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Page 118:
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Part Number Description
HP- RM2-0875-000CN Feeder Drive Assy
HP- RM2-0878-000CN Assy-paper Pickup
HP- RM2-0889-000CN Cassette Assy
HP- RM2-0891-000CN Right Door Assy
HP- RM2-0892-000CN Paper Pick-up Assy
HP- RM2-0895-000CN Lifter Drive Assy
HP- RM2-0906-000CN Laser Scanner Assy
HP- RM2-0914-000CN Tray Assy
HP- RM2-0915-000CN Tray Lifter Motor Drive Assy
HP- RM2-0918-000CN Tray Auto Close Assy
HP- RM2-0919-000CN Feeder Drive Assy
HP- RM2-0921-000CN Paper Size Detect Assy
HP- RM2-0939-000CN Right Door Assy
HP- RM2-0943-000CN Cassette Assy
HP- RM2-0948-000CN Lifter Drive Assy
HP- RM2-0951-000CN Right Door Assy
HP- RM2-1030-000CN Assy-tray Lower
HP- RM2-1031-000CN Assy-left Side Plate
HP- RM2-1032-000CN Assy-right Side Plate
HP- RM2-1033-000CN Assy-top Bin Flapper
HP- RM2-1034-000CN Assy-bin Flapper
HP- RM2-1035-000CN Assy-intermediate Bin Flapper
HP- RM2-1036-000CN Assy-inner Cover Bottom
HP- RM2-1038-000CN Right Door Assy
HP- RM2-1040-000CN Solenoid Assy
HP- RM2-1042-000CN Assy-jog
HP- RM2-1043-000CN Assy-lower Paper Feed
HP- RM2-1051-000CN Assy-upper Paper Feed
HP- RM2-1057-000CN Stacking Wall Assy
HP- RM2-1066-000CN Jog Assy
HP- RM2-1067-000CN Upper Paper Feed Assy
HP- RM2-1071-000CN Lower Paper Feed Assy
HP- RM2-1079-000CN Scanner Assy
HP- RM2-1128-000CN Assy-cassette
HP- RM2-1132-000CN Assy-paper Pickup
HP- RM2-1138-000CN Cassette Assy
HP- RM2-1140-000CN Paper Pick-up Assy
HP- RM2-1150-000CN Assy-front Door
HP- RM2-1162-000CN Assy-size Lever
HP- RM2-1163-000CN Assy-lifter Drive
HP- RM2-1169-000CN Assy-paper Pickup
HP- RM2-1196-000CN Tray Assy
HP- RM2-1218-000CN Asm-right Doors
HP- RM2-1219-000CN Asm-cassette
HP- RM2-1220-000CN Tray-Asm
HP- RM2-1222-000CN Asm-drive
HP- RM2-1223-000CN Asm-estrangement Holder
HP- RM2-1226-000CN Asm-right Doors
HP- RM2-1230-000CN Asm-right Doors
HP- RM2-1231-000CN Asm-cassette
HP- RM2-1235-000CN Asm-paper Pickpup
HP- RM2-1237-000CN Asm-scanner
HP- RM2-1248-000CN Assy-transfer
HP- RM2-1249-000CN Assy-rear Door
HP- RM2-1250-000CN Assy-main Drive Simplex
HP- RM2-1255-000CN Assy-size Detect
HP- RM2-1256-000CN Fuser M607 M608 M609 Mfp M631 M632 M633 110v 225k Pages
HP- RM2-1257-000CN Fuser Kit 220v M607 M608 M609 M631 M632 M633 225k Pages
HP- RM2-1258-000CN Developing Gear Assy
HP- RM2-1259-000CN Assy-control Panel
HP- RM2-1269-000CN Guide-cass Asm Right
HP- RM2-1270-000CN Assy-upper Cover
HP- RM2-1271-000CN Assy-multi Purpose Tray
HP- RM2-1275-000CN Paper Pick-up Roller Assy
HP- RM2-1277-000CN Developing Drive Asm
HP- RM2-1317-000CN Formatter Cover Assy
HP- RM2-1318-000CN L.v-power Supply Pcb Assy
HP- RM2-1319-000CN L.v-power Supply Pcb Assy
HP- RM2-1321-000CN Front Cover Assy
HP- RM2-1323-000CN Inner Cover Assy
HP- RM2-1324-000CN Intake Duct Assy
HP- RM2-1916-000CN Hci Tray Heater 110v
HP- RM2-1927-000CN Asm-main Drives
HP- RM2-1928-000CN Fuser HP clj M681 M682 M652 M653 150k Pages
HP- RM2-1934-000CN Asm-fixing Drive
HP- RM2-1947-000CN Assy-power Supply Switch
HP- RM2-1951-000CN Asm-rear Cover
HP- RM2-1953-000CN Asm-face Down Tray
HP- RM2-1955-000CN Asm-fixng Motor
HP- RM2-1956-000CN Asm-drum Motors
HP- RM2-1957-000CN Asm-registration
HP- RM2-1958-000CN Asm-left Handle
HP- RM2-2091-000CN Asm-lifter Drive
HP- RM2-5014-000CN Cassette Tray 2
HP- RM2-5016-000CN Upper Cover Assy Itpu
HP- RM2-5022-000CN Cartridge Pressure Assy
HP- RM2-5023-000CN Switch Back Tray Assy
HP- RM2-5024-000CN Side Panel Assy Itpu
HP- RM2-5034-000CN Upper Front Inner Cover Assy
HP- RM2-5035-010CN Inter Connect Board Icb Assy
HP- RM2-5038-000CN Finisher Lock Assy Itpu
HP- RM2-5046-000CN Main Switch Pca Assy
HP- RM2-5049-000CN Left Cover Assy
HP- RM2-5061 Duplex Reverse Asm
HP- RM2-5061-000CN Duplex Reverse Assy
HP- RM2-5062-000CN Interlock Switch Assy Sw101 SW102
HP- RM2-5063-000CN Right Upper Cover Assy
HP- RM2-5066-000CN Fan Assy
HP- RM2-5071-010CN Cassette Asm
HP- RM2-5094-000CN Cassette Assy
HP- RM2-5100-060CN Asm-tray
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