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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Page 289:
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Part Number Description
PT- 252824-001 Bushing Shaft Guide Feed Mechanism
PT- 252825-001 Bushing Shaft Feed Mechanism
PT- 252826-001 Gear Pinion Motor
PT- 252827-001 Gear Compound Fold Mechanism
PT- 252828-001 Plate Left Shaft Encoder
PT- 252829-001 Gear Stacker Shaft
PT- 252830-001 Slide Mylar
PT- 252831-001 Slide Paddle Rear Mylar
PT- 252832-001 Slide Paddle Front Mylar
PT- 252833-001 Paddle Mylar
PT- 252834-001 Pin Crank Left Rear
PT- 252835-001 Crank Paddle Left Rear
PT- 252836-001 Paddle
PT- 252837-001 Bracket Paddle Left Center
PT- 252838-001 Sensor Infrared
PT- 252839-001 Bushing Shaft 6mm
PT- 252840-001 Snap Pin
PT- 252841-001 Knob Paper Length Adjustment
PT- 252842-001 Gear Pinion Paper Length Adjustment
PT- 252843-001 Handle Knob Paper Length Adjustment
PT- 252844-001 Spring Knob Paper Length Adjustment
PT- 252845-001 Shaft Spool Paper Width Adjustment
PT- 252846-001 Spool Cable Paper Width Adjustment
PT- 252847-001 Shaft Pulley Paper Width Adjustment
PT- 252848-001 Pulley Paper Width Adjustment
PT- 252849-001 Guide Paper Width Adjustment
PT- 252850-001 Clamp Large Black
PT- 252851-001 Plate Shaft Grounding
PT- 252852-001 Engine Connection Cable
PT- 252853-001 Table Motor Cable
PT- 252854-001 Feed Motor Cable
PT- 252855-001 M Side Guide Cable
PT- 252856-001 V Side Guide Cable
PT- 252857-001 M Flipper Cable
PT- 252858-001 V Flipper Cable
PT- 252859-001 Jam Sensor Cable A
PT- 252860-001 Jam Sensor Cable B
PT- 252861-001 Ptop Sensor Cable
PT- 252862-001 Switch Cable
PT- 252863-001 M Side Sensor Cable
PT- 252864-001 V Side Sensor Cable
PT- 252865-001 Jam Sensor Cable M
PT- 252866-001 Jam Sensor Cable V
PT- 252867-001 Ptop Sensor Cable B
PT- 252868-001 Table Sensor Cable
PT- 252869-001 Guide Grounding Cable
PT- 252870-001 Slider Grounding Cable
PT- 252871-001 Bracket Ir Emitter/Sensor
PT- 252872-001 Spring Grounding
PT- 252873-001 Guide Printer Positioning
PT- 252874-001 Scale Paper Length Adjustment
PT- 252875-001 Spacer Rack
PT- 252876-001 Label Reset
PT- 252877-001 Label Power Down
PT- 252878-001 Label Paper Carriage
PT- 252879-001 Cable Paper Width Right 44in
PT- 252880-001 Cable Paper Width Left 40in
PT- 252881-001 Switch Table Down
PT- 252882-001 Weee Label
PT- 252884-001 Clamp Power Cord Gray
PT- 252885-001 Tie Cable
PT- 252886-001 Clamp Cable w/ Adhesive Tape White
PT- 252887-001 Bushing 16 Mm
PT- 252889-001 Bushing 18 Mm
PT- 252890-001 Bushing Wire Harness
PT- 252891-001 Aperture Sensor
PT- 252915-001 Cable Control Power Assist Stacker L7032
PT- 254457-001 Damper Fuser Motor MS-33
PT- 254470-001 Fuser Base Asm
PT- 255049-102 P7000 Black Cartridge Ribbon Std Life 17k P8000 P7000
PT- 256799-901 P8X05 6805 500lpm Shuttle Asm
PT- 256835-901 P8X10 6810 1000lpm Shuittle Asm
PT- 256835-OKI Oki MX8100 Shuttle Asm
PT- 256921-901 P8X15 6815 1500lpm Shuttle Asm
PT- 256922-901 P8220 6820 2000lpm Shuttle Asm
PT- 359392-901 Prom Dist Cmx Ec Intel Bin V2.04b
PT- 361699-901 Sec Key Prgm Ppc Ct/Lp+ V1.00a
PT- 704597-001 Panel Blank Ct Exp P5/L5535
PT- 75P2176 Field Kit Side Plate Left Ips 6400
PT- 75P2177 Field Kit Platen Bracket Ips 6400-020
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