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Page 119:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X5962 T650 T652 Ks Emulation Card
LEX- 40X5963 Flatbed Cover Without Adf X203
LEX- 40X5967 System Board X85xe rip
LEX- 40X5969 Card Korean Font
LEX- 40X5970 Card Simplified Chinese Font
LEX- 40X5971 Card Traditional Chinese Font
LEX- 40X5972 Card Japanese Font
LEX- 40X5977 Limiter Torque
LEX- 40X5978 Adf Controller Card X940 X945
LEX- 40X5980 Power Cord 1.8 M 6 Ft. Denmark
LEX- 40X5981 Power Cord 1.8 M 6 Ft. Israel
LEX- 40X5983 Power Cord 1.8 M 6 Ft. Argentina
LEX- 40X5984 Low Voltage Power Supply 220v X925 C925
LEX- 40X5985 Sensor Fuser Exit Asm W840 X850 X852 X854
LEX- 40X5988 Cover Top Access 4.3 Inch
LEX- 40X5989 Card Uicc
LEX- 40X5990 Parts Pack 4.3 Inch Operator Panel Buttons
LEX- 40X5991 Power Supply Low Voltage
LEX- 40X5993 Cover Top
LEX- 40X5994 Cover Right
LEX- 40X5995 Door Front
LEX- 40X5996 System Bd C748de w/ 4.3 In Display
LEX- 40X5997 System Board 7 Inch Display
LEX- 40X5998 Sensor Mpf Paper Present With Cable
LEX- 40X5999 Tray 550 Sheet
LEX- 40X6000 Multipurpose Feed Unit
LEX- 40X6004 Operator Panel Paper Exit Guide
LEX- 40X6009 Power Supply 110v X203 X204
LEX- 40X6010 Power SUPPLY220v Power Supply H
LEX- 40X6011 C925 X925 Transfer Belt And Roll
LEX- 40X6012 Transfer Roll C925 X925
LEX- 40X6013 Fuser Maintenance Kit C925 X925 110v
LEX- 40X6053 Svc Board
LEX- 40X6054 Card For Prescribe Emulation X860 X862 X864
LEX- 40X6091 Nvram Card
LEX- 40X6092 Scanner Left Cover
LEX- 40X6093 C925 X925 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240v
LEX- 40X6099 Tray Media Tray Asm
LEX- 40X6100 Pcba 550-sheet Tray Controller Car
LEX- 40X6101 Anti-tip Latch
LEX- 40X6102 Drawer 550 Sheet Option No Tray
LEX- 40X6103 Pick 550-sheet Tray Pick Asm
LEX- 40X6104 Pick Tire Roller Qty 2 C792 X792
LEX- 40X6110 Clip Support Clips For Th
LEX- 40X6113 Cable X203-4 Cable Pack
LEX- 40X6114 Paper Size Sensor
LEX- 40X6115 Media Tray
LEX- 40X6116 Drive Asm
LEX- 40X6117 Scanner Module Lower Adf
LEX- 40X6118 Jam Clearance Cover
LEX- 40X6119 Pick Asm
LEX- 40X6120 Paper Size Sensor Cable
LEX- 40X6121 Tray Stop
LEX- 40X6122 Left Cover
LEX- 40X6123 Rear Cover
LEX- 40X6124 Access Cover
LEX- 40X6125 Option Cover
LEX- 40X6126 Duplex Asm
LEX- 40X6127 Safety Switch Rod
LEX- 40X6128 Door Lever Lock
LEX- 40X6129 Door Lever
LEX- 40X6130 Lever Shaft
LEX- 40X6131 Lever Open Spring
LEX- 40X6132 Lever Guide
LEX- 40X6133 Safety Spring
LEX- 40X6134 Right Cover
LEX- 40X6135 B/S Pushing Spring
LEX- 40X6136 A/S Pushing Spring
LEX- 40X6137 Duplex Cover Roller
LEX- 40X6141 Sub Tray
LEX- 40X6142 Inner Duplex Cover
LEX- 40X6143 Transfer Roll Bushing
LEX- 40X6144 Duplex Carrying Gear
LEX- 40X6145 Paper Exit Sensor Lever
LEX- 40X6146 Drive Gear
LEX- 40X6147 Duplex Roller Bushing
LEX- 40X6148 Duplex Ground Plate
LEX- 40X6149 Transfer Contact Plate
LEX- 40X6150 2/s Transfer Spring
LEX- 40X6151 Roller Guide Spring
LEX- 40X6152 A/S Carrying Roller
LEX- 40X6153 B/S Carrying Roller
LEX- 40X6154 C/S Carrying Roller
LEX- 40X6155 Duplex Timing Belt
LEX- 40X6157 Duplex Clutch
LEX- 40X6158 Duplex Clutch Cable
LEX- 40X6159 F2/s Transfer Spring
LEX- 40X6160 Sub Frame
LEX- 40X6161 Drive Unit Motor
LEX- 40X6162 Belt Motor
LEX- 40X6163 Sub Unit Drive
LEX- 40X6164 Exit Drive Unit Motor
LEX- 40X6165 Exit Drive Unit Solenoid And Cable
LEX- 40X6166 Door Open Switch
LEX- 40X6167 Paper Exit Guide
LEX- 40X6168 Paper Exit Sensor Cable
LEX- 40X6169 Transfer Belt Door Ds Lock
LEX- 40X6170 Fuser Duct
LEX- 40X6171 Fuser Fan And Cable
LEX- 40X6172 Paper Tray Lift Motor
LEX- 40X6173 Main Unit Drive
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