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Page 107:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X3688 Sensor
LEX- 40X3689 Feed Unit Roll Kit C935 C940
LEX- 40X3690 Clutch Feed Roll One-way
LEX- 40X3691 Gear. Feed Roll One-way 22t
LEX- 40X3692 Roller Registration Transport
LEX- 40X3693 Clutch Registration
LEX- 40X3694 Sensor Registration Tray 4 Feed-out
LEX- 40X3695 Sensor Transparency Detect
LEX- 40X3696 Gear Idler Left Door Damper
LEX- 40X3697 Damper Left Door
LEX- 40X3698 Roller 2nd Transfer
LEX- 40X3699 Sensor Fuser Exit
LEX- 40X3700 Guide Duplex Exit Left Door
LEX- 40X3701 Cam Retract 2nd Transfer Roll
LEX- 40X3702 Motor 2nd Transfer Retract
LEX- 40X3703 Sensor Media On Belt
LEX- 40X3704 Gear Left Door Damper Sector
LEX- 40X3705 Shift Exit Standard Media
LEX- 40X3706 Cover Standard Exit Top
LEX- 40X3707 Actuator Standard Bin Full
LEX- 40X3709 Actuator Multipurpose Feeder Media Out
LEX- 40X3711 Roller Pick Multipurpose Feeder
LEX- 40X3712 Printhead Lexmark X940 C935
LEX- 40X3713 Cover Waste Toner Print Cartridge
LEX- 40X3714 Sensor Waste Toner Print Cartridge
LEX- 40X3715 Switch Waste Toner Print Cartridge Interlock
LEX- 40X3716 Motor Agitator Waste Toner
LEX- 40X3717 Sensor Waste Toner Print Cartridge Full
LEX- 40X3718 Plate Developer Interlock
LEX- 40X3719 Lamp Cmy Erase
LEX- 40X3720 Lamp K Erase Lamp
LEX- 40X3721 Lift Left Transfer Belt
LEX- 40X3722 Lift Right Transfer Belt
LEX- 40X3723 Latch Lift Transfer Belt With Label
LEX- 40X3727 Lift Handle Transfer Belt
LEX- 40X3729 Gear Front Transfer Belt Auger 14t
LEX- 40X3730 Gear Rear Transfer Belt Auger 18t
LEX- 40X3731 Auger Transfer Belt
LEX- 40X3732 Transfer Belt C935 X940 X945
LEX- 40X3733 Cleaner Transfer Belt
LEX- 40X3734 Spring Lift Transfer Belt
LEX- 40X3735 Plunger Rear Transfer Belt Lift
LEX- 40X3736 Plunger Front Transfer Belt Lift
LEX- 40X3737 Dispense Y Color
LEX- 40X3738 Dispense M Color
LEX- 40X3739 Dispense C Color
LEX- 40X3740 Dispense K Color
LEX- 40X3741 Motor Cmyk Toner Add
LEX- 40X3742 Developer Unit C935 X940
LEX- 40X3743 Carrier K Developer C935 X940 X945
LEX- 40X3744 Carrier Y Developer
LEX- 40X3745 Carrier M Developer
LEX- 40X3746 Carrier C Developer
LEX- 40X3747 Fuser C935 X940 X945 Mfp 110v
LEX- 40X3748 Fuser 220v
LEX- 40X3749 Motor Printhead Shutter
LEX- 40X3750 Fan Cooling Fuser
LEX- 40X3751 Fan Cooling Transfer Belt Drive Motor
LEX- 40X3752 Fan Cooling Rear Lower
LEX- 40X3753 Card Developer Transfer Roller Hvps
LEX- 40X3754 Card Charge Roller High Voltage Power Supply
LEX- 40X3755 Card 5v For Low Voltage Power Supply 110v
LEX- 40X3756 Card 5v For Low Voltage Power Supply 220v
LEX- 40X3757 Card Lower Print Engine
LEX- 40X3758 Card 24v Low Voltage Power Supply
LEX- 40X3759 Fan Cooling 24v Low Voltage Power Supply
LEX- 40X3760 High Voltage Power Supply Tranfer Roller Cmyk
LEX- 40X3761 Filter Noise
LEX- 40X3762 Card Power Laser Diode
LEX- 40X3763 Fan Cooling Rear Upper
LEX- 40X3764 Ac Drive Card Bracket Asm 110v
LEX- 40X3765 Bracket Ac Drive Card 220v
LEX- 40X3766 Cable Outlet Power Panel
LEX- 40X3768 Cable Developer Block
LEX- 40X3769 Cable Charge Roller Block
LEX- 40X3770 Cable Ym Transfer Roller
LEX- 40X3771 Cable Ck Transfer Roller
LEX- 40X3772 Cable Transfer Belt Charge
LEX- 40X3773 Connector 2nd Transfer Roller Charge
LEX- 40X3774 Cable 2nd Transfer Charge Roller
LEX- 40X3775 Cable Dc Main
LEX- 40X3776 Cable Dc Rear Right
LEX- 40X3777 Cable Dc Rear Left
LEX- 40X3778 Door Front
LEX- 40X3779 Cleaner Printhead Slit Glass
LEX- 40X3780 Cover Right
LEX- 40X3781 Cover Top
LEX- 40X3782 Cover rip Card Access
LEX- 40X3783 Cable Main Swith
LEX- 40X3784 Cover Front Left
LEX- 40X3785 Cover Inner
LEX- 40X3786 Actuator Main Power Switch
LEX- 40X3787 Switch Main Power
LEX- 40X3788 Cover Rear Blind
LEX- 40X3789 Rear Cover Asm 110 V
LEX- 40X3790 Rear Cover Asm 220 V
LEX- 40X3791 Cover Rear 110v
LEX- 40X3792 Cover Rear 220v
LEX- 40X3793 Cover Rear Left Middle
LEX- 40X3794 Cover Rear Left Lower
LEX- 40X3795 Cover Left Front
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