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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Part Number Description
PT- 101308-001 Bearing-ball Sealed
PT- 101309-901 Bearing Nylon .626
PT- 101309-902 Bearing Nylon .376
PT- 101328-003 Conn Mass Term Pcb
PT- 107961-905 Gas Shock Lid P5210 5205 P7000
PT- 107962-001 Ball Stud
PT- 108627-901 Pulley Paper Feed
PT- 108664-903 Belt Timing 080p 100t .50w
PT- 108755-002 Cover Ribbon Conn 36 Pos
PT- 109953-001 Ic Eprom 512k 200ns
PT- 10R4045 Overlay Subassy 6400 English Gen ii
PT- 110144-001 Bracket Switch Mount
PT- 110181-001 Retainer Pivot
PT- 110219-001 Hinge Cabinet Left
PT- 110219-002 Hinge Cabinet Right
PT- 110280-001 Link Spring
PT- 110447-001 Bushing Tractor
PT- 110718-001 Tray Paper
PT- 111684-001 Bushing Tractor Adjustable
PT- 111685-001 Shaft Support
PT- 111822-001 Knob Tractor Adjustable
PT- 111885-001 Link Tractor Adjustable
PT- 112240-001 Hinge Window
PT- 112367-001 Hinge Plate Door Bottom
PT- 112394-001 Spacer Hinge P5xxx
PT- 112400-901 Window Cabinet Tempered Glass
PT- 112657-901 Platen
PT- 131803-901 Window Cab P5200 18X10.25X.25
PT- 131829-001 Hinge Plate Door Top
PT- 134367-001 Box 4X4X4 RSC-0201 B-fl 32ect Kraft
PT- 134367-006 Box 12.25X9.25X3 RETT-0421 B-fl 32ect Kr
PT- 134857-001 Overlay Cont Pnl P5000 Eng
PT- 134857-002 Overlay Cont Pnl P5000 Fr
PT- 134857-003 Overlay Cont Pnl P5000 Ger
PT- 134857-004 Overlay Cont Pnl P5000 Sp
PT- 134857-005 Overlay Cont Pnl P5000 It
PT- 134857-006 Overlay Cont Pnl P5000 Dutch
PT- 134857-008 Overlay Cont Pnl P5000 Port
PT- 134955-001 Seal Control Panel
PT- 135437-001 Sw Assy Ppr Detect Blk Bk Form
PT- 135471-001 Field Kit Foam/Mag Seal Doors
PT- 140752-001 Cable Twinax Smart T Assy
PT- 141278-901 Caster w/brake Cab
PT- 141278-902 Caster w/o Brake Cab
PT- 141516-901 P5/P7 Platen Open Timing Belt
PT- 141680-001 P300 Ribbon Hub
PT- 141961-001 Logo Printronix Printers Psa
PT- 142013-901 Circuit Breaker
PT- 150261-901 Fan Assy P5000
PT- 150281-901 Magnetic Pickup Assy
PT- 150289-001 Pulley Drive Molded
PT- 150428-001 Overlay Cont Pnl Sec English
PT- 150491-901 Shaft Spline Assy
PT- 150703-902 Pulley Platen Driven
PT- 150957-901 Ironer Assy Reverse Paper Feed
PT- 151527-902 Chain Assy Stkr P52xx Outer
PT- 151527-904 Chain Assy Stkr P52xx Inner
PT- 151527-905 Chain Assy Stkr Inner P52xx
PT- 152284-901 Static Brush P5xxx
PT- 152415-901 Switch Assy Paper Motion Detector
PT- 152416-901 Fan Assy Hmrbnk P52xx
PT- 152417-901 Switch Assy Platen Interlock
PT- 152418-901 Switch Assy Cover Open
PT- 152420-901 Cable Assy Shtl Motor Dr
PT- 152421-901 Cable Assy Hmrbnk Logic
PT- 152422-901 Cable Assy Card Cage Fan
PT- 152424-901 Cable Assy Exhaust Fan
PT- 152425-901 Cable Assy Mpu
PT- 152439-901 Cable Assy Cn I/O P52xx
PT- 152440-901 Cable Assy Control Panel P5xxx
PT- 152624-001 Cable Assy Ac Pwr Conn P52xx
PT- 152625-001 Cable Assy Ac In Pwr Sup P52xx
PT- 152917-001 Panel Barrier
PT- 153009-002 Seal Mag/Foam P5000 Top Cvrs
PT- 153084-901 Top Cover Grey Cab P5200
PT- 153084-902 Door Rear Grey Cab P5200
PT- 153084-903 Door Front Grey Cab P5200
PT- 153352-001 Plate I/O Data Prod
PT- 153364-901 Cable Assy Cn Dp I/O P42xx
PT- 153366-901 Control Panel Assy P5005/8
PT- 153386-001 Pcb Dataproducts I/O P42xx
PT- 153430-001 Field Kit Platen P5000
PT- 153431-001 Field Kit Tractor Shaft
PT- 153442-901 Prom Kit P4205
PT- 153488-001 Field Kit Covers P4 P5 P7
PT- 153491-001 Overlay Cont Pnl Ped P500x
PT- 153497-901 Shroud Assy P5xxx
PT- 153502-001 Field Kit Ac Assy
PT- 153528-901 Scale Paper P5xxx
PT- 153537-901 Spring Hammerbank P5xxx
PT- 153540-001 Spares Kit Tractor Shaft Hdw
PT- 153560-901 Control Panel Cabinet IBM 6400
PT- 153560-902 Control Panel Assy Ips Ped
PT- 153610-001 Insert Overlay L/H P4005 Eng
PT- 153616-001 Insert Overlay R/H P4005 Eng
PT- 153645-001 Fence Lower Front P50xx
PT- 153646-001 Fence Lower Rear P50xx
PT- 153657-001 Power Cord 120v
PT- 153749-001 Plate Irnr Mtg 90deg Ppr O/S
PT- 153750-001 Bracket Irnr 90deg Ppr O/S
PT- 153776-001 Field Kit Platen
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