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Okidata laser and dot matrix printer
repair parts, accessories, and supplies.

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Page 276:
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Part Number Description
OKI- 62409201 Okidata 590 24 Pin 400 Cps Printer ML590
OKI- 62409301 ML591 Parallel 24 Pin Printer
OKI- 62409701 Oki ML184 Turbo Serial Parallel Microline 120v ML184turbo
OKI- 62409801 ML184turbo Parallel IBM Comp 120v
OKI- 62410001 ML521 Parallel Epson / IBM / Ml
OKI- 62410501 ML395 120v Tan
OKI- 62410601 ML395c Color 120v
OKI- 62411601 320 Turbo w/usb Interface ML320turbo
OKI- 62411602 ML320turbo 230v 50 / 60 Hz
OKI- 62411701 ML321turbo 120v Par & Usb 50 60 Hz
OKI- 62411703 ML321turbo With Cut Sheet Feeder Tray Sin
OKI- 62411901 390turbo 24-pin Printer ML390turbo
OKI- 62412001 ML391turbo 120v 50 / 60 Hz Printer
OKI- 62412901 Okidata 320 Turbo / Dec
OKI- 62413001 ML321turbo D 120v 50/60 Hz
OKI- 62415401 ML320turbo/n 120v English
OKI- 62415501 ML321turbo/n 120v English
OKI- 62415901 ML390turbo/n 120v English
OKI- 62416001 ML391turbo/n 120v English
OKI- 62417801 Oki B4200 Printer- No Consumables
OKI- 62417902 B4300 Mono Laser- 220v
OKI- 62418201 Okidata B8300n led Printer Mono 45ppm
OKI- 62418701 Okidata ML420 Dot Matrix Printer 120v Std Carriage Parallel
OKI- 62418703 ML420n 120v Parallel/Usb/Ethernet
OKI- 62418801 ML421 120v Parallel English
OKI- 62418901 ML490 120v Parallel English
OKI- 62418903 Okidata 490 Printer w/network Interface
OKI- 62419001 ML491 120v Parallel English
OKI- 62421301 Okidata B6200 led Printer Mono 25ppm
OKI- 62421304 Okidata B6200n Laser Printer
OKI- 62421401 Okidata B6300n led Printer Mono 35pp
OKI- 62421406 Oki B6300 led Printer Mono 35pppm
OKI- 62422101 Oki B4250 Printer No Consumables
OKI- 62422201 B4350 Printer Mono 120v No Consumable S
OKI- 62422204 B4350n Printer Black Case Mono 23ppm Oki 120v Okidata
OKI- 62422301 ML186 Parallel Beige Usb 120v
OKI- 62422401 ML186 Serial Beige Usb 120v
OKI- 62426501 8810 Flatbed Printer S/Usb
OKI- 62426504 8810n Flatbed Printer Par/Usb/Enet
OKI- 62426801 ML186 Black Serial Usb 120v
OKI- 62427001 Oki B4400 Printer-no Consumables
OKI- 62427101 B4400 Black Digital Mono 120v
OKI- 62427104 B4400n Black Mono Network 120v
OKI- 62427201 Okidata B4600 Laser Printer
OKI- 62427204 Oki B4600n led Printer Mono 27 ppm
OKI- 62427206 Oki B4600n Ps led Mono 27ppm 220v Postsript 120v Beige
OKI- 62427301 B4600 Printer- Black Case
OKI- 62427304 Oki B4600n Printer- Black Case
OKI- 62427501 Oki B6500 led Printer Mono 45ppm
OKI- 62427504 Oki B6500n led Printer Mono 45ppm
OKI- 62427506 Oki B6500dn led Printer Mono 45ppm
OKI- 62427508 Oki B6500dtn led Printer Mono 45ppm
OKI- 62428701 C5550n Clr Las P/S/C/F 1200X600
OKI- 62429601 Oki B4550 Printer
OKI- 62429604 Oki B4550n Network Printer
OKI- 62429901 B930n Laser 50ppm 1200X1200 Ltr
OKI- 62429904 B930dn Laser 50ppm 1200X1200
OKI- 62430604 Oki C9650n Printer 110v
OKI- 62430608 C9650hdn Clr led 36/40ppm
OKI- 62430906 B6250dn Digital Mono Printer
OKI- 62431383 B430dn 120v Biege Limited
OKI- 62431601 C830n Laser 32ppm 600X1200dpi
OKI- 62431603 C830dn Laser 32ppm 1200X600dpi
OKI- 62431605 C830dtn Laser 32ppm 1200X600dpi
OKI- 62431701 Printer MB260 Mfp Bg
OKI- 62431801 Printer MB280 Mfp Bg
OKI- 62431901 Printer MB290 Mfp Bg
OKI- 62432601 Printer MC560n Mfp Bg
OKI- 62433101 Printer MB460 Mfp 120v Bg
OKI- 62433201 Printer MB470 120v Bg
OKI- 62433301 Printer MB480 120v Bg
OKI- 62433405 Printer C610dtn Bg
OKI- 62433407 Printer C610cdn 32/34 Bg
OKI- 62433501 Printer C711n 34/36ppm Bg
OKI- 62433503 Printer C711dn 34/36pp Bg
OKI- 62433505 Printer C711DTN34/36pp Bg
OKI- 62433701 Printer MC360n Mfp Bg
OKI- 62433801 Oki ML620 Impact Printer 9 Pin Beige 620
OKI- 62433901 Oki ML621 Impact Printer 9 Pin 621
OKI- 62434001 Oki ML690 24 Pin Impact Printer
OKI- 62434101 Oki ML691 24 Pin Wide Carriage Printer Beige
OKI- 62435103 Printer C330dn Color Bg
OKI- 62435203 Printer C530dn Color Bg
OKI- 62435301 Printer B411d Beige Bk
OKI- 62435303 Printer B411dn Mono Bg
OKI- 62435504 Oki B710n Printer
OKI- 62435506 Printer B710dn Bg
OKI- 62435604 Printer B720n Bg
OKI- 62435704 Printer B730n Bg
OKI- 62435706 Printer B730dn Bg
OKI- 62437701 Printer MB790m Bg
OKI- 62438701 Printer MB471 Mfp Bg
OKI- 62438703 Printer MB471w Mfp Bg
OKI- 62438801 Printer MB491 Mfp Bg
OKI- 62439001 Printer MB451w 120v Bg
OKI- 62439401 Printer MC770 Mfp Bg
OKI- 62439901 Printer C911dn Bg
OKI- 62440001 Printer C931dn Bg
OKI- 62441001 Printer C831n Bg
OKI- 62441004 Printer C831dn Bg
OKI- 62441604 Printer MB760 Mfp Bg
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