 50112204 Assy: Op Panel
OKI- 50112211 Assy: Op Panel Ol410e/Ps
OKI- 50113531 Op Panel Assy Ol610eps
OKI- 50114601 Printhead 320t / 321t Turbo ML320turbo ML321turbo ML320t ML321t 32x Turbo ML320turb ML321turb
OKI- 50114701 Oki 390 / 391 Turbo Printhead Asm ML390turbo ML391turbo ML390t ML390turb ML391turb
OKI- 50114801 Oki 320 Turbo Platen Asm 390t 420 490 ML320turbo ML390turbo ML420-serial-black ML420 ML490 ML390t ML420n ML490n ML320turb ML390turb
OKI- 50114901 Platen Asm W ML321 Turbo ML321turbo ML391turbo ML421-serial-black ML421 ML491 ML321t ML421n ML491n ML321turb ML391turb OKI-ML321
OKI- 50115001 Converter:Interface Par Ser OL610e/s
OKI- 50115101 Panel: Control OJ2020 OJ2500
OKI- 50115901 Front Feeder Unit OKIPAGE16n
OKI- 50122201 Carriage Assy OJ2020 OJ2500
OKI- 50123101 Okilan 6120e Card ML520n ML590n ML591n ML320turb ML321turb
OKI- 50124410 Control Panel B930
OKI- 50127701 Assy Control Panel Ds8000c C9300dxncolorsignage C9500dxncolorsignage C9500dxn-prostudioedition C7100 C7300 C9300 C7350n C7500n C7550n C9300n ES2024 ES3037 ES2426e C9500dxn
OKI- 50128201 Cassette: Unit B8300n
OKI- 50128301 Assy: Mechanism Control Unit B8300n
OKI- 50130001 Asm Panel Back B6100
OKI- 50134410 Control Panel B930
OKI- 50134420 Operation Panel B6200 B6300 B6200n B6300n B6300nsmartformssolutions B6300dnsmartformssolutions
OKI- 50134483 Operation Panel B6200 B6300 B6200n B6300n B6300dnsmartformssol B6300nsmartformssolu B6300nsmartformssolutions B6300dnsmartformssolutions
OKI- 50137550 Panel Rear J2 Net B710n B720n B730n B710dn B720dn B730dn MPS730b
OKI- 50137590 Panel Rear J2 Net B6400 B6500 B6250n B6400n B6500n
OKI- 50137600 Panel Rear J2 Base B6400 B6500 B6250n B6400n B6500n
OKI- 50138601 Printhead Assy B4545mfp
OKI- 50138701 Cis Contact Image Sensor B4545mfp
OKI- 50138801 Panel Equipped B4545mfp
OKI- 50141301 Printhead T400 Only T410
OKI- 50141302 Printhead T410 Only T410
OKI- 50141401 Thermal Print Head X400
OKI- 50143901 Printhead GL408e
OKI- 50144001 Printhead GL412e
OKI- 50144501 Printhead LE810dt LE810dtups
OKI- 50145801 Tray: Int 550 Sheet Mb790 MPS5500mbf MB790f MB790m
OKI- 50145802 Tray: M 550 Option Mb790 MPS5500mbf MB790f MB790m
OKI- 50145803 Tray: 550 Media Mb790 MPS5500mbf MB790f MB790m
OKI- 50145804 Tray: Adf Doc Tray MPS5500mbf MB780 MB790f MB790m MPS5500mb
OKI- 50145805 Tray: 250 Option Complete Drawer MPS5500mbf MB780 MB790f MB790m MPS5500mb
OKI- 50145806 Tray: Hcf Mb780 MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 50145807 Tray: 200 Sheet Ua Tray Mb780 MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 50145901 Duplexer: Mh MPS5500mbf MB780 MB790f MB790m MPS5500mb
OKI- 50146001 Aligner: 500 Feed MPS5500mbf MB780 MB790f MB790m MPS5500mb
OKI- 50146101 Printhead: Mh Polygon Mirror MPS5500mbf MB780 MB790f MB790m MPS5500mb
OKI- 50148601 Print Head LD610 LD610ups
OKI- 50211404 Guide Bottom Paper ML184turbo
OKI- 50212302 Cover Access Color ML393
OKI- 50212304 Cover Access Black ML393
OKI- 50212306 Access Cover Black ML393cplus ML393+ ML393cplu
OKI- 50212307 Access Cover Color ML393cplus ML393+ ML393cplu
OKI- 50212401 Middle Cover Asm ML393 Black
OKI- 50212405 Cover Middle Color Unit ML393
OKI- 50212426 Middle Cover ML393cplus ML393+ ML393c+ ML393cplu
OKI- 50212427 Middle Cover ML393cplus ML393+ ML393c+ ML393cplu
OKI- 50212431 Cover Middle Pm3410 PM3410
OKI- 50212441 Cover Middle Asm Ml395 ML395 ML395c
OKI- 50212442 Cover Middle Asm Ml395c ML395 ML395c
OKI- 50212501 Rear Cover Assy Microline 393 ML393
OKI- 50212504 Rear Cover ML393cplus ML393+ ML393cplu
OKI- 50212601 Tractor Cover Assy Microline 393 ML393+ PM3410
OKI- 50212604 Cover Acoustic Pull Tractor ML393cplus ML393 ML395 ML393+ ML395c PM3410 ML393cplu
OKI- 50212701 Oki ML393 Cover Bottom Asm Ml 393
OKI- 50213501 Panel: Operation Assy
OKI- 50213502 Panel: Operation
OKI- 50213507 Panel: Operator
OKI- 50213508 Operator Panel Assy OL810
OKI- 50213509 Panel: Operator
OKI- 50213601 Unit: Lower
OKI- 50213602 Unit: Lower DOC-IT4000 DOC-IT3000/4000 DOC-IT400
OKI- 50213701 Unit: Upper 120v
OKI- 50213702 Unit: Upper 240v
OKI- 50213706 Unit: Upper 120v
OKI- 50213707 Unit: Upper 240v
OKI- 50213801 Unit: Paper Delivery
OKI- 50213903 Cover: Upper w/o Logo Ol800
OKI- 50213906 Cover: Upper Assy
OKI- 50214101 Platen: Assy ML172 ML180
OKI- 50214201 Indicator Assy ML172 ML180
OKI- 50214506 Unit: Paper Delivery
OKI- 50215205 Unit: Paper Supply DOC-IT4000 DOC-IT3000/40 DOC-IT3000/4000 DOC-IT400
OKI- 50215701 Access Cover 395 3410 ML395 ML395c PM3410 OKI-395
OKI- 50215703 Cover Access Ml395c ML395 ML395c
OKI- 50215901 Pull Up Roller Asm ML395 ML395c PM3410
OKI- 50215902 Sheet Separator ML395 ML395c Oki 395
OKI- 50216401 Assy: Adf DOC-IT4000 DOC-IT3000/40 DOC-IT3000/4000 DOC-IT400
OKI- 50216501 Scanner w/o Cable DOC-IT4000 DOC-IT3000/40 DOC-IT3000/4000 DOC-IT400
OKI- 50217201 Okidata 590 / 591 24 Pin Printhead OKI-590/OKI-591 ML590 ML591 ML590n ML591n
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