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Page 164:
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Part Number Description
LEX- 56P1323 Paper Out Flag 500
LEX- 56P1324 Paper Out Flag 250
LEX- 56P1325 Pick Arm Asm 500 Sht Main Tray T632 T634
LEX- 56P1326 Pick Asm Pick Arm 250 Tray T630
LEX- 56P1327 Alignment Paperfeed Asm
LEX- 56P1328 Redrive 500 / 500 Asm
LEX- 56P1329 Redrive 500 Door Asm
LEX- 56P1330 Drive Asm Main
LEX- 56P1331 Packet Bellcrank Spg 500
LEX- 56P1332 Drive Asm Main
LEX- 56P1333 Fuser Asm Lexmark T630 T632 110v
LEX- 56P1334 Deflector Inner 500
LEX- 56P1335 Fuser Asm 220v w/ Lamp
LEX- 56P1336 Deflector Inner 250
LEX- 56P1337 Packet Bellcrank / Spg 250
LEX- 56P1338 Fuser Asm 220v w/ Lamp
LEX- 56P1339 Card Asm Interconnect 2 Slot
LEX- 56P1340 Card Asm Interconnect 1 Slot
LEX- 56P1341 Shield Ina Flat
LEX- 56P1342 Shield Inner 2 Slot
LEX- 56P1343 Shield Inner 1slot
LEX- 56P1344 Shield Outer 2 Slot
LEX- 56P1345 Shield Outer 1 Slot
LEX- 56P1346 Packet Parts Ref Edge
LEX- 56P1347 Frame Asm Ep 500
LEX- 56P1348 Cover Asm Fuser
LEX- 56P1349 Clip Reference Edge
LEX- 56P1350 Card Asm Integrated Tray Card
LEX- 56P1351 Redrive 250 Door Asm
LEX- 56P1352 Parts - Mpt Kit
LEX- 56P1354 Guide Asm Lower Exit
LEX- 56P1356 Cover Clear Bezel
LEX- 56P1357 Transfer Roller T520 T620 T630 T61x Optra S Series
LEX- 56P1358 Cover Clear Bezel
LEX- 56P1360 Main Fan T630 T632 T634
LEX- 56P1362 Lamp Fuser 110v 4060 & 4060 400
LEX- 56P1363 Lamp Fuser 220v 4060 4060 400
LEX- 56P1364 Use 6 3a 250v
LEX- 56P1369 Low Voltage Power Supply T630 n 110v
LEX- 56P1371 Low Voltage P/S 110v T632 n T634 n
LEX- 56P1372 Low Voltage 220v P/Supply T630 N
LEX- 56P1374 Low Voltage 220v P/S T632 n T634 n
LEX- 56P1375 Hvps Asm Lexmark T630 T632 T634
LEX- 56P1376 System Board Non-network T630
LEX- 56P1378 Card Asm Sys Non Network T632
LEX- 56P1379 Card Asm Sys Network T630n
LEX- 56P1381 Card System Network T632n
LEX- 56P1382 Cable Asm Int Tray
LEX- 56P1383 Cable Asm Auto Con Bottom
LEX- 56P1384 Cable Asm Main Drive Motor
LEX- 56P1385 Cable Asm Front Harness
LEX- 56P1386 Cable Asm Laser
LEX- 56P1387 Cable Asm Hsync
LEX- 56P1388 Cable Asm Mirror Motor
LEX- 56P1389 Cable Asm Deflector
LEX- 56P1390 Cable Asm Fuser Dc
LEX- 56P1391 Cable Asm Out Bin Sensor
LEX- 56P1394 Cable Asm Operator Panel
LEX- 56P1395 Cable Asm Cover Close With Switch
LEX- 56P1396 Lex T630 Printhead 4060 000
LEX- 56P1398 Cable Asm Mpt Sensor
LEX- 56P1399 Cable Asm Cartridge Sensor
LEX- 56P1400 Cable Asm Option Top 250
LEX- 56P1401 Cable Asm Option Top 250
LEX- 56P1405 Cable Asm lvps Connect
LEX- 56P1406 Paper Out/Low Sensor Asm
LEX- 56P1408 Cartridge Fan
LEX- 56P1409 Maintenance Kit T630 T632
LEX- 56P1409-FRN Maintenance Kit T630 T632 Factory Rebuilt All Oem Parts
LEX- 56P1412 Maintenance Kit 220v T630 T632 4060
LEX- 56P1414 Duplexer 250 Sheet T610 T612 T520 T630
LEX- 56P1415 Wiper Fuser T630 T632 T634 Aftermarket Only
LEX- 56P1416 Duplexer 500 Sheet T632 T612 T622 T522
LEX- 56P1417 Card Asm 16mb Flash
LEX- 56P1418 Card Asm 32mb Flash
LEX- 56P1419 Drive Asm 20+gb Hard File
LEX- 56P1420 Card Asm Bar Code T630 T632 T634
LEX- 56P1424 Drive Asm Optra Forms 20+gb
LEX- 56P1427 Card Asm Optra Forms 32mb
LEX- 56P1428 Card Asm Optra Forms 16mb
LEX- 56P1436 Serial Interface RS-232
LEX- 56P1437 Parallel 1284-b Interface Card
LEX- 56P1438 Card Asm Japanese Font
LEX- 56P1443 T632 Printhead
LEX- 56P1444 Card Asm Parallel
LEX- 56P1445 Ethernet Daughter Bd T630 Controller
LEX- 56P1461 Card Asm Imagequick
LEX- 56P1462 Card Asm Image Quick
LEX- 56P1463 Gear Hotroll
LEX- 56P1465 Flatbed Optical Ccd Asm
LEX- 56P1466 Flatbed Ccd Lamp
LEX- 56P1467 Deflector Front
LEX- 56P1468 Hard Drive Asm Hd Disk EC7.1 X4500 X5500 X7500
LEX- 56P1470 Flatbed Lamp
LEX- 56P1472 Cable Hdd
LEX- 56P1473 Cable
LEX- 56P1474 Scanner Controller Gen 2 X4500 X7500 5500 Main Board
LEX- 56P1476 Serial Interface Bracket
LEX- 56P1499 Cable 6pin 2meter Firewire
LEX- 56P1505 Printhead Scanner C752 C760 C762
LEX- 56P1511 Front Cover Asm
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