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Part Number Description
LEX- 12G6302 Fuser Asm 230 Volt
LEX- 12G6304 itu Maintenance Kit C750 5060 With Transfer Roller
LEX- 12G6322 Printhead C750
LEX- 12G6323 Engine Board C750 C750n
LEX- 12G6324 rip Card Pcba Non-net
LEX- 12G6325 Card Asm rip Pcba Network
LEX- 12G6327 Hvps Transfer
LEX- 12G6328 High Voltage Hvps Developer
LEX- 12G6329 High Voltage Hvps Developer
LEX- 12G6330 lvps 230v
LEX- 12G6334 Bracket Ina Riser Support
LEX- 12G6338 Lamp 115 500w Bur
LEX- 12G6341 Lamp 230 500w Hot Roll
LEX- 12G6342 Lamp 230 400w Bur
LEX- 12G6344 Panel Asm Operator C75x
LEX- 12G6356 Door Right Lower Jam Access
LEX- 12G6361 Fan rip 92mm
LEX- 12G6388 Cover Front Lower Left
LEX- 12G6390 Cover Rear
LEX- 12G6391 Door Paper Path Access
LEX- 12G6392 Pivot Left Upper
LEX- 12G6393 Cover Right Front
LEX- 12G6395 Cover Left Lower
LEX- 12G6396 Cover Right Rear
LEX- 12G6398 Pivot Left Lower
LEX- 12G6401 Cover Rear Fan
LEX- 12G6402 Bezel Op Panel
LEX- 12G6408 Cover Asm Left Upper
LEX- 12G6409 Cover Asm Redrive Cap
LEX- 12G6410 Cover Asm Top
LEX- 12G6411 Cover Asm Front Right Handle
LEX- 12G6412 Cover Asm Front Left Handle
LEX- 12G6414 Fuser Drive Asm
LEX- 12G6416 Tray Asm 500 Sheet
LEX- 12G6427 Pick Asm Primary 500 Tray
LEX- 12G6428 Roller Asm Machine Transfer
LEX- 12G6492 Redrive Asm Inner
LEX- 12G6506 Sensor Bin Full
LEX- 12G6509 Sdram Dimm 64mb
LEX- 12G6514 Fuser Asm Web Oiler 115v
LEX- 12G6515 Fuser Asm Web Oiler 220v
LEX- 12G6526 Cartridge Drive Asm
LEX- 12G6527 Drive Asm Cart Drive 3
LEX- 12G6807 Platen Flatbed Center Glass
LEX- 12G6814 Cable Scanner To Controller
LEX- 12G6838 Cover Scanner Top
LEX- 12G6846 Tray Asm Dadf Input
LEX- 12G6853 Switch Jam Door Open
LEX- 12G6866 Pad Asm Dadf Separator
LEX- 12G6867 Pick Roller Pad X7500 4036-501
LEX- 12G6868 Linkage Dadf 1
LEX- 12G6869 Linkage Dadf 2
LEX- 12G6870 Cover Dadf Linkage
LEX- 12G6871 Stop Paper
LEX- 12G6872 Spring Paper Stop
LEX- 12G6878 Adf Roller Kit X7500
LEX- 12G6898 Hard Drive Asm Hd Disk EC7.1 X4500 X5500 X7500
LEX- 12G6901 Scanner Controller Gen 2 X4500 X7500 5500 Main Board
LEX- 12G6908 Card Asm Power Distribution X7500 Mfp
LEX- 12G6911 Cable Hdd To Control 40pin
LEX- 12G6918 Power Supply Universal X4500 X5500 X7500
LEX- 12G7099 Pad Separator 2
LEX- 12G9063 Fan Cpu Cooling
LEX- 12G9833 Lexmark Marknet X2011e Print Server Optra R+
LEX- 12L0250 Toner Print Cartridge 20k pgs Optra W810
LEX- 12L0251 Photoconductor Kit 90k Optra W810
LEX- 12L0252 Staple Cartridge 15k Box W810 X83xe
LEX- 12N0768 C910 Cyan Toner Print Cartridge 14k
LEX- 12N0769 C910 Magenta Toner Print Cartridge 14k
LEX- 12N0770 C910 Yellow Toner Print Cartridge 14k
LEX- 12N0771 C910 Black Toner Print Cartridge 14k
LEX- 12N0772 Color Photodeveloper Kit C910 C920 C912 3 Pack 28k pgs Ea
LEX- 12N0773 C910 C920 C912 Black Photodeveloper 28k
LEX- 12N0774 Lexmark C910 Oil Coating Roller
LEX- 12S0400 Toner Print Cartridge E220 2.5k Pages
LEX- 12T0040 Lexmark 2480 Dot Matrix Narrow 2480-100
LEX- 12T0042 Lexmark 2481 Forms Printer
LEX- 12T0044 Lexmark 2490 Dot Matrix Narrow Carr 2490-100
LEX- 12T0050 Lexmark 2480 Dot Matrix Narrow 2480-100
LEX- 12T0154 Lexmark Serial Option 248x 249x
LEX- 12T0155 2480/2481 Oki Emulation
LEX- 12T0240 Coax Adapter For Scs
LEX- 12T0350 Lexmark 2490 Dot Matrix Narrow Carr 2490-100
LEX- 12T0698 2400 2500 Serial Interface Kit Rohs Compliant
LEX- 1328363 4mb Memory Optra N240 / N245
LEX- 1329301 Packet Grease Nyogel 744 Optra R+
LEX- 1329706 Lexmark Marknet X2011e Print Server
LEX- 1333215 Operator Panel With English Overlay 2
LEX- 1333260 Main Logic Card 2390-002 lv
LEX- 1361213B Optra C Yw Yld 4 000 Toner Rebox
LEX- 1368195 Main Logic Card 2390-002 lv
LEX- 1376279 Lexmark Marknet X2011e Print Server
LEX- 1381053 Lexmark Marknet X2011e Print Server
LEX- 1381084 Fuser Asm 220v 4039-10p / 10r
LEX- 1381467 Fuser Asm 220v 4039-10p / 10r
LEX- 1381626 Fuser 110v 4039-10p 10r
LEX- 1381627 Fuser Asm 220v 4039-10p / 10r
LEX- 1381639 Fuser Optra R & L
LEX- 1381889 Fuser 110v 4019-001 E01 4029-02x
LEX- 1382100 Cartridge 7k Optra L R 4039 10+ 4049
LEX- 1382150 Cartridge 14k Optra R L 4039 10+
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