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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Page 310:
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Part Number Description
SAM- JB61-00183A Guide-mclutch Arm SF-452 Pom 2 13 27. 4
SAM- JB61-00184A Chute-mdoc SF-452 Hips Drk Gray 108.6 1
SAM- JB61-00185A Guide-mdoc R SF-452 Hips 2.5 124.6 33 .7
SAM- JB61-00186A Guide-mdoc L SF-452 Hips 2.5 33.71 31 D
SAM- JB61-00187A Guide-mcis SF-452 Abs GF20 2 150.5 34
SAM- JB61-00188A Guide-mside Paper SF-452 Abs 2 25.7 112
SAM- JB61-00190A Guide-mexit Tray SF-452 Hips 1.5 38.8 1
SAM- JB61-00192A Bracket-plf Motor SF-452 Secc 1.20 69 .9
SAM- JB61-00194A Holder-mfriction SF-452 Pom 1.2 212 18
SAM- JB61-00199A Housing-mmodular SF-452 Hips 1.5 55.5 1
SAM- JB61-00200A Frame-mcarrier SF-452 Abs Gf 20 Blk 1
SAM- JB61-00201A Housing-mac SF-452 Abs 3 63.2 25 Dark G
SAM- JB61-00202A Frame-mscan Upper SF-452 Hips Hb Blk 2
SAM- JB61-00203A Housing-mwheel Hub SF-452 Pom 2.1 Blk
SAM- JB61-00232A Clip-p-belt SF-457 Sts 0.2 Ntr Half Hard
SAM- JB61-00236A Plate-p-tension Dome SF-457 STS304 T0 .15
SAM- JB61-00267A Plate-usb SF-457 Pc Sheet 0.25 18.6 29.6
SAM- JB61-00269A Plate-insulationhand SF-457 Nomex 410 1
SAM- JB61-00273A Bush-mscan Roller SCX-1557f/hpr Pom 20
SAM- JB61-00284A Frame-madf Bezel SCX-1557f/hpr Hips
SAM- JB61-00285A Frame-mscanner SCX-1557f/hpr Abs GF20
SAM- JB61-00287A Plate-mscan Bezel SCX-1557f/hpr Hips
SAM- JB61-00291A Plate-mope Bezel SCX-1557f/hpr Abs
SAM- JB61-00293A Guide-mdoc R SCX-1557f/hpr Abs
SAM- JB61-00294A Guide-mdoc L SCX-1557f/hpr Abs Dfb Grap
SAM- JB61-00295A Guide-mseparator SCX-1557f/hpr Pom Blk
SAM- JB61-00298A Guide-mblock Pick SCX-1557f/hpr Pom Blk
SAM- JB61-00300A Guide-mwidth Adjust SCX-1557f/hpr Abs 4
SAM- JB61-00303A Bracket-pantibrush SCX-1557f/hpr SUS301
SAM- JB61-00307A Plate-pdrag SCX-1557f/hpr Sts 0.5t
SAM- JB61-00308A Plate-pshield Main SCX-1557f/hpr Spte 0
SAM- JB61-00312A Chute-mcr SCX-1557f/hpr Pc 20gf Blk
SAM- JB61-00314A Frame-mcarriage SCX-1557f/hpr Pc 20gf H
SAM- JB61-00315A Holder-mtrail Flex SCX-1557f/hpr Pp Blk
SAM- JB61-00316A Plate-mactuator SCX-1557f/hpr Pc Gf Blk
SAM- JB61-00318A Frame-mplaten SCX-1557f/hpr Abs 20gf Hb
SAM- JB61-00319A Guide-envelope Float SCX-1557f/hpr Abs B
SAM- JB61-00321A Support-mstarwheel SCX-1557f/hpr Abs Bl
SAM- JB61-00324A Bush-moutput Left SCX-1557f/hpr Acetal
SAM- JB61-00326A Housing-moutput SCX-1557f/hpr Abs Blk
SAM- JB61-00328A Holder-mpulley Idle SCX-1557f/hpr Abs B
SAM- JB61-00333A Bracket-pwall Right SCX-1557f/hpr Secc
SAM- JB61-00335A Plate-hanger Sw SCX-1557f/hpr Precoated
SAM- JB61-00336A Frame-pbackbone SCX-1557f/hpr Secc 1t
SAM- JB61-00344A Holder-spring Cap SCX-1557f/hpr Lcd Vect
SAM- JB61-00346A Plate-starwheel SCX-1557f/hpr Sus Pom 0.
SAM- JB61-00359A Holder-mcarriage SCX-1557f/hpr Hips 20m
SAM- JB61-00391B Frame-madfbezel SCX-1770f Hips Hb G719
SAM- JB61-00392A Base-m Scan SCX-1457f Hips Hb 2.5 244 .8
SAM- JB61-00396A Plate-m Ope Bezel SCX-1457f Abs Hb 2. 5 6
SAM- JB61-00405A Frame-m Platen SCX-1457f Abs 20 Gf Blk 2
SAM- JB61-00442A Guide-mcable SCX-1577 Hips 2.0 233 48 G
SAM- JB61-00462A Bush-m-white L SF-360 Pom 7.3 9.68 L3.
