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Part Number Description
TALLY- 2170 2170 Printer-single Tractor
TALLY- 2440-9 Tally 2440/9 Matrix Printer
TALLY- 2540 Tally 2540 24-pin Printer 043442
TALLY- LA48N la48n Printer Serial Parallel Narrow
TALLY- LA48W la48w Printer Serial Parallel Wide 136 Column 120v
TALLY- T2150 t2150 Printer
TALLY- T2150S t2150s Printer w/ Cutter
TALLY- T2155 t2155 Printer-single Tractor
TALLY- T2170 t2170 Printer -Single Tractor
TALLY- T2240-24 t2240 24 Pin Printer
TALLY- T2240-9 t2240 9 Pin Printer
TALLY- T2250 t2250 Printer
TALLY- T2265 t2265 Printer 24 Wire Single Tractor
TALLY- T2265PLUS Tally 2265+ Printer 900 Cps 24 Wire Parallel Ethernet
TALLY- T2280 Tally t2280 Printer Single Tractor
TALLY- T2280-2T Tally t2280 Printer 2 Tractors
TALLY- T2280G Tally t2280g Printer Single Tractor
TALLY- T2280G-2T Tally t2280g Printer 2 Tractors
TALLY- T2280PLUS Tg t2280-plus Printer Parallel Interface
TALLY- T2280PLUS-2T 2280plus Printer 2 Tractor Par & Enet Ethernet Net
TALLY- T2340-24 2340 24 Pin Printer
TALLY- T6212-621030 1200 Lpm Printer Enclosed Cabinet S/P
TALLY- T6212-621031 1200lpm Printer Enclosed Co/Twinax
TALLY- T6212-621032 1200lpm Printer Enclosed Ethernet
TALLY- T6215-621017 t6215 1500lpm Printer w/ser/Parallel
TALLY- T6215-621023 t6215 1500lpm Printer Co/Twinax
TALLY- T6215-621025 t6215 1500 Lpm 136 Col Ser Par Enet Energy Star
TALLY- T6218-628001 6218 1800lpm Line Printer
TALLY- T6218-628002 Tally 6218 Lp w/co/Twinax
TALLY- T6218-628003 Tally 6218 Lp w/network Interface
TG- 007K85362 Drive Asm Main ml450
TG- 043007 Waste Toner Collection Bottle t8204
TG- 043263 t2240/9 - 500 Cps Printer 9 Wire 80 Column Ieee 1284 Parallel
TG- 043264 t2240/24 - 440 Cps 24 Wire 80 Column Ieee 1284 Parallel
TG- 043266 t2340/24 -440 Cps Printer 24 Wire 136 Column Ieee 1284 Parallel
TG- 043274 Second Push Tractor
TG- 043275 Second Push Tractor
TG- 043276 Sheet Feeder Tray
TG- 043277 Sheet Feeder Tray
TG- 043278 rs232 Serial Interface 2240/2340
TG- 043279 I/O Module rs-422
TG- 043312 Interface Ethernet
TG- 043320 Process Unit High Capacity t9220 8k Pages t9220n t9220/t9220i
TG- 043322 Ethernet Wireless Lan Upgrade
TG- 043332 Paper Cassette Legal t8000c
TG- 043333 8008 Add On Tray 500 Sheets
TG- 043335 8008 Duplex Unit
TG- 043336 Cyan Toner Print Cartridge Tally 8008 6.6k Pages
TG- 043337 Magenta Toner Print Cartridge Tally 8008 6.6k Pages
TG- 043338 Yellow Toner Print Cartridge Tally 8008 6.6k Pages
TG- 043339 Black Toner Print Cartridge Tally 8008 10k Pages
TG- 043341 Waste Toner Pack Tally 8008 12k Pages
TG- 043343 Fuser Unit 110v Tally 8008 60k Pages
TG- 043358 Memory Upgrade 128mb
TG- 043361 Toner Print Cartridge Toner/Drum 9025 9025n 10k Pages 9025/9025n
TG- 043372 9022i 110v Parallel/Usb
TG- 043374 9022 Add On Tray
