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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Page 299:
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Part Number Description
RIB-OKI-1120Compatible Ribbon For Oki 1120 43571801
RIC- B223-4021 Fuser Unit RICOH Aficio Mp C3500 C4500
RT- RTE6700 Passport Reader RTE6700 Rochford
RT- RTE6701 Passport Reader RTE6701 Rochford
SAM- 0604-000118 Photo-coupler Tr 20-300% 200mw DIP-4 St
SAM- 0604-000142 Photo-coupler Tr - 200mw DIP-4 St
SAM- 0604-001154 Photo-interrupter tr 0.2-1.0ma 80mw Dip
SAM- 0604-001210 Photo-interrupter Tr 200mw DIP-4 St
SAM- 0604-001230 Photo-interrupter Opic Bk
SAM- 0604-001284 Photo-interrupter Tr 200mw Dip St
SAM- 0604-001299 Photo-interrupter Tr 200mw Dip St
SAM- 0604-001325 Photo-interrupter tr Bk
SAM- 0604-001371 Photo-interrupter Tr
SAM- 0604-001381 Photo-interrupter diode Dip
SAM- 0604-001393 Photo-interrupter tr 75mw Bga Tr
SAM- 0604-001399 Photo-interrupter Phototr 18mw
SAM- 0604-001415 Photo-interrupter tr DIP-4 Bk
SAM- 0604-001453 Photo-interrupter Photoic 30mw Bulk
SAM- 0604-001464 Photo-interrupter Infraredlight Bulk
SAM- 0604-001490 Photo-interrupter Photodiode Snapin
SAM- 0604-001493 Photo-interrupter Tr DIP-4 Tray
SAM- 0605-001236 CONTACTIMAGESENSOR 218mm 10352dot 0. 66
SAM- 0605-001237 CONTACTIMAGESENSOR 219mm 5184dot 0. 121
SAM- 0609-001174 Contact Image Sensor 215mm 1728dot 5ms 5
SAM- 0609-001223 Contact Image SENSOR 216mm 5148dot 1. 5ms
SAM- 0609-001238 Contact Image Sensor 216mm 10320dot 2 .0m
SAM- 0609-001243 Contact Image Sensor 215mm 1728dot 5ms 5
SAM- 0609-001287 Contact Image SENSOR 216mm 5136dot 1. 5ms
SAM- 0609-001305 Contact Image SENSOR 216mm 10368dot 6 .3m
SAM- 0609-001307 Contact Image SENSOR 217.4mm 5184dot 1.2
SAM- 0609-001359 Contact Image SENSOR 216mm 10368dot 1 .5m
SAM- 0609-001360 Contact Image SENSOR 216mm 5184dot 1. 5ms
SAM- 0609-001373 Contact Image Sensor 216mm 10368dot 1 .5m
SAM- 0609-001396 Contact Image SENSOR 216mm 10368dot 1 .5m
SAM- 0609-001408 Contact Image SENSOR 218mm 10368dot 0 .5m
SAM- 0609-001409 Contact Image SENSOR 218mm 10368dot 1 .5m
SAM- 0609-001474 Contact Image SENSOR 219mm 10368dot 0 .18
SAM- 0609-001508 Contact Image SENSOR 308mm 7344dot 0. 179
SAM- 0609-001558 Contact Image SENSOR 308mm 7776dot 0. 065
SAM- 0609-001573 Contact Image SENSOR 218mm 10352dot 0 .66
SAM- 1404-001141 THERMISTOR-NTC 5.6kohm 3200k 2.1mw/c Tp
SAM- 1404-001417 Thermistor-ntc ASSY 10kohm 3435k 3mwc L1
SAM- 1404-001453 Thermistor-ntc ASSY 7kohm 3370k
SAM- 1404-001486 Thermistor-ntc Assy 7kohm 3370k 0.3mw /C
SAM- 1404-001561 Thermistor-ntc Assy 7kohm 3370k 0.3mw /C
SAM- 1404-001640 Thermistor-ntc ASSY 7kohm 3370k 0. 3mwc B
SAM- 1404-001794 Thermistor-ntcassy 100kohm 4100k Tray 1
SAM- 3001-001470 Speaker 0.3w 8ohm 81db 400hz 0
SAM- 3001-001494 Speaker 1w 8ohm 83db 500hz
SAM- 3001-002207 Speaker 0.3w 8ohm 81db 400hz