SAM- JB61-00472A Frame-scan SCX-1770f Hips G71918 2.5 244
SAM- JB61-70904A Spring Etc-clutch Amundsen SWRS82a D11.4
SAM- JB61-70907A Spring Etc-cs Exit Amundsen Swpb D3 .71
SAM- JB61-70938A Spring Etc-cis atlas MJC-3700 PW2 0. 6 5
SAM- JB62-00009A Baffle-porous Plastic SCX-1557f/hpr Poro
SAM- JB63-00048D Cover-mtop SF-330 Hips T2.3 W361.6 L244
SAM- JB63-00051K Sheet-window Lcd 339 SF-339 Pc T0.3 W1
SAM- JB63-00051T Sheet-window Lcd xeb SF-330/xeb Pc T0.3
SAM- JB63-00051W Sheet-window Hpr SF-347 Pc 0.5 145. 26
SAM- JB63-00051X Sheet-window Hpf SF-347 Pc 0.5 145. 26
SAM- JB63-00052L Sheet-window Lcd xeb SF-335t/xeb Pc T0
SAM- JB63-00052Q Sheet-window T Hpm SF-347t Pc 0.5 233
SAM- JB63-00078A Cover-mope 339 SF-339 Hips T2.5 W261
SAM- JB63-00078G Cover-mope Hpf SF-347 Hips T2.5 W261
SAM- JB63-00089B Sheet-window Lcd xeg SF-350 Pc T0.5 W32
SAM- JB63-00089C Sheet-window Lcd xef SF-350 Pc T0.5 W32
SAM- JB63-00089F Sheet-window Lcd xil SF-350 Pc T0.5 W32
SAM- JB63-00098A Cover-mbase SF-452 Hips 2 465.8 288 Hb
SAM- JB63-00099A Cover-mflip SF-452 Hips 1.8 274.6 157 .1
SAM- JB63-00101A Cover-mdoor SF-452 Hips 2 254.5 96 Hb L
SAM- JB63-00103A Cover-mcable SF-452 Hips 1.5 49.12 22 H
SAM- JB63-00104A Cover-msensor SF-452 Abs 1.5 19.85 26 .8
SAM- JB63-00105A Cover-mope SF-452 Hips 2.5 311.84 143 .8
SAM- JB63-00106A Sheet-pquick SF-452 Pc 0.38 65 19.8 Cle
SAM- JB63-00107A Sheet-plcd SF-452 Pc 0.5 61.9 21.4 Clea
SAM- JB63-00110A Felt-ink SF-452 Wool 47.5 39.8 Wht
SAM- JB63-00125A Tray-m-Adf Input A SF-457 Abs 2.0 200 25
SAM- JB63-00125B Tray-madf Input A f SF-457 Abs 2.0 200
SAM- JB63-00130A Tray-m-asf Input Inner SF-457 Hips 2. 0 1
SAM- JB63-00130B Tray-masf Input Inner f SF-457 Hips 2
SAM- JB63-00137B Cover-m-top SF-457 Hips 2.0 - - - - 432u
SAM- JB63-00137C Cover-m-top SF-457 Hips 2.0 - - - - 2766
SAM- JB63-00139A Cover-mtop SF-457 Hips 2.0 200 426 Hb H
SAM- JB63-00139B Cover-mtop f SF-457 Hips 2.0 200 426 H
SAM- JB63-00140A Cover-m-power Upper SF-457 Hips 2.0 60 1
SAM- JB63-00144A Cover-m-handset Upper SF-457 Abs 2.0 75
SAM- JB63-00144B Cover-handset Upper SF-457 Abs 2.0 75 16
SAM- JB63-00145A Cover-m-handset Lower SF-457 Abs 2.0 75
SAM- JB63-00145B Cover-handset Lower SF-457 Abs 2.0 75 16
SAM- JB63-00153A Cover-mharness Adf SCX-1557f/hpr Hips S
SAM- JB63-00154B Cover Top-inner SCX-1577 Hips 2.5 270 .8
SAM- JB63-00155A Cover Top-outer SCX-1557f/hpr Abs Sec
SAM- JB63-00156A Cover-mcable SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Sec
SAM- JB63-00157A Cover-mope Dummy SCX-1557f/hpr Hips 61.
SAM- JB63-00159A Cover-mlid SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Sec
SAM- JB63-00160A Cover-mlid Inner SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Sec
SAM- JB63-00161A Cover Harness-scan SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Se
SAM- JB63-00162A Cover-mguide SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Sec
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