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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Part Number Description
SAM- 6601-001479 Bearing BALL 6705zz ID25.0 OD32.0 L4 Cwb
SAM- 6601-001725 Bearing BALL ID20 OD27 T4.0
SAM- 6601-001726 Bearing BALL SB6706zz ID30 OD37 T4.0
SAM- 6601-002415 Bearing Ball L-1680HHMTRLY13 ID8 OD16 68
SAM- 6601-002584 Bearing Ball DDLF-1060zzh 6 10 3 LY727
SAM- 6601-003062 BEARINGBALL 10 22 6 SUJ2
SAM- 6602-001067 Belt-timing Gear fiber Glass T3.2 T80-40
SAM- 6602-001084 Belt-timing Gear 30S2M224 Rub cr T1. 36
SAM- 6602-001090 Belt-timing Gear fiber Glass T3.2 942 .85
SAM- 6602-001092 Belt-timing Gear Rubber T1.36 40S2M338 3
SAM- 6602-001289 Belt-timing Gear C9000-40082 Rub T0. 95 1
SAM- 6602-001581 Belt-timing Gear Rubber T1.36 L168mm Blk
SAM- 6602-001637 Belt-timing Gear Poly Urethane T0.98 L73
SAM- 6602-001720 Belt-timing Gear S2M328 Rub cr L328
SAM- 6602-001721 Belt-timing Gear S2M250 Rub cr L250
SAM- 6602-001722 Belt-timing Gear S2M180 Rub cr L180
SAM- 6602-001725 Belt-timing Gear 366-1.5gt Rubber cr W6
SAM- 6602-001726 Belt-timing Gear S2M212 Rub cr L212
SAM- 6602-001730 Belt-timing GEAR 40S2M130 Rub W4.0 L130
SAM- 6602-002826 Belt-timing Gear S2M244 Rub cr L244
SAM- 6602-002970 Belt-timing GEAR 759teeth Poly Urethan B
SAM- 6602-003183 Belt-timing Gear 40S2M304 Rubber W4.0 L3
SAM- 6602-003185 Thermostat AC125/250v 195+/-5+g: J250C100
SAM- 6602-003186 Belt-timing Gear 40S2M258 Rubber W4.0 L2
SAM- 6602-003245 Belt-timing Gear STB40S2M188 T4 L188
SAM- 6602-003265 BELTTIMINGGEAR 1642GT3 3
SAM- 6602-003266 BELTTIMINGGEAR 9502GT3 3
SAM- 6602-003529 Belt-timing Gear 883teeth Poly Urethan B
SAM- 6602-003644 BELTTIMINGGEAR B40S2M390 Cr
SAM- 6602-003645 BELTTIMINGGEAR B40S3M156 Cr
SAM- 6602-003648 BELTTIMINGGEAR B40S3M279 Cr
SAM- 6602-003651 Belt-timing Gear B60S3M882 Cr
SAM- 6602-003652 Belt-timing Gear B90S3M1374 Cr
SAM- 6602-003670 BELTTIMINGGEAR K7600 Cr
SAM- 6602-003874 Belt-timing Gear 304-S2M-5.5 Rubber Blac
SAM- 6801-001020 Card-registration Xep Common Portugal Mo
SAM- JB01-00001A Glass Others-Adf 246*45 2.85 Clear
SAM- JB01-00002A Glass OTHERS-PLATEN 247 356 2.85 Clear
SAM- JB13-00002A Icasic-unicon Unicon MJC-1300g 44p -0 .3
SAM- JB13-00032C Ic Asic-eridani SC901919ae SCX-1457 64p
SAM- JB13-00032D Ic Asic-eridani SC901919ae SCX-1577f 64p
SAM- JB13-00032E Ic Asic-eridani SC901919ae SCX-1450 64p
SAM- JB13-00041A Ic Asic-ope Cob ST7232HPDIE8/mtl SCX-145
SAM- JB13-00044A Ic Asic-zombie C VY22549A4 SCX-1577 324
SAM- JB13-00047B Ic Asic-controller ZR374050TQCG-D-C1 Scx
SAM- JB27-00001A Coil Choke-dip MJC-1300/lex 150uh 0. 34oh
SAM- JB31-00011A Motor Step-scan M42SP-4tkc SCX-1110/ Xrx
SAM- JB31-00027A Motor Step-tx 42SP-4nk SF-452 0.6a 2400h
SAM- JB31-00032A Motor Dc-paperfeed 10000 18v 0.18 SCX-15
SAM- JB31-00040A Motor Dc-paperfeed 10000 18v 0.18 SCX-15
SAM- JB31-00042A Motor Circuit-step SP-42RD-071m SF-370 1
