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Part Number Description
LEX- 12G3806 Logic Board 2480 Hv
LEX- 12G3808 Board Logic w/o Ep Hv Board
LEX- 12G3810 Op Panel Asm 2480 2481 2580 2581
LEX- 12G3811 Panel Asm Operator 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3812 Module Eprom 2480 2481
LEX- 12G3813 Module Eprom 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3814 Support Cut Sheet w/guides 2
LEX- 12G3819 Frame Right Side
LEX- 12G3823 Roller Lower Feed 2480 2490
LEX- 12G3824 Sensor Paper Present 2480 2481 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3825 Platen Wide 2481 2491 2580 2581 2590 2591
LEX- 12G3826 Platen Narrow
LEX- 12G3828 Separator Paper 2480 2490
LEX- 12G3831 Plate Tension Pulley Asm 2480 2481 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3832 Roller Upper Feed 2480 2490
LEX- 12G3833 Roller Upper Feed 2481 2491
LEX- 12G3835 Roller Lower Pinch 2480 2490
LEX- 12G3836 Esd Ground Kit 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3837 Carrier Unit 2481
LEX- 12G3838 Carrier Unit 2480
LEX- 12G3841 Roller Carrier Set 2480 2481 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3842 Motor Line Feed w/bracket 2480 2481 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3845 Home Position Sensor 2480 2481 2490 2491 2580 2581 2590 2591
LEX- 12G3846 Motor Carrier w/bracket 2480 2481 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3851 Shaft Set Tractor
LEX- 12G3852 Shaft Set Tractor 2481 2491
LEX- 12G3854 Tractor Unit Narrow 2480 2490
LEX- 12G3855 Tractor Unit
LEX- 12G3857 Cover Bottom 2481 2491
LEX- 12G3869 Cover Ribbon Access 2491
LEX- 12G3871 Cover Top 2480 2490
LEX- 12G3872 Cover Top 2481 2491
LEX- 12G3874 Cover Front Unit 2481 2491
LEX- 12G3881 Packet Overlay
LEX- 12G3882 Packet Overlay
LEX- 12G3883 Operator Panel Cable 2480 2481 2490 2491 2580 2581 2590 2591
LEX- 12G3888 Cable Printhead 2481
LEX- 12G3889 Cable Printhead 2480 2580
LEX- 12G3894 Printhead 2480 2481 2580 2581 Dot Matrix Printer
LEX- 12G3895 Printhead 2490 2491 -200 2590 2591 -100 Lexmark Dot Matrix
LEX- 12G3901 Carrier Shaft 2481 2491
LEX- 12G3903 Fuse Kit
LEX- 12G3905 Parts Pack Gears And Bushings 2480 2481
LEX- 12G3906 Parts Pack Gears And Bushings
LEX- 12G3907 Parts Packet Screws & Washers
LEX- 12G3909 Sensor Top Of Form 2480 2481 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3912 Support Paper R Asf
LEX- 12G3915 Support Paper L Asf
LEX- 12G3916 Hopper L Asf
LEX- 12G3918 Cover L Asf
LEX- 12G3920 Cover R Asf
LEX- 12G3923 Table Paper w/guides
LEX- 12G3926 Tractor And Frame Asm
LEX- 12G3928 Cover Right
LEX- 12G3929 Card Serial Interface
LEX- 12G3931 Head Gap Adjustment Kit 2480 2481 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3933 Lever Paper Load
LEX- 12G3934 Link Paper Load
LEX- 12G3936 Cable Serial Interface 2480 2481 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3939 Stand Paper
LEX- 12G3944 Frame Side L Asf
LEX- 12G3946 Sensor Head Gap 2480 2481 2490 2491
LEX- 12G3959 Manual Service T62x 4069 5/72x
LEX- 12G3968 Paper Stop Oi 301
LEX- 12G3982 Fuser Optra M410 4045
LEX- 12G3999 Cover Operator Panel Front
LEX- 12G4000 Cover Printer Top
LEX- 12G4001 Stop Paper
LEX- 12G4002 Cover Connector
LEX- 12G4003 Op Panel Asm
LEX- 12G4004 Cover Fuser
LEX- 12G4005 Fan Fuser
LEX- 12G4006 Cover Printer Front
LEX- 12G4007 Hinge Cover
LEX- 12G4009 Duct Air
LEX- 12G4010 Switch Interlock Asm
LEX- 12G4011 Strap Cover Support
LEX- 12G4012 Tray 2 Mounting Kit
LEX- 12G4013 Cover Printer Inner Lh
LEX- 12G4014 Cover Printer Rh
LEX- 12G4015 Cover Asm Printer Rear Upper
LEX- 12G4016 Cover Printer Rear Lower
LEX- 12G4018 Paper Tray Cables Kit
LEX- 12G4022 Guide Tray 1
LEX- 12G4023 Stop Tray F
LEX- 12G4024 Stop Tray R
LEX- 12G4025 Spacer L
LEX- 12G4026 Link Stop Tray 1
LEX- 12G4027 Spring Torsion
LEX- 12G4030 Feeder 1 Clutch Kit
LEX- 12G4031 Feed Roller Kit 6 Rollers
LEX- 12G4032 Guide Paper Feed Out
LEX- 12G4033 Spring Extension
LEX- 12G4035 Guide Tray 2
LEX- 12G4036 Link Stop Tray 2
LEX- 12G4037 Tray 2 Clutch Kit
LEX- 12G4040 Tray 2 Exit Gear Kit
LEX- 12G4042 Cover Multi Sheet Front
LEX- 12G4043 Cover Multi Sheet Rear
LEX- 12G4045 Cover Multi Sheet Top
LEX- 12G4046 Tray Asm Multi Sheet
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