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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Page 305:
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Part Number Description
SAM- 6031-002339 Washerplain pet 11.9d 18d 0.5t
SAM- 6031-002372 Washerplain poly 4.9 11 0.5 Black
SAM- 6043-001028 Pin-spring w OD2 L12 Blk STS304
SAM- 6043-001051 Pin-spring W OD2.35 L18 Blk STS304
SAM- 6043-001097 Pin-spring W D2 L14 STS304 T0.2
SAM- 6043-001115 Pin-parallel key A OD2.0 L14.0 Zpc yel
SAM- 6043-001435 PINETC 3 35 SUS303
SAM- 6044-000001 Ring-cs ID2.8 OD8 T0.25 Black SK-5
SAM- 6044-000125 RING-E ID4 OD9 T0.6 Stsc
SAM- 6044-000129 Ring-e ID6 OD12 T0.8 Zpc wht Stsc
SAM- 6044-000149 RINGE ID4 OD9 I0.6 Cblack STSC304
SAM- 6044-000159 RING-E ID3 OD7 T0.6 Pass Stsc
SAM- 6044-000231 RING-E ID5.0 OD11.0 T0.6 Pass SUS304
SAM- 6044-001130 Ring-c ID7.4 OD9.4 T0.8 Black STSC304
SAM- 6044-002023 Ring-c 2.4mm 3.0mm 0.25mm Natural Carbon
SAM- 6044-002070 RINGCS 23.4 26.4 0.8 SUS304
SAM- 6102-003001 RAIL C3732963 350 Silver Secc
SAM- 6102-003353 Guide Rail 204-A12-lr 305 Silver Sts
SAM- 6102-003354 Slide Pack 204-A12-lr 305 Silver Sts
SAM- 6102-003369 RAIL 428 Crspcc
SAM- 6107-000014 Spring-cs SUS304-wpb PI0.55 D6.9 L14
SAM- 6107-001047 SPRING-ES SUS304 PI0.45 D2.75 L24.2
SAM- 6107-001135 SPRING-CS SUS304 Wpb PI0.3 L14 ID5.4 OD6
SAM- 6107-001160 Spring-ts SUS304 PI0.45 D5.45 L19.8 W14.
SAM- 6107-001162 Spring-etc SUS304-wpb PI0.45 D4.45 L46.9
SAM- 6107-001163 Spring-cs sus PI0.4 D3.9 L13 OD4.3
SAM- 6107-001164 Spring-ts sus PI0.15 D3.95 ID3.8 OD4. 1
SAM- 6107-001165 SPRING-TS SUS304-wpb PI0.2 D4 ID3.8 OD4.
SAM- 6107-001166 Spring-cs SUS304-wpb PI0.65 D12.65 L59.3
SAM- 6107-001167 SPRING-CS SUS304-wpb PI0.25 D3.25 L9. 6 I
SAM- 6107-001170 Spring-ts Swp-b PI0.9 D6.0 ID5.2 OD7. 0
SAM- 6107-001172 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.5 D6.7 L17.5 ID6 .2
SAM- 6107-001174 Spring-cs Sus 304 Wpb - PI1.1 D22.9 L100
SAM- 6107-001177 Spring-cs Pw Annealing PI0.75 D6.0 L24 I
SAM- 6107-001194 Spring-cs swp-b Blk PI0.9 D6.95 L20 ID6.
SAM- 6107-001195 Spring-cs SUS304-wpb PI0.7 D7 L22.2 ID6.
SAM- 6107-001222 Spring-cs SUS304wpb Zn Plate PI0.4 D3 .8
SAM- 6107-001237 Spring-es SUS304-wpb P0.5 D4.5 L42 ID4 O
SAM- 6107-001256 SPRING-ES SUS304-wpb Ntr PI0.32 D3.88 L1
SAM- 6107-001257 SPRING-ES SUS304-wpb PI1.2 D10 L44.2 ID8
SAM- 6107-001258 Spring-es SUS304-wpb PI0.55 D4.25 L37 .5
SAM- 6107-001259 Spring-es swp-b PI0.35 D4.25 L33.8 ID3.9
SAM- 6107-001261 SPRING-TS STAINLESS-STS304 0.35 ID4.6 Od
SAM- 6107-001290 Spring-cs SUS304wpb PI0.55 D5.55 L16 Id
SAM- 6107-001296 Spring-es SUS304-wpb PI0.45 D2.75 L17 .2
SAM- 6107-001306 Spring-cs SUS304-wpb PI0.55 D6.45 L11 Id
SAM- 6107-001342 Spring-cs SUS304-wpb PI1.0 D8.0 L23.4 Id
SAM- 6107-001365 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.45 D5.45 L16.6 ID5.