SAM- JB39-00128A Cbf HARNESS-P1284 Fg SF-430 UL1007 UL100
SAM- JB39-00182B Cbf Curl Cord-curl Cord SF-339 4p 300mm
SAM- JB39-00182G Curl Cord SF-370 4p 300mm HR-1360t K2111
SAM- JB39-00189A Cbf Harness-ope Gnd SF-452 Gnd Wire Ul 1
SAM- JB39-00190A Cbf Harness-cr Motor SF-452 Cbf UL1007 3
SAM- JB39-00191A Cbf Harness-power SF-452 Cbf UL1007 2 20
SAM- JB39-00192A Cbf Harness-connection SF-452 Cbf UL1061
SAM- JB39-00193A Cbf Harness-ope SF-452 Cbf UL1061 6 525
SAM- JB39-00194A Cbf Harness-modular SF-452 Modular UL106
SAM- JB39-00196A Cbf Harness-pick Up Sensor SF-457 26 Ul
SAM- JB39-00197A Cbf Harness-smps SF-457 24 UL1007 4 250
SAM- JB39-00201A Cbf Harness-cr Dc Motor SF-457 24 UL106
SAM- JB39-00203A Cbf Harness-ope Gnd SF-457 22 UL1061 1
SAM- JB39-00207A Cbf Line Cord-custom ST01 SF-452 6P4c 5m
SAM- JB39-00208A Cbf Signal-cr Ffc SCX-1557f 23pin Ffc 43
SAM- JB39-00211A Cbf Signal-Adf Motor Ffc SCX-1557f 6pin
SAM- JB39-00213A Cbf Harness-Adf Sensor SCX-1557f 26 UL1
SAM- JB39-00214A Cbf Harness-lf Motor SCX-1557f 24 UL100
SAM- JB39-00215A Cbf Harness-oops SCX-1557f 26 UL1061 3
SAM- JB39-00216A Cbf Harness-Adf Gnd SCX-1557f 18 UL1007
SAM- JB39-00217A Cbf Harness-cr Motor SCX-1557f 24 UL100
SAM- JB39-00229A Cbf Harness-lf Dc Mtr SCX-1457 24 UL106
SAM- JB39-00232A Cbf Harness-pick Up SCX-1457 26 UL1061
SAM- JB39-00244A Cbf Harness-cr Motor SCX-1577 24 UL1061
SAM- JB39-00252A Curl Cord-handset SF-467f 4p 460mm G3152
SAM- JB39-00258A Flat Cable SF-360 7p 130mm AWM20624 1 .0m
SAM- JB39-00277A Harness-lcd SF-375tp Wire UL2877 14-14 B
SAM- JB39-00278A Flat Cable SF-375tp 6p 180mm AWM20624 1.
SAM- JB39-00280A Flat Cable SCX-1455 6 0.05 300mm AWM2062
SAM- JB39-00281A Cbf Line Cord 1BLA203 SF-367 6P/2c 3m Wh
SAM- JB39-00282A Cbf Line Cord 8121-0811 Zhenghe 3000 Bla
SAM- JB39-00283A Cbf Line Cord Q3093-80004 SF-467 2 50m B
SAM- JB39-00284A Harness-dc Power Switch SF-467h UL1061 4
SAM- JB39-00285A Harness-dc Power Joint SF-467h UL1061 3p
SAM- JB39-00286A Harness-interconn Power Switch SF-371pr
SAM- JB39-40532A Cbf Harness-ope SF3000 Cbf UL1007 1 Grn
SAM- JB41-00138A Pcb-fpc Cable SCX-1557f/hpr Dimple Senso
SAM- JB44-00037A SMPS-RHINE-2 V2c SF-340 * Ac/Dc 24. 25w
SAM- JB44-00057A SMPS-V2c SF-370 TIBER-V2c Ac-dc 19. 45w 2
SAM- JB44-00058A SMPS-V1 SF-377 TIBER-V1 Ad-dc 19.45w 110
SAM- JB44-00059A Adaptor-ffgi 0957-2146 BPA-8040WW-1 +16/
SAM- JB44-10501A Smps-fv secexport SIC-640a Ac/Dc 35w 1
SAM- JB61-00107A Spring Etc-lever SENSOR SF-430 SUS304 0.
SAM- JB61-00137A Guide-m-cis R SF-330 Pom T1.5 W44 L32 .5
SAM- JB61-00138A Guide-m-cis L SF-330 Pom T1.5 W44 L32 .5
SAM- JB61-00143A Holder-m-rubber SF-330 Pom T1.0 W39 L18
SAM- JB61-00179A Holder-mpulley SF-452 Abs GF20 1.5 50
SAM- JB61-00180A Holder-mfpc SF-452 Abs 1.5 22.3 20 Blk
SAM- JB61-00181A Guide-moverbridge SF-452 Hips 1.5 109 .4
SAM- JB61-00182A Holder-mwheel SF-452 Abs GF20 2 12.4 4
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