TG- 043374L 9022 Add On Tray With Micr Drawer Lock
TG- 043376 Toner Toner/Process Unit 9022 9022n 5k Pages 9022/9022n
TG- 043376M Micr Toner Print Cartridge Est Life - 5 000 Pages Multiple Order
TG- 043391 Emulation Pdl/Barcode
TG- 043439 Tally 2440/9 Matrix Printer
TG- 043442 Tally 2540 24-pin Printer
TG- 043446 Ribbon Cassette 2440 2540 Monochrome Black
TG- 043555 Tg 'Tallycom' E'net Interface 10/100 Server
TG- 043596 Fuser Unit 110v t8024
TG- 043603 t8024 Toner Value Pk Blk/Yell/Cyn/Mag
TG- 043765 Add On Tray - 550 Sheet
TG- 043766 Toner Print Cartridge Cyan Est Life - 8k Pages
TG- 043767 Toner Print Cartridge Magenta Est Life - 8k Pages
TG- 043768 Toner Print Cartridge Yellow Est Life - 8k Pages
TG- 043769 Toner Print Cartridge Black Est Life - 9k Pages
TG- 043770 Drum Unit Phd Est Life - 35 K Pages 8026
TG- 043771 Transfer Unit Btr Est Life - 35k Pages
TG- 043773 Fuser 8026 110v 100k Pages Est Life 8026 Color
TG- 043837 Ribbon Black 2248 2348 la48 4m Characters Multiple
TG- 044632 Procss Unit 2 Toner Drum devlpr t9008 t9008
TG- 044781 Process Unit t9012 2 Toner Drum Developer 10k Pages
TG- 044829 Ribbon t2030 t2030/9 t2030/24 t2240 t2240/9 t2240/24 4m Char
TG- 044830 Ribbon Black t2130 t2130/9 t2130/24 t2340 t2340/24 4m Char t2130/t2340
TG- 044859 Cleaning Pad 2/Pk t9112/9116 t9112 t9116
TG- 044898 Toner 2 Pk t9112/9116 t9112 t9116
TG- 044899 Drum/Developer t9112/9116 t9112 t9116
TG- 047512 Interconnection Board 2045 t2045 t2045/t2060
TG- 047514 Timing Station t2045 t3016 t2045/t2060 t2155/t2170 t2265/t2280 t2155r/t2170r
TG- 047520 Panel Cable t2045 t3016 t2045/t2060 t2155/t2170 t2265/t2280 t2155r/t2170r
TG- 047522 Power Supply Cable All Models t2045 Tally 2045
TG- 047523 Interlock Complete t2045 t3016 t2045/t2060 t2155/t2170 t2265/t2280 t2155r/t2170r
TG- 047526 Power Switch Assy t2045 t2045/t2060 t2265/t2280
TG- 047527 Color Motor Cable t2045 t2155/t2170 t2155r/t2170r
TG- 047564 Interconnection Board 2060 t2060 t2045/t2060
TG- 047566 Panel Complete 2060 t2045/t2060
TG- 047705 Cable Power Supply/Driver Pcb t2040 t2040/t2140
TG- 047726 Fan Assy t2265 2280 2365 2380 7265 la650 la500 & Plus Models t2155 t2155/t2170 t2265/t2280 t2155r/t2170r
TG- 047820 Paper End Sensor t2040 t2040/t2140 t2145/t2245/t2145s
TG- 047823 Sensor t2040 t2040/t2140 t2145/t2245/t2145s
TG- 047832 Power Supply 120 Volt t2040/t2140 t2145/t2245/t2145s
TG- 047866 Cable Operator Panel t2040 t2040/t2140 t2145/t2245/t2145s
TG- 047869 Power Switch Assy w/cable t2030 t2040 t2045 t2055 t2060 t2070 t2130 t2140 t2145 t2150 t2155 t2170 t2240 t2245 t2250 t2265 t2280 t2340 t3016 t2155r t2170r t2265/2280 t2155/t2170 t2155r/t2170r
TG- 047895 Head Distance Motor Aga t2040 t2040/t2140 t2145/t2245/t2145s
TG- 047961 Cable Psu Ctl t2150
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