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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Page 317:
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Part Number Description
SAM- JC31-00096A Motor Circuit-step STP-42D1079 SCX-5135n
SAM- JC31-00099A FAN SCX-6555n Pbt+gf HNS100mm 24 150ma
SAM- JC31-00100A Motor CIRCUIT-STEP M49SP-2nk SCX-6555n 1
SAM- JC31-00101A Motor Bldc 1576rpm 24v SCX-513
SAM- JC31-00102A Motor CIRCUIT-STEP M42SP-13nk SCX-6555n
SAM- JC31-00103A Motor CIRCUIT-STEP M42SP-4nk SCX-5135nd
SAM- JC31-00104A Motor Circuit-step M42sp CLX-6240fx 24v
SAM- JC31-00107A Fan SCX-5135nd Pbt+gf 24 80ma 2. 997MMH20
SAM- JC31-00108A Fan SCX-5135nd 24 80ma 0.131MMH20
SAM- JC31-00109A Motor GEARED 18.5rpm 1.5n.m 24v 1a 26 .5
SAM- JC31-00110A Motor Circuit-step CLX-3170 24v
SAM- JC31-00110B Motor Circuit-step M35SP-12n CLX-9350 0
SAM- JC31-00110C Motor Circuit-step CLX-9350 24v
SAM- JC31-00110D Motor Circuit-step SF-650 24v
SAM- JC31-00112A Motor Circuit-step M49SP-2k ML-1640 1 .18
SAM- JC31-00115A Fan AD0824MS-A76gl tr ML-5050nd PBT30%
SAM- JC31-00117A Motor BLDC DNQ08M10W50a 3000 Rpm 1 500 G
SAM- JC31-00122A Motor Bldc 24v ML-2580 CW3ccw
SAM- JC31-00123A Motor BLDC 2000rpm 1200gfcm 24v 2.8a 150
SAM- JC31-00123B Motor BLDC 2000rpm 1200gfcm 24v 2.8a 150
SAM- JC31-00123C Motor Bldc 2000rpm 24v 2.8a 15
SAM- JC31-00123D Motor Bldc 42M843K100 600 2500rpm 24v 1.
SAM- JC31-00123E Motor Bldc 48M843K120 600 2500rpm 24v 1.
SAM- JC31-00124A Motor Geared-t-supply 125RPM/400rpm 0 .78
SAM- JC31-00125A Motor Geared-shift 90rpm 0.9nm DC24v 1a
SAM- JC31-00127A Fan R34140-57sam 40g
SAM- JC31-00129A Fan CLX-9350 Plastic
SAM- JC31-00130A Fan CLX-9350 Plastic
SAM- JC31-00131A Motor Circuit-step CLX-9350 0.9a 3. 78v 8
SAM- JC31-00132A Motor Step 1p CLX-9350 Hb 2 3.4v 1677
SAM- JC31-00133A Motor Circuit-step 17PM-K049-P1ws 0. 9a 5
SAM- JC31-00134A Motor Circuit-step ML-1910 1.18a 790 Pps
SAM- JC31-00134B Motor CIRCUIT-STEP ML-1660 1.18a 800pps
SAM- JC31-00139A MOTORBLDC 2220rpm DC24v 2.3a 32w ML37
SAM- JC31-00141A Fan D08K-24pu 21b ax 65g
SAM- JC31-00143A Motor STEP ML-6510 1.18a Dc 24v
SAM- JC31-00144A Motor Bldc dc 24v 2.0a 25w ML-3700 TYPE2
SAM- JC31-00144C Motor Bldc 1100 3000 24 2.2 32w
SAM- JC31-00144G MOTORBLDC 48M843M070 1100 3000 24 2.2 3
SAM- JC31-00145A Motor BLDC-BT3 600 2500 Rpm Dc 24v 1. 3
SAM- JC31-00146A FAN TYPE4 24 100ma 2.794MMH20 0.374m 3/m
SAM- JC31-00147A Motor Step 1p CLX-6260 Pm 2 Dc 24v 2000
SAM- JC31-00149A Motor Step 1P ML-4510nd Pm 2 Dc 24v 600
SAM- JC31-00150A Motor BLDC-TYPE4 1100 2500 Dc 24v 2a 25w
SAM- JC31-00152B Fan-type 1 TYPE1 24v 90ma 1.6MMH20 0. 127
SAM- JC31-00152C Fan 24v 90ma 1.6MMH20 0.127m 3/mi
SAM- JC31-00153A FAN-TYPE2 TYPE2 24 60ma 0.189m 3/mi
SAM- JC31-00154A FAN-TYPE3 TYPE3 24v 70ma 6.8MMH20 0. 227m
SAM- JC31-00158A Motor Step 1P 17PM-K049-P6ws Hb 2 2. 2v 4
SAM- JC31-00159A Motor Dc FK-280PA10400 V24 19.6mnm CLX-8