SAM- 3001-002262 Speaker 0.3w 8ohm 81db 400hz 50X16. 4mm
SAM- 3001-002691 Micro Speaker 8ohm 95db 750hz 18X13 3 .5m
SAM- 3002-000185 Buzzer-magnetic 85db 5v 40ma 2.4khz Bk
SAM- 3002-001139 Buzzer-piezo 80db 9v 2khz Bk
SAM- 3103-001085 Fan fan-dc 24 80ma 2.5MMH20 0.136m 3/ Mi
SAM- 3404-000165 Switch-tact 12v 50ma 160 6X6X5 Spst
SAM- 3404-001222 Switch-tact 12vdc 50ma 160gf 6X6X5. 0mm S
SAM- 3404-001561 Switch-tact 150gf 13.42X5.80mm 1P/1s
SAM- 3405-001073 Switch-micro 125v 5a 40gf Spdt
SAM- 3405-001112 Switch-micro 30VDC/42vdc 5A/1a 58.8gf Sp
SAM- 3903-000025 Cbf-power Cord Dt Kr CP2 LP-57 IEC320 C
SAM- 3903-000042 Cable-power Cord 220v 10a Korea/Eu
SAM- 3903-000050 Cbf-power Cord Dt Za DP3/yes a I iec C1
SAM- 3903-000055 Cbf-power Cord Dt Eu CP2/no E iec320 C7
SAM- 3903-000067 Cable-power Cord 220v 10a Uk/Ap
SAM- 3903-000085 Cbf-power Cord Us BP3/yes 3plug 125/ 125
SAM- 3903-000131 Cbf-power Cord Dt Cn EP2 IEC320 C7 250/2
SAM- 3903-000133 Cbf-power Cord Dt Kr CP3 IEC320 C13 250/
SAM- 3903-000182 Cbf-power Cord Dt Il HP3 C13/C14 250/ 250
SAM- 3903-000227 Cbf-power Cord Dt Tw BP3/y I iec C13/ C14
SAM- 3903-000433 Cbf-power Cord Dt Br BP3/yes IEC320 C13
SAM- 3903-000436 Cbf-power Cord Dt Ar AP3 IEC320 C13 250/
SAM- 3903-000440 Cbf-power Cord Dt Au IP3/yes IEC320 C13
SAM- 3903-000452 Cbf-power Cord Dt Eu/Kr IEC60320 C13 250
SAM- 3903-000453 Cbf-power Cord Dt Za DP3/y a IEC320 C13
SAM- 3903-000454 Cbf-power Cord Dt Gb GP3/y a IEC320 C13
SAM- 3903-000455 Cbf-power Cord Dt Cn IP3/y a IEC320 C13
SAM- 3903-000458 Cbf-power Cord Dt In DP3/y a IEC320 C13
SAM- 3903-000466 Cbf-power Cord Dt Us EP3 IEC320 C13 125/
SAM- 3903-000494 Cbf-power Cord dt Br SP-027a IEC320 C13
SAM- 3903-000510 Cbf-powercord Dt Korea SP022 IS-16l 250
SAM- 3903-000511 Cbf-powercord IS-16l Us SP-301 M 125v /1
SAM- 3903-000581 Cbf-powercord Dt Eu SP-022 IECC19/C20
SAM- 3903-000595 Cbf-power Cord Dt Australia SP-502c Iec
SAM- 3903-000596 Cbf-power Cord Dt Brazil SP-027b Iec C19
SAM- 3903-000907 Cbf-power Cord India SP-81a IS-14 250V/2
SAM- 3903-000951 Cbf-power Cord Dt Uk 250v 10a Gray 1830m
SAM- 3903-000953 Cbfpowercord dt Usa 125v 13a Gray 1830
SAM- 3903-000956 Cbfpowercord dt Swiss 250v 10a Gray 18
SAM- 3903-000959 Cbf-power Cord Dt South Korea 250v 16a G
SAM- 3903-000960 Cbfpowercord dt Europe 250v 16a Gray 1
SAM- 3903-001001 Cbf-power Cord Taiwan SP-301 IS-14 125
SAM- 3903-001047 Cbf-power Cord dt Eu/Kr HL-014/026 250/2
SAM- 3903-001051 Cbf-power Cord dt Us EP3 IEC320 C13 125v
SAM- 4712-001029 Thermostat 125/250vac 170+-5c 100
SAM- 4712-001039 Thermostat 125/250vac 200 170 -5c 200 10
SAM- 4713-001121 Lamp-halogen 230v 2000ma 400w Ref - - 6p
SAM- 4713-001160 Lamp-halogen 220v - 700w - - - 6X499mm
SAM- 4713-001161 Lamp-halogen 220v - 850w - - - 6X499mm
SAM- 4713-001182 Lamp-halogen 115v 600w 6X284mm
SAM- 4713-001183 Lamp-halogen 230v 600w 6X284mm
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