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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Page 286:
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Part Number Description
PT- 173824-001 Cable Harness Frame Pwr Stkr
PT- 173843-001 Manual Maint P5220d P5224d
PT- 173863-901 Tray Stacker Pull-out
PT- 173864-901 Tent Paper Power Stacker
PT- 173929-901 Tractor Set Ironer Roller Lh & Rh
PT- 173950-001 Manual Qsg Engl P5000lj Series
PT- 173956-001 Manual Prgm Ref Pcl/Lp+ P5000lj Series
PT- 173959-001 Manual Maint P5000lj Series
PT- 174224-001 Overlay Cont Pnl IPS6400-d China
PT- 174302-001 Manual Users Network Intrfc Card Nic
PT- 174392-901 Slide Ball Bearing
PT- 174420-001 Overlay Cont Pnl Eng
PT- 174423-001 Overlay Cont Pnl Sp
PT- 174435-001 Manual Users P5000 P5220
PT- 174445-001 Overlay Cont Pnl Pcl Eng
PT- 174450-001 Overlay Cont Pnl Unisys Eng
PT- 174457-901 Ground Clip Hardened And Dimpled
PT- 174478-001 Field Kit Tip Alignment Tool P5220
PT- 174479-901 Language Kit Floor Single Overlay
PT- 174514-901 Hammerspring Assy Spare 20s
PT- 174539-901 Shuttle Assy P5220s Spare
PT- 174549-901 Cover Assy Spare Replaceable Steel P5210
PT- 174550-901 Cover Assy Spare Replaceable Stl P5205b
PT- 174565-001 Overlay Cont Pnl P5xxx Hanzi
PT- 174780-001 Control Panel Assy Phase iii Stkr P5xxx
PT- 174805-901 Pcba P5220 Power Supply V2 Spare
PT- 174841-001 Container Shipping Shuttle
PT- 174935-001 Manual Qsg Ptx P5000 P5220
PT- 174947-001 Field Kit H/W Camshaft Assy P5220/P5224
PT- 174949-001 Field Kit Motor Assy Pltn Dr 5/10/15/020
PT- 174957-901 P 5000 Shuttle
PT- 174958-901 Shuttle Assy Spare P5X10 V2
PT- 174959-901 Shuttle Assy Spare P5X15 V2
PT- 174965-901 Hammerspring Assy Spare 500
PT- 174966-901 Hammerspring Assy Spare 1000
PT- 174968-001 Field Kit Ironer Bracket/Plate 5220
PT- 175060-001 Field Kit Platen P5220
PT- 175093-001 Field Kit P5000 Control Panel Assy
PT- 175188-901 Paper Path P5xxx V3 Spare
PT- 175273-001 Field Kit Phase 3 Power Stacker P5xxx
PT- 175293-001 Field Kit Logic Cable Assy Stacker
PT- 175339-001 Field Kit P5000 Unisys C/P Assy
PT- 175340-001 Field Kit P5000 Oem C/P Assy
PT- 175341-001 Field Kit P5000 lj Control Panel Assy
PT- 175455-001 Manual Maint P5/10/15 Ptx
PT- 175609-901 Hammerspring Assy 11 Mil Tip 03h
PT- 175613-901 Hammerspring Assy 11 Mil Tip 06h
PT- 175614-901 Shuttle Assy Spare Hanzi 06h
PT- 175615-901 Shuttle Assy Spare Hanzi 03h
PT- 175726-901 Clip Ground Dimpled Pwr Stkr P52xx
PT- 175789-001 Field Kit Long Align Tool P5220D/P5224
PT- 175808-001 Field Kit Tray Asm Rear
PT- 175815-001 Manual Qsg Es P5000 P5220
PT- 175860-901 Hammerspring Assy Spare P5X05-12 V3
PT- 175863-901 Shuttle Assy Spare P5X05B-12 V3
PT- 175928-901 Hammerspring Assy Spare P5220d
PT- 175936-901 Hammerspring Assy Final P5212
PT- 175940-901 Hammerspring Assy Spare P5212-12
PT- 175942-901 Hammerspring Assy Spare P5208/9
PT- 175964-901 Ppc Subassy Line Matrix Spare
PT- 175991-901 Hammerspring Assy Spare Hanzi P5220s
PT- 176000-901 Lever Platen V2 Spare
PT- 176031-901 Top Cover Spare Emi Ips
PT- 176075-901 Cable Assy RS422 I/O P5/P7
PT- 176096-901 Pcba Power Supply P5/10 Pfc Spare
PT- 176108-901 Radio Cable Assy Para Line Matrix Spare
PT- 176259-901 Shuttle Assy 08h Spare
PT- 176271-001 Field Kit Long Align Tool Ips 020/024
PT- 176475-001 Manual Maint P5000 PSA3
PT- 176601-901 Cable Assy Ps I/O P5220s
PT- 176630-901 Paper Ironer Auxiliary Spare
PT- 176744-901 Retainer Pivot V2 Spare
PT- 176787-001 Spares Cable Protector Hammerbank
PT- 177298-901 Replaceable Long Steel Cover Assy P5215
PT- 177300-901 Cover Assy Replaceable Long Alum P5215
PT- 177380-901 Mask Long Kapt Tape Alum Assy P5215
PT- 177474-001 Power Cord Ips Japan
PT- 177482-001 Field Kit Paper Feed Motor w/heat Sink
PT- 177558-001 Field Kit Platen Molded Bushing P5000
PT- 177560-001 Field Kit Camshaft Moulded Bshg P5220
PT- 177751-901 Dual Nic Assy P5
PT- 177775-901 Tearbar Assy Ztp
PT- 177776-901 Cover Hold Tearbar Ztp
PT- 177809-001 Leaf Paper Guide Ztp
PT- 177810-001 Leaf Ctr Paper Guide Ztp
PT- 177813-001 Leaf Guide Front Ztp
PT- 177876-001 Switch Assy Paper Det Ztp
PT- 177916-901 Motor Stepper V3
PT- 177917-901 Motor Assy Paper Feed Ztp w/ Pulley
PT- 178046-001 Field Kit Ppr Feed Motor V3
PT- 178059-901 Top Cover Assy Ztp
PT- 178083-001 Field Kit Tester Pwr Supplies P5/P7
PT- 178173-901 Paper Path Assy Ped V2 Spare
PT- 178202-901 Replaceable Long Steel Cover Assy P5220s
PT- 178228-901 Lid Assy Cab P5
PT- 178535-901 Motor Assy Paper Feed Lg
PT- 178716-001 Field Kit Leaf Paper Guide
PT- 178839-001 Spares Kit Spring Conforce Piii Pwr Stkr
PT- 17R8232 Field Kit Flexure Replaceable
PT- 202009-001 Otp Eprom 64X8 90ns
PT- 202030-001 Nvram 8KX8 100ns
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