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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Page 284:
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Part Number Description
PT- 153777-001 Field Kit Spline Shaft Assy
PT- 153780-001 Field Kit Simm
PT- 153921-901 Pulley Paper Feed
PT- 153922-901 Foam Clip Assy Emi
PT- 154067-001 Cable Assy Rbn Motor Ext P5xxx
PT- 154069-901 Motor Assy P/F w/adapter P5xxx
PT- 154070-001 Cable Assy Adapter P/Fm P5xxx
PT- 154071-001 Motor Ribbon V2
PT- 154071-901 Motor Asm-ribbon
PT- 154073-001 Insulator Power Supply
PT- 154140-901 Pal Cmx S01A01P01 V1.00a
PT- 154143-002 Pal Ipds Ct Ips P5
PT- 154149-901 Pal Cmx S10A05P01 V1.00a
PT- 154149-902 Pal Cmx S10A05P02 V1.00a
PT- 154203-001 Kit Platen Lever P4908j
PT- 154249-902 Language Kit Pedestal @@@
PT- 154286-001 Guide Paper Pedestal P500x
PT- 154288-001 Pedestal Kit Grey
PT- 154288-002 Pedestal Kit Grey
PT- 154364-001 Cable Assy +5v Remote Power
PT- 154365-001 Adapter Assy Pwr Conv 5/12vdc 6w
PT- 154369-001 Sleeve Shipping Cntnr P52xx
PT- 154370-001 Base Shipping Cntnr P52xx
PT- 154459-001 Field Kit Mag Seal P52xx
PT- 154488-001 Insert Overlay L/H P500x Eng
PT- 154488-002 Insert Overlay L/H P40xx Fr
PT- 154488-003 Insert Overlay L/H P500x Gr
PT- 154488-004 Insert Overlay L/H P500x Sp
PT- 154488-005 Insert Overlay L/H P500x It
PT- 154490-001 Insert Overlay R/H P50xx Eng
PT- 154490-002 Insert Overlay R/H P50xx Fr
PT- 154490-003 Insert Overlay R/H P50xx Gr
PT- 154490-004 Insert Overlay R/H P50xx Sp
PT- 154490-005 Insert Overlay R/H P50xx It
PT- 154492-001 Overlay Cont Pnl Prim P52xx En
PT- 154492-002 Overlay Cont Pnl Prim P52xx Fr
PT- 154492-003 Overlay Cont Pnl Prim P52xx Gr
PT- 154492-004 Overlay Cont Pnl Prim P52xx Sp
PT- 154492-005 Overlay Cont Pnl Prim P52xx It
PT- 154494-001 Overlay Cont Pnl Sec P52xx Eng
PT- 154494-002 Overlay Cont Pnl Sec P52xx Fr
PT- 154494-003 Overlay Cont Pnl Sec P52xx Ger
PT- 154494-004 Overlay Cont Pnl Sec P52xx Sp
PT- 154494-005 Overlay Cont Pnl Sec P52xx It
PT- 154589-001 Field Kit Hardware
PT- 154649-001 Cable Assy Cn Dpll I/O P52xx
PT- 154776-001 Field Kit Sec Module Ips Base
PT- 154781-001 Insulator Card Cage
PT- 154785-101 Manual Kit Ips Ipds S/W
PT- 154818-001 Kit Flash Simm Blank Ips 1m
PT- 155071-902 Pulley Assy Platen Driver
PT- 155177-001 Strapping Kit Printer
PT- 155182-901 Paper Support P52xx
PT- 155638-001 Field Kit Lid Accessory
PT- 155639-001 Field Kit Hinge Set Ped Lid
PT- 155640-901 Lid Assy Pedestal Ips
PT- 155843-901 Expansion-ct Subassy V2
PT- 155880-001 Sheet Metal Kit
PT- 156030-001 Field Kit Foam Seal Top Cover
PT- 156031-001 Fld Kit Foam Seal Doors P52xx
PT- 156143-001 Container Assy Re-ship Ped
PT- 156288-001 Prom Pfc Std V1.06a
PT- 156300-901 Door Assy Extended Front/Rear Std
PT- 156300-902 Door Assy Ext F/R Ips
PT- 156388-001 Shaft Lift Pwr Stkr P5xxx
PT- 156686-901 Control Panel Assy Dsi P5000
PT- 156740-001 Stop Rubber Top Cover
PT- 156947-001 Card Cage Assy Ped P50xx V2
PT- 156949-001 Wire Asm Paper Guide
PT- 157060-004 Insert Overlay L/H Digital
PT- 157063-004 Insert Overlay R/H Digital
PT- 157070-901 Fence Rear Paper Tray
PT- 157163-001 Pcba Power Paper Stacker
PT- 157169-001 Field Kit Lwr Gas Spring 6408
PT- 157177-001 Manual Prgm Ref Vgl Tandem @@@
PT- 157205-001 Disk Config Utility @@@
PT- 157332-901 Seal Mag/Foam P52xx Door
PT- 157337-901 Top Cover Assy P50xx
PT- 157340-001 Cabinet Top Mod P50xx
PT- 157361-001 Top Cover Assy P5000 Qa
PT- 157426-001 Sleeve Assy P50xx
PT- 157450-901 Pcba Cmx V5.5 40mhz
PT- 157721-001 Manual Prgm Ref Pgl Tandem @@@
PT- 158054-001 Field Kit Sedco Ansi
PT- 158179-901 Stacker Assy Passive
PT- 158269-001 Disk P4W/P9s Ips Ct/Vgl V2.02a
PT- 158273-001 Disk Ips Ipds Cx Cta V4.00
PT- 158295-001 Plate Centronix Port
PT- 158299-001 Pcba Cmx Cn Adapter V1
PT- 158314-001 Tractor Set Rh&lh Split Door @@@
PT- 158315-001 Field Kit Tractor Set
PT- 158342-001 Paper Deflector Pwr Stkr P5xxx
PT- 158441-001 Harness Rail Power Stacker
PT- 158442-001 Cable Vert Rail Power Stacker
PT- 158445-001 Cable Frame Power Stacker
PT- 158454-901 Cable Assy Cn VOLT/SUPPR P5xxx
PT- 158557-001 Bracket 10 Base T
PT- 158635-001 Field Kit Caster P500x
PT- 158732-901 Control Panel Assy Stkr P5xxx
PT- 158736-901 Driver Shaft Assy P52xx Spareable
PT- 158979-001 Cable Assy Dp Adapter Pigtail
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
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