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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Part Number Description
SAM- JB92-01237A Pba Sub-cradle Connection SF-452/lex Lex
SAM- JB92-01243A Pba Sub-pickup SF-457/hpr HP Usa
SAM- JB92-01244A Pba Sub-lf SF-457/hpr HP Usa
SAM- JB92-01245A Pba Sub-cr SF-457/hpr HP Usa
SAM- JB92-01247H Pba Main-usa SF-347 Hpr Usa Colorado-r M
SAM- JB92-01247J Pba-main-usa SF-347t Hpr Usa Colorado-r
SAM- JB92-01253A Pba-sub-Adf SCX-1557f/hpr HP
SAM- JB92-01254A Pba-sub-Adf Sensor SCX-1557f/hpr HP
SAM- JB92-01261A Pba-sub-ope west-cob SCX-1557f/hpr HP T
SAM- JB92-01283A Pba-sub-ope asian SCX-1577 HP
SAM- JB92-01287A Pba Sub-cr SCX-1577 HP Usa
SAM- JB92-01294E Pba-main SF-367/hph HP Uk - - - - -
SAM- JB92-01295P Pba-sub-liu SF-367 HP Mexico Liu Pba Hpm
SAM- JB92-01309A Pba Sub-ope western SCX-1587f HP
SAM- JB92-01311A Pba Sub-ope asian SCX-1587f HP
SAM- JB92-01326A Pba-sub-ope SF-370 Uk Parallel Liu Fax 2
SAM- JB92-01326B Pba-sub-ope SF-375tp Uk Southafrica Liu
SAM- JB92-01327A Pba-main SF-370 - Uk China Main Pba Basi
SAM- JB92-01327B Pba-main SF-375tp - Uk Main Pba Tad 235.
SAM- JB92-01327J Pba-main CF-370&371 Korea Main Pba
SAM- JB92-01327K Pba-main CF-371t Korea Main Pba
SAM- JB92-01327L Pba-main CF-375tp Korea Main Pba
SAM- JB92-01328C Pba-sub-liu SF-371pchina Liu Pba Print 1
SAM- JB92-01328D Pba-sub-liu SF-370russia Liu Pba Basic 1
SAM- JB92-01328H Pba-sub-liu SF-370korea Liu Pba Basic 10
SAM- JB92-01328J Pba-sub-liu SF-375tpkorea Liu Pba Tad 10
SAM- JB92-01328K Pba-liu SF-377 Usa Liu Pba Basic
SAM- JB92-01328L Pba-liu SF-377 Mexico Liu Pba Basic
SAM- JB92-01328M Pba-liu SF-377 Brazil Liu Pba Basic
SAM- JB92-01333A Pba-joint SF-467h/hcn Sec Dc Joint 40X51
SAM- JB96-00954D Elaunit-ope tad SF-3000t Seau Aus 220v
SAM- JB96-01054A Ela Unit-c/R Mortor SCX-1010 Xerox World
SAM- JB96-01381A Ela UNIT-CORE SCX-1100 Samsung Core Ass'
SAM- JB96-01439A Ela-card Reader Photo MJC-1450p Lexmark
SAM- JB96-01440A Ela-cover-card Reader MJC-1450p Lexmark
SAM- JB96-01467A Ela Unit-engine SF-452 Lexmark Usa - -
SAM- JB96-01468A Ela Unit-cr Motor SF-452 Lexmark Usa - -
SAM- JB96-01471A Ela Unit-cr SF-452 Lexmark Usa - -
SAM- JB96-01472A Ela Unit-bracket Lf SF-452 Lexmark Usa -
SAM- JB96-01490A Ela Etc-overbridge SF-452 Lexmark Usa -
SAM- JB96-01530A Ela Unit-asian Cp SCX-1557f/hpr HP Usa Z
SAM- JB96-01537A Cover-ela Unit-front SCX-1557f/hpr HP Us
SAM- JB96-01540A Ela Unit-engine SF-340 Samsung Uk - -
SAM- JB96-01549A Ela Hou-side L SF-340 Samsung Uk - - - -
SAM- JB96-01604A Adf-ela Unit-sensor SCX-1557f/hpr HP Ope
SAM- JB96-01606E Ela Unit-engine SPP-2040s Samsung Korea
SAM- JB96-01610C Ela Unit-cover Toppb SPP-2020/xil Samsu
SAM- JB96-01610E Ela Unit-cover Toppb SPP-2020r/xaa Sams
SAM- JB96-01610H Ela Unit-cover Toppb SPP-2020r/xev Sams
SAM- JB96-01638A Ela Unit-engine HP SF-360 Samsung Uk Gpb
SAM- JB96-01664A Ela Unit-set SCX-1450 Samsung - - -
SAM- JB96-01682A Ela Unit-western Cp SCX-1587 HP Usa - -
SAM- JB96-01708A Ela Unit-print Bar SCX-1650 HP Korea - -