SAM- JC31-00160A Fan-type 5 TYPE5 24 170ma 4.0MMH20 0. 433
SAM- JC31-00160B Fan TYPE6 170ma 4.0MMH20 0.433m 3/mi
SAM- JC31-00160C Fan-type 6 120ma 4.00MMH20 0.424m 3/ Mi
SAM- JC31-00161A Fan TYPE7 24 170ma 0.949m 3/mi
SAM- JC31-00162A Fan-type 8 TYPE8 24 220ma 1.388m 3/mi
SAM- JC31-00163A Motor Step 1P 24v 1.3a
SAM- JC31-00163B Motor Step 1p K7600 Hb 2 24 2700pps 1 .3
SAM- JC31-00164A Motor Step 1p 17PM-K049-K79vs Hb 2 1. 92v
SAM- JC31-00166A Motor Circuit-step SMW35-96 CLX-9201 0.4
SAM- JC31-00168A Fan-dc CLX-8650 Plastic 77g 24v Dc 16 .91
SAM- JC31-00169A MOTORSTEP1P 17PMK254CG01ln 1.8v 0.8a
SAM- JC31-00169B Motor Step 1p 17PM-K254CG01ln Hb 2 Pole
SAM- JC31-00170A Motor CIRCUIT-STEP R-14-S151 M49SP-3ka 1
SAM- JC31-00177A MOTORSTEP1P K7600 Hb 2 24 3000pps 1.3
SAM- JC31-00178A Motor Dc-stacker S3657-022200-3ghvfcpl 4
SAM- JC31-00180A FAN 55g 24v 2.75MMH20
SAM- JC31-00181A FAN 33g 24v 9.177MMH20
SAM- JC32-00005A Sensor-humidity CHS-CSC-20 CLP-660 0 50c
SAM- JC32-00006A Sensor-ctd YA-HA16 CLP-660 0 60c 5v 5
SAM- JC32-00007A Sensor-toner TS0524LA-95 SCX-6555n 24v L
SAM- JC32-00009A Sensor-ctd KUA0057b SCX-6555n 0to 50c 0
SAM- JC32-00010A Sensor-developer TS0524ANK-186c CLX-9350
SAM- JC32-00011A SENSORENCODER KE2E1036 0+60c 2.7 5.5
SAM- JC32-00012A Sensor-ctd GP2Y40011K0f 0 60 4.5 5.5
SAM- JC32-00013B Sensor-paper Size DP12V032 5v 0.3a
SAM- JC32-00014A Sensor-ctd sensor-ctd 0 60 5v 6. 62ma R
SAM- JC32-00015A SENSOR HSU-07F1V2-n CLX-9201 0 45'c +3.3
SAM- JC32-00020A Sensor-rp A SL-FIN701b 3.3v 12ma PS122gd
SAM- JC33-00006A SOLENOID-MP SCX-5312f 24v 27.8 22.5
SAM- JC33-00007A Solenoid-pick UP SCX-5100 Dc 24v 80 36.5
SAM- JC33-00008A Solenoid-duplex SCX-5312f 24vdc 53*30*27
SAM- JC33-00008C Solenoid-duplex Jf SCX-6345n/xrx 24v 45
SAM- JC33-00009A Solenoid-hb Pick-up ml-1510 DC24v 300m
SAM- JC33-00010A Solenoid-hb Manual ml-1510 DC24v 300ma
SAM- JC33-00012A Solenoid MAIN DLH-34L008-07 ML-2150 24v
SAM- JC33-00014A Solenoid-feed ROCKY2 SCX-4920 300ma 3pin
SAM- JC33-00015A Solenoid-mp ML-2250 DC24v 300ma 2pin Con
SAM- JC33-00015B Solenoid-mp R2 SCX-4720f DC24v 300mma 2p
SAM- JC33-00016A SOLENOID-MP ML-3560 24v 80 Ohm 41. 4X21.7
SAM- JC33-00019A SOLENOID-PICKUP SCX-4521f DC24v 300ma 2p
SAM- JC33-00020A SOLENOID-DEVE CLP-300 DC24v 500ma 2pin F
SAM- JC33-00022A Solenoid-pick UP CLP-660 DC24v 80hm 41.4
SAM- JC33-00023A Solenoid-pickup SCX-4500 DC5v 22.6*20 .8*
SAM- JC33-00025A SOLENOID-MANUAL CF-560 24v 120 Ohm 285 M
SAM- JC33-00025B Solenoid MANUAL SCX-5135nd Dc 24v 120ohm
SAM- JC33-00025C Solenoid-manual ML-2540 Dc 24v 120ohm 20
SAM- JC33-00026A Solenoid-pick UP ML-2851nd DC24v 120 Ohm
SAM- JC33-00027A SOLENOID-FEED ML-3471nd DC24v 120 Ohm 20
SAM- JC33-00027C SOLENOID-FEED SCX-5636nd Dc 24v 120ohm 2
SAM- JC33-00028A SOLENOID-MP ML-3471nd DC24v 120 Ohm 200m
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
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