SAM- 6107-001367 Spring-es SUS304 PI0.65 D4.5 L20 D3.2 Od
SAM- 6107-001368 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.35 D3.35 L8.5 ID3.0
SAM- 6107-001370 SPRING-CS STS304wpb PI0.45 D4.45 L14. 8 I
SAM- 6107-001372 Spring-ts sus D18.3 L19.2 T1.2 W1.5 ID16
SAM- 6107-001373 Spring-cs SUS304-wpb PI0.45 D4.95 L11 Id
SAM- 6107-001381 Spring-cs Swp-b PI0.4 D6.7 L13.05 ID6 .3
SAM- 6107-001385 Spring-es Swpb PI1.3 D9.9 L56.2 ID8.6 Od
SAM- 6107-001387 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.5 D5.0 L12.5
SAM- 6107-001398 Spring-cs Swp-b PI1.0 D7 L11 ID6.0 OD8.0
SAM- 6107-001400 Spring-cs Swp-b D1.0 L9.5 ID4.0 OD6.0
SAM- 6107-001402 Spring-cs Swp-b PI1.3 D4.2 L27 ID2.9 OD5
SAM- 6107-001405 Spring-cs Swp-b PI0.4 D3.9 L5.7 ID3.5 Od
SAM- 6107-001407 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.4 D7.6 L16.5 ID7 .2
SAM- 6107-001503 Spring-cs SUS304-wpb PI0.6 D12.6 L36. 5 I
SAM- 6107-001507 Spring-ts SUS304 Natural PI0.25 W5.3 ID4
SAM- 6107-001517 Spring-es Swpb PI0.5 MD5.1 L30 ID4.6 OD5
SAM- 6107-001536 Spring-cs Swp-b Ntr PI1.3 D7.5 L16.1 ID6
SAM- 6107-001552 SPRING-CS SUS304 PI0.3 L14 7.5turn ID5.
SAM- 6107-001696 Spring-es Sus PI0.55 L20 ID3.9 OD5.0
SAM- 6107-001697 Spring-es Sus PI0.32 L25 ID4.06 OD4.7
SAM- 6107-001698 Spring-es Sus PI0.8 L42 OD6.4
SAM- 6107-001699 Spring-cs Sus PI0.7 L18.7 ID5.9
SAM- 6107-001700 Spring-ts Sus PI0.25 ID5.75
SAM- 6107-001701 Spring-cs Sus PI0.45 L11 ID5
SAM- 6107-001709 SPRINGCS SUS304 PI0.6 L8.2 ID4.6 OD5. 8
SAM- 6107-001710 Spring-ts SUS304 PI0.6 L32 OD4.6
SAM- 6107-001711 Spring-ts SUS304 PI0.5 L4.2 OD5.2
SAM- 6107-001715 Spring-es SUS304 PI0.8 D6.2 L30 ID5.4 Od
SAM- 6107-001716 Spring-es SUS304 PI0.4 L25 ID4.1 OD4. 9
SAM- 6107-001717 Spring-ts SUS304 PI0.4 ID4.6 OD5.4
SAM- 6107-001718 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.5 L15.8 ID4.7 OD5.7
SAM- 6107-001719 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.6 L16.4 ID4.5 OD5.7
SAM- 6107-001720 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.6 L15.8 ID5.3 OD6.5
SAM- 6107-001721 Spring-es Swp PI0.45 L12.2 ID4 OD4.9
SAM- 6107-001722 Spring-es Swp PI0.5 L17.5 ID4 OD5
SAM- 6107-001723 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.8 L21.0 ID5.4 OD7.0
SAM- 6107-001724 Spring-cs SUS304 PI1.0 L29.1 ID6.2 OD8.2
SAM- 6107-001726 Spring-ts SUS304 PI2.0 ID9.4 OD13.0 232
SAM- 6107-001727 Spring-ts Swp B PI1.3 ID8.8 OD11.4
SAM- 6107-001728 Spring-cs SUS304 PI1.3 L15.7 ID6.4 OD9.0
SAM- 6107-001729 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.6 L15.8 ID4.7 OD5.9
SAM- 6107-001730 Spring-ts SUS304 PI0.3 ID4.8 OD5.4 140
SAM- 6107-001731 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.6 L16.6 ID4.7 OD5.9
SAM- 6107-001732 Spring-cs SUS304 PI0.3 L17.3 ID5.6 OD6.2
SAM- 6107-001733 Spring-ts SUS304 PI1.8 ID11.9 OD14.5 105
SAM- 6107-001734 Spring-ts SUS304 PI0.2 ID3.3 OD3.7 67
SAM- 6107-001735 Spring-ts SUS304 PI0.25 ID4.8 OD5.3 29
SAM- 6107-001736 Spring-ts Swp B PI1.3 ID8.8 OD11.4 155
SAM- 6107-001737 Spring-ts SUS304 PI0.25 ID3.8 OD4.3 105
SAM- 6107-001738 Spring-ts Swp B PI0.85 ID4 OD5.7
SAM- 6107-001739 Spring-es SUS304 PI0.3 L11.6 ID4.1 OD4.7
SAM- 6107-001740 Spring-cs SUS304 PI1.1 D19.7 L40.7 ID18.
SAM- 6107-001742 Spring-es SUS304 PI0.5 D6.4 L26 ID5.9 Od
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