SAM- JB96-01729A Handset-ela Unit SF-370 Samsung Uk - - -
SAM- JB96-01730E Adf-ela Unit-scan SF-370 Samsung Ets - -
SAM- JB96-01730K Ela Unit-scan SF-370 Samsung Xet - - -
SAM- JB96-01730N Ela Unit-scan SF-370 Samsung Xep - - -
SAM- JB96-01734B Ela Unit-scan tad SF-375tp Samsung Xsg
SAM- JB96-01734F Ela Unit-scan tad SF-375tp Samsung Xef
SAM- JB96-01734J Ela Unit-scan tad SF-375tp Samsung Xev
SAM- JB96-01734L Elaunit-scan tad CF-375tp Samsung Kor
SAM- JB96-01738A Handset-ela Unit SF-468 HP Usa - - - - -
SAM- JB97-01198A Mea Etc-sub Material SCX-1010 Xerox Worl
SAM- JB97-01207A Mea Etc-roller White SF-3100 Seuk Gb Mil
SAM- JB97-01620A Mea Unit-roller Adf SF-330 Samsung Uk -
SAM- JB97-01620B Mea Unit-roller Adf SF-457 Usa Usa - - -
SAM- JB97-01623A Mea Hou-chute SF-330 Samsung Uk - - - -
SAM- JB97-01627B Mea Hou-door 339 SF-339 HP Usa - - - -
SAM- JB97-01689A Mea Hou-cover Top 339 SF-339 HP Usa - -
SAM- JB97-01735A Mea Hou-cr SF-452 Lexmark Usa - -
SAM- JB97-01736A Mea Unit-frame Main SF-452 Lexmark Usa -
SAM- JB97-01740A Mea Unit-pickup Roll SF-452 Lexmark Usa
SAM- JB97-01742A Mea Unit-pinch SF-452 Lexmark Usa - - -
SAM- JB97-01744A Mea-exit Roller SF-452 Lexmark Usa - -
SAM- JB97-01745A Mea-holder Exit SF-452 Lexmark Usa - -
SAM- JB97-01746A Mea-wheel Star SF-452 Lexmark Usa - -
SAM- JB97-01747A Mea-frame Main SF-452 Lexmark Usa - -
SAM- JB97-01748A Mea Unit-roller Feed SF-452 Lexmark Usa
SAM- JB97-01749A Mea Unit-frame Home SF-452 Lexmark Usa -
SAM- JB97-01750A Mea Unit-pulley Idle SF-452 Lexmark Usa
SAM- JB97-01751A Mea Unit-fric Roller SF-452 Lexmark Usa
SAM- JB97-01814A Cover-mea Unit SCX-1557f/hpr HP Usa - -
SAM- JB97-01827A Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1557f/hpr HP Usa
SAM- JB97-01827U Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel lcd SCX-1557wk/h
SAM- JB97-01827V Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557wk/hpr HP
SAM- JB97-01827X Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557ak/hpk HP
SAM- JB97-01827Z Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557wk/hpf HP
SAM- JB97-01860A Mea Unit-tray Asf Bd SF-457 Samsung Kore
SAM- JB97-01860B Mea Unit-tray Asf Bd SF-457 Samsung Kore
SAM- JB97-01897E Mea Unit-bezel SCX-1457f HP Na/La/Ap/ Eu
SAM- JB97-01897G Mea Unit-bezel SCX-1457f HP La/Eu OJ5610
SAM- JB97-01897K Mea Unit-bezel SCX-1457f HP Ap OJ5610-sc
SAM- JB97-01897L Mea Unit-bezel SCX-1457f HP Ap OJ5610-tc
SAM- JB97-01897R Mea Unit-bezel SCX-1457f HP Us OJ5605-en
SAM- JB97-01897S Mea Unit-bezel SCX-1457f HP Ap OJ5609-sc
SAM- JB97-01905A Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557wk/hpp HP
SAM- JB97-01906A Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557ak/hpj HP
SAM- JB97-01908A Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557ak/hch HP
SAM- JB97-01909A Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557wk/hpc HP
SAM- JB97-01910A Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557wk/hcf HP
SAM- JB97-01911A Mea HOU-SCX-1557f/hpr SCX-1557wk/hce HP
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