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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X3296 Adf Asm X642e
LEX- 40X3297 Tray Asm
LEX- 40X3298 Flatbed Scanner X642e Complete Asm
LEX- 40X3299 Bezel Lcd
LEX- 40X3301 Lcd Touch Screen Display X642e
LEX- 40X3302 Cover Asm
LEX- 40X3303 Cover Asm
LEX- 40X3304 Card Asm
LEX- 40X3305 Scan Control Card - X642e
LEX- 40X3309 Op Frame Asm
LEX- 40X3310 System Board X642e
LEX- 40X3311 Guide Asm
LEX- 40X3312 Flatbed Interconnect Card X642e
LEX- 40X3313 Lcd Bezel w/logo
LEX- 40X3351 Card Asm Tray Option Itc
LEX- 40X3378 Card Asm Ipds Scs Tne T640 T642 T644
LEX- 40X3392 Adf Lower Door Asm X651 X652
LEX- 40X3400 Laser Asm
LEX- 40X3414 Paper Feed Roller Asm
LEX- 40X3418 Transfer Roller
LEX- 40X3421 530-sheet Drawer Complete Asm
LEX- 40X3425 250-sheet Paper Tray C500n
LEX- 40X3438 Door Lower Adf X654 X656 X658
LEX- 40X3439 Hinge Left
LEX- 40X3444 Cushion Adf Platen
LEX- 40X3445 Pinch Pad Media
LEX- 40X3447 250 Sheet Pick Arm Bracket Option Drawer
LEX- 40X3448 250 Sheet Bellcrank Recoil Spring
LEX- 40X3449 Tray Only 250 Sheet T650 T652 T654 Series
LEX- 40X3453 250-sheet Drawer Base Plastic
LEX- 40X3454 Pick Arm 550 Sheet Option Drawer
LEX- 40X3459 System Board T640 Non Network
LEX- 40X3460 System Board T640n Network
LEX- 40X3461 System Board T642 Non Network
LEX- 40X3462 System Board T642n Network rip
LEX- 40X3463 System Board T644 Non-network
LEX- 40X3464 System Board T644n Network rip
LEX- 40X3477 Card Asm
LEX- 40X3479 Card Asm
LEX- 40X3482 Card Asm
LEX- 40X3483 Cable Interface
LEX- 40X3484 Hcpf Gd
LEX- 40X3485 Micro Switch
LEX- 40X3494 Cable Vio
LEX- 40X3495 Cable Switch
LEX- 40X3499 Pick Roll Pad High Friction
LEX- 40X3526 System Board X85xe rip
LEX- 40X3569 Fuser 115v C530 C532 C534 C520 C522 C524
LEX- 40X3570 Fuser 230v C530 C532 C534 C520 C522 C524
LEX- 40X3571 Fuser Asm C520n C522n 100v Japan Only C530 C532 C534
LEX- 40X3572 Transfer Belt Asm C530 C532 C534
LEX- 40X3573 Paper Pick Asm C530 C532 C534
LEX- 40X3574 Power Supply Low Voltage C53x
LEX- 40X3575 C530n C532n Controller Board
LEX- 40X3576 System Bd C534n
LEX- 40X3577 System Board C534dn
LEX- 40X3578 Ep Drive Asm
LEX- 40X3579 Power Supply High Voltage C53x
LEX- 40X3581 Front Door Cover Asm
LEX- 40X3582 Op Panel C530dn C532n C532dn
LEX- 40X3583 Op Panel C534n C534dn C534dtn
LEX- 40X3585 Op Panel Asm
LEX- 40X3586 Op Panel Asm
LEX- 40X3588 Op Panel Bezel
LEX- 40X3590 Door Asm Non-duplex
LEX- 40X3592 Front Door Duplex
LEX- 40X3595 Tray Asm C52x 500 Sheet
LEX- 40X3596 Single Feeder Tray Asm
LEX- 40X3597 rip Sup Shield
LEX- 40X3598 Parts Pkt Cable
LEX- 40X3599 Mfp Paper Tray 250 Sht C53xdn C534n
LEX- 40X3600 500 Sheet Option C52x Includes Tray
LEX- 40X3602 Front Access Door Cover Duplex C53xdn
LEX- 40X3605 Top Acc Cover Asm
LEX- 40X3607 Pick Arm Roller 2 Pack
LEX- 40X3608 Bezel C530dn Op Panel
LEX- 40X3609 Power Cord 2.5 M 8 Ft. Straight Japan
LEX- 40X3610 Power Cord 1.8 M 6 Ft. Straig
LEX- 40X3613 Cover Top Camshaft
LEX- 40X3615 Deflector Asm
LEX- 40X3616 System Board C530dn C532n
LEX- 40X3617 System Bd C534n
LEX- 40X3618 System Board C534dn
LEX- 40X3619 Top Cover Camshaft
LEX- 40X3661 System Board X85xe rip
LEX- 40X3662 Hard Drive Asm
LEX- 40X3664 Drive Motor
LEX- 40X3666 Main Cable Asm
LEX- 40X3667 Motor Cmyk Pc Cartridge Drive
LEX- 40X3668 Motor Transfer Belt Drive
LEX- 40X3669 Motor Cmy Developer Drive
LEX- 40X3670 Motor Developer Transport Drive
LEX- 40X3671 Gear Developer Idler
LEX- 40X3672 Motor Multipurpose Feeder / Transport Drive
LEX- 40X3673 Motor Transfer Belt Steering
LEX- 40X3674 Sensor Image Density
LEX- 40X3675 Catch Media Tray
LEX- 40X3676 Slide Media Tray
LEX- 40X3677 Switch Media Size
LEX- 40X3678 Asm Kit Media Tray
LEX- 40X3679 Media Feed Unit
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