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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Page 76:
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Part Number Description
KY- TK60 TK60 Toner 20000 Page-yield Black (1800 1800+ 1800n 1800n+ 3800 3800n)
KY- TK67 TK67 Toner 20000 Page-yield Black (3820n 3830n)
KY- TK70 TK70 Toner 40000 Page-yield Black (9100dn 9120dn 9500dn 9520dn)
KY- TK712 TK712 Toner 40000 Page-yield Black (9130dn FS-9530dn)
KY- TK800K Toner C8008 Bk (8008dn C8008n)
KY- TK812C Toner C8026n Cn
KY- TK812K Toner C8026n Bk
KY- TK812M Toner C8026n Mg
KY- TK812Y Toner C8026n Yl
KY- TK8602C Toner FS-C8650dn Cn
KY- TK8602K Toner FS-C8650dn Bk
KY- TK8602M Toner FS-C8650dn Mg
KY- TK8602Y Toner FS-C8650dn Yl
KY- TK882C Toner Fs C8500dn Cn
KY- TK882K Toner Fs C8500dn Bk
KY- TK882M Toner Fs C8500dn Mg
KY- TK882Y Toner Fs C8500dn Yl
KY- TK899C Toner Cs 205c Cn
KY- TK899K Toner Cs 205c Bk
KY- TK899M Toner Cs 205c Mg
KY- TK899Y Toner Cs 205c Yl
KY- TR-511 Transfer Unit FS-C5015n
KY- TR-5140 Transfer Belt Ecosys M6035 M6535 Mfp
KY- TR-710 TR710 Kyocera Transfer Unit
KY- UG33 Thinprint Support Upgrade Kit 1503NT0UN0 (2100dn 4100dn 4200dn 4300dn FS-C8650dn)
KY- UG34 Optional Printer Emulation Support IBM Proprinter Epson (FS-C8650dn)
KY- WT-500 Toner Waste Bottle 302D993242 (C5015n C5020n C5025n C5030n)
KY- WT-560 Waste Toner Bottle For FS-C5100dn/ C5200DN/C5300DN/C5350dn
KY- WT-570 Waste Toner Bottle For FS-C5400dn 302HG93140
KY- WT-860 Waste Toner Receptacle FSC8560dn 3050ci 3500i 4500i 550oci
KY- WT-861 Waste Toner Bottle
KY- WT3100 Waste Toner Bottle 302LV93020 (2100dn 4100dn 4200dn 4300dn)
KY- WT500 Toner Waste Bottle 302D993242 (C5015n C5020n C5025n C5030n)
KY- WT560 Waste Toner Bottle 302HN93180 (C5100dn C5200dn C5300dn C5350dn)
KY- WT570 Waste Toner Bottle 302HG93140 (C5400dn)
KY- WT590 Waste Toner Bottle 302KV93110 (C5150dn C5250dn)
KY- WT860 Toner Waste Coll 3050c Bk (FS-C8650dn)
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