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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Part Number Description
SAM- JB81-01043A As-ope SCX-1855f Ope
SAM- JB81-01044A As-ope-ffc SCX-1855f Ope-ffc
SAM- JB81-01045A As-adaptor SCX-1855f Adaptor
SAM- JB81-01046A As-adaptor-cover SCX-1855f Adaptor-cover
SAM- JB81-01047A As-cleanout SCX-1855f Cleanout
SAM- JB81-01048A As-main-pba SCX-1855f Main-pba
SAM- JB81-01050A As-hinge-guide SCX-1855f Hinge-guide
SAM- JB81-01051A As-input-tray SCX-1855f Input-tray
SAM- JB81-01052A As-out Put-tray SCX-1855f Out Put-tray
SAM- JB81-01053A As-pickup SCX-1855f Pickup
SAM- JB81-01054A As-pickup-spring SCX-1855f Pickup-spring
SAM- JB81-01056A As-star Wheel SCX-1855f Star Wheel
SAM- JB81-01057A As-speaker SCX-1855f Speaker
SAM- JB81-01058A As-encode-sensor SCX-1855f Encode-sensor
SAM- JB81-01059A As-pickup-sensor Cover SCX-1855f Pickup
SAM- JB81-01060A As-pickup-sensor SCX-1855f Pickup-sensor
SAM- JB81-01069A As-ink-station Usb-cable Ink-station
SAM- JB81-01075A As--pickup-gear Assy Usb-cable -Pickup-g
SAM- JB81-01090A As-paper Guide SCX-1360 Paper Guide
SAM- JB81-01091A As-encode-sensor SCX-1360 Encode-sensor
SAM- JB81-01092A As-wiper-guide SCX-1360 Wiper-guide
SAM- JB81-01093A As-scan-lid-assy SCX-1360 Scan-lid-assy
SAM- JB81-01097A As-scan-base SCX-1360 Scan-base
SAM- JB81-01098A As-scan-bezel SCX-1360 Scan-bezel
SAM- JB81-01099A As-scan-cis Assy SCX-1360 Scan-cis Assy
SAM- JB81-01102A As-ope SCX-1360 Ope Ass-y
SAM- JB81-01103A As-ope-ffc SCX-1360 Ope-ffc
SAM- JB81-01107A As-input-tray SCX-1360 Input-tray
SAM- JB81-01108A As-out Put-tray SCX-1360 Out Put-tray
SAM- JB81-01117A As-adaptor E1U52-60004 SCX-1365w Adaptor
SAM- JB81-01123A As-base Assy SCX-1365w Base Assy E1U52-6
SAM- JB81-01124A As-scan Lid Assy SCX-1365w Scan-lid-assy
SAM- JB81-01126A As-scan Base SCX-1365w Scan-base E1U52-6
SAM- JB81-01127A As-scan Cis Assy SCX-1365w Scan-cis Assy
SAM- JB81-01128A As-ope SCX-1365w Ope E1U52-60001
SAM- JB81-01131A As-input Tray SCX-1365w Input-tray E1U52
SAM- JB81-01133A As-ope SCX-1855fw Ope E1U53-60001
SAM- JB81-01134A As-main Pba SCX-1855fw Main-pba E1U53-60
SAM- JB81-01135A As-wifi Pba SCX-1855fw Wifi-pba
SAM- JB81-01136A As-cable Wifi SCX-1855fw Cable-wifi
SAM- JB81-01139A As-carriage-bar SCX-1855f As-carriage-ba
SAM- JB81-01140A As-pha SCX-1855f As-pha
SAM- JB81-01141A As-carriage-spring SCX-1855f As-carriage
SAM- JB81-01143A A/S-scan Gear SL-J1760fw Scan Gear
SAM- JB81-01144A A/SBOX SLJ1760fw Box
SAM- JB81-01153A A/S-ope Assy SL-J1760w Ope-assy
SAM- JB81-01154A A/SLABELMODEL SLJ1760w Labelmodel
SAM- JB81-01155A A/S-adaptor SL-J1760w A9T80-60009 Adapto
SAM- JB81-01156A A/S-adaptor Cable SL-J1760w Adaptor-cabl
SAM- JB81-01157A A/S-adaptor Power Cable SL-J1760w Adapto
SAM- JB81-01159A A/S-cover Power Supply SL-J1760w Cover-p
SAM- JB81-01160A A/SHINGELINK SLJ1760w Hingelink
SAM- JB81-01161A A/SCOVERLEFT SLJ1760w Coverleft
SAM- JB81-01162A A/S-cover Chassis Mid SL-J1760w Cover-ch
SAM- JB81-01164A A/SCOVERRIGHT SLJ1760w Coverright
SAM- JB81-01166A A/S-main Pba SL-J1760w Main-pba
SAM- JB81-01167A A/S-carriage Assy SL-J1760w Carriage Ass
SAM- JB81-01171A A/S-ope Ffc Cable SL-J1760w Ope-ffc Cabl
SAM- JB81-01172A A/S-drive Ink Home-ffc Cable SL-J1760w D
SAM- JB81-01173A A/S-cleanout SL-J1760w Cleanout
SAM- JB81-01174A A/S-exit Roller Assy SL-J1760w Exit Roll
SAM- JB81-01175A A/S-star Wheel SL-J1760w Star Wheel
SAM- JB81-01176A A/S-drive Ink Home SL-J1760w Drive-ink H
SAM- JB81-01177A A/S-ink Home SL-J1760w Ink-home
SAM- JB81-01179A A/S-platen Motor SL-J1760w Platen-motor
SAM- JB81-01180A A/S-shaft Roller SL-J1760w Shaft-roller
SAM- JB81-01181A A/S-feed Roller SL-J1760w Feed-roller
SAM- JB81-01182A A/S-pickup Gear Assy SL-J1760w Pickup-ge
SAM- JB81-01183A A/S-pickup Roller SL-J1760w Pickup Rolle
SAM- JB81-01184A A/S-output Tray SL-J1760w Output Tray
SAM- JB81-01185A A/S-input Tray SL-J1760w Input Tray
SAM- JB81-01186A A/S-scan Lid SL-J1760w Scan Lid
SAM- JB81-01187A A/S-scan Bezel SL-J1760w Scan Bezel
SAM- JB81-01188A A/S-scan Base SL-J1760w Scan Base
SAM- JB81-01189A A/S-scan Cis Ffc Cabel SL-J1760w Scan Ci
SAM- JB81-01190A A/S-scan Cis SL-J1760w A9T80-60027 Scan
SAM- JB81-01191A A/SBOX SLJ1760w Box
SAM- JB81-01193A A/S-ope Assy SL-J1760fw Ope-assy
SAM- JB81-01194A A/SLABELMODEL SLJ1760fw Labelmodel
SAM- JB81-01195A A/S-main Pba SL-J1760fw Main-pba
SAM- JB81-01196A A/SSPEAKER SLJ1760fw Speaker
SAM- JB81-01197A A/S-scan Lid SL-J1760fw Scan Lid
SAM- JB81-01198A A/S-Adf Cover SL-J1760fw Adf Cover
SAM- JB81-01199A A/S-Adf Core SL-J1760fw Adf Core
SAM- JB81-01200A A/S-Adf Tray SL-J1760fw Adf Tray
SAM- JB81-01201A A/S-scan Bezel SL-J1760fw Scan Bezel
SAM- JB81-01202A A/S-pba Oops Sensor SL-J1760w&fw Pba-oop
SAM- JB81-01203A A/SSPRINGTRAY SLJ1760w&fw Springtray
SAM- JB81-01204A A/S-carriage Lock SL-J1760w&fw Carriage
SAM- JB81-01205A A/S-Adf Core Cabel SL-J1760w&fw Adf Core
SAM- JB81-01253A A/SADAPTOR SLJ3520w W7V0660001 Adapto
SAM- JB81-01254A A/SADAPTOR SLJ2920w W7V2060001 Adapto
SAM- JB81-01256A A/SADAPTOR J5520w W7U0560001 Adaptor
SAM- JB81-01261A A/SBASEASSY SLJ1660&SLJ1663&SLJ1665
SAM- JB81-01263A A/SSCANBASE SLJ1660&SLJ1663&SLJ1665
SAM- JB81-01264A A/SSCANBEZEL SLJ1660&SLJ1663&SLJ166
SAM- JB81-01266A A/SSCANCISASSY SLJ1660&SLJ1663&slj
SAM- JB81-01268A A/SMAINPBA SLJ1660&SLJ1663&SLJ1665
SAM- JB81-01269A A/S-enginebar Carriage SL-J1660&SL-J1663
SAM- JB81-01270A A/SINPUTTRAY SLJ1660&SLJ1663&SLJ166
SAM- JB81-01271A A/S-label SL-J1660 Label Base
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