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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Part Number Description
SAM- JB63-00163A Tray-minput Adf SCX-1557f/hpr Abs 240 2
SAM- JB63-00167A Cover-mtop SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Sec
SAM- JB63-00169A Cover-mliu SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Sec
SAM- JB63-00170A Cover-mfront SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Sec
SAM- JB63-00176A Sheet-lcd SCX-1557f/hpr Pc Sheet Embo 0.
SAM- JB63-00177A Cover-mcleanout SCX-1557f/hpr Abs Hb Se
SAM- JB63-00179A Sheet-asic SCX-1557f/hpr Insulator 0. 25
SAM- JB63-00180A Cover-mhinge SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Sec
SAM- JB63-00207A Shield-aerosol Brush SCX-1557f/hpr Pc 11
SAM- JB63-00208A Felt-aux SCX-1557f/hpr Polyester Needlef
SAM- JB63-00209A Felt-cover SCX-1557f/hpr Polyester Needl
SAM- JB63-00211A Felt-form Platen SCX-1557f/hpr Pur 3. 5 3
SAM- JB63-00212A Cover-msafety SCX-1557f/hpr Hips 17. 22
SAM- JB63-00213A Sheet-pliu SCX-1557f/hpr Pc 0.43 64 148
SAM- JB63-00253B Cover-mtopinner SCX-1770f Hips Hb 2.0
SAM- JB63-00254B Cover-mtopouter SCX-1770f Abs Hb 2.5 1
SAM- JB63-00258B Cover-mopedummy SCX-1770f Hips Hb 2.5
SAM- JB63-00260A Sheet-one Touch SCX-1457f Pc Sheet 0. 38
SAM- JB63-00263A Cover-m Head Change SCX-1457f Hips Hb 2.
SAM- JB63-00267A Cover-m Liu SCX-1457f Abs 2.0 83.6 73 Mi
SAM- JB63-00268B Sheet-lcd SCX-1770f Pc 0.5 123.72 48. 73
SAM- JB63-00302B Cover-m Ope SPP-2040/xaa Abs 2 180 79 Hb
SAM- JB63-00302C Cover-m Ope SPP-2040/xil Abs 2 180 79 Hb
SAM- JB63-00307C Cover-m Top SPP-2040/xil Abs 2 180 134 H
SAM- JB63-00325A Cover-mbase SCX-1577 Hips 2.5 113 452 G
SAM- JB63-00333A Felt-form Platen SCX-1577 Polyurethane F
SAM- JB63-00337A Cover Top-m Wo Handset SF-467 Hips 2. 0 4
SAM- JB63-00378A Felt-aux R SCX-1450 Ps Needlefelt Ntr 1
SAM- JB63-00450A Sheet-protect Chip SCX-1470 Pet 0.188 W5
SAM- JB63-00454B Cover-ope Tad SF-375tp Hips T2.0 269. 58
SAM- JB63-00454D Cover-ope Tad SF-375tp Hips T2.0 269. 58
SAM- JB63-00455F Cover-ope Basic SF-371p Hips T2.0 268 .29
SAM- JB63-00460C Cover-top SF-371pr Abs W 354.96 L 202 .5
SAM- JB63-00473B Cover-front Right SCX-1455c Hips 2.3 W93
SAM- JB63-00473C Cover-front Right SCX-1455i Hips 2.3 W93
SAM- JB63-00483A Sheet-ope Sticker Madrid-m Pc 0.5 Eng H
SAM- JB63-00483B Sheet-ope Sticker SF-377 Pc 0.5 Spn Hi-
SAM- JB63-00483C Sheet-ope Sticker SF-377 Pc 0.5 Por Hi-
SAM- JB64-00007A Locker-latch PUSH MJC-3305/cpq Pom Black
SAM- JB64-00020B Key-m-tel 339 SF-339 Abs 64X63X17.5 V0
SAM- JB64-00024B Key-m-menu 339 SF-339 Hips 37X27. 5X16.5
SAM- JB64-00025C Key-m-function 339 SF-339 Hips 60. 5X19x
SAM- JB64-00034A Key-mhead Color SF-452 Abs Hb 33X14. 3X1
SAM- JB64-00038A Key-mfunction A SF-452 Abs Hb 66.4X20 .5
SAM- JB64-00039A Key-malter SF-452 Abs Hb 57.2X61.5X18 H
SAM- JB64-00040A Key-mcolor SF-452 Hips Hb 18X18X12 Hb G
SAM- JB64-00041A Key-mmono SF-452 Hips Hb 20X20X13 Hb Da
SAM- JB64-00043A Key-mscan SF-452 Abs Clear 22.4X18X13 .5
SAM- JB64-00044A Key-mfunction B SF-452 Abs 51X28X17 Mil
SAM- JB64-00046A Key-mquick SF-452 Abs Hb 65X17X14 Hb Me
SAM- JB64-00049A Key-rubber SF-457 Si Rubber 1293198 Bu
SAM- JB64-00050A Button-m-hookhandset SF-457 Abs V0 182
SAM- JB64-00050B Button-mhookhandset f SF-457 Abs V0 1
SAM- JB64-00053A Key-rubber Scan SCX-1557f/hpr Silicon
SAM- JB64-00062A Badge-brand SCX-1557f/hpr Abs 13 20.3 71
SAM- JB64-00076A Key-r-rubber Scan SCX-1457f Silicon 57.7
SAM- JB64-00076B Key-rubberscan SCX-1770f Silicon 57. 72
SAM- JB64-00077A Badge-brand SCX-1457f Al 2.24 13.51 21.4
SAM- JB64-00096A Key-rubber Scan SCX-1577 Silicon 313 Gra
SAM- JB64-00099B Key-copy SF-367 Abs 16.1816.175.97 Hb
SAM- JB64-00100B Key-start SF-367 Abs Hb Gr
SAM- JB64-00101B Key-stop SF-367 Abs Hb P
SAM- JB64-00102A Key-rubber Scan SCX-1450 Silicone 10615
SAM- JB64-00107A Key-rubber Scan SCX-1470 Silicon W2289
SAM- JB64-00114A Key SCX-1650 Abs Pc 20.4 White
SAM- JB64-00114E Key-power ML-6510nd Abs Wave Gray Milky
SAM- JB66-00083A Gear-idle SCX-1110/xrx Pom M90-44 0.5 31
SAM- JB66-00102A Gear-pick Up Idel 38 SCX-1110f Pom 0. 6 3
SAM- JB66-00103A Gear-Adf 38 SCX-1110f Pom 0.6 38 22.8 Nt
SAM- JB66-00105A Gear-pick Up 26 SCX-1110f Pom 0.6 26 15.
SAM- JB66-00144A Lever-m-sensor SF-430 Pc - - - V0 Blk -
SAM- JB66-00166A Shaft-m-driver Adf SF-330 Pom L101.6 PI8
SAM- JB66-00168A Lever-m-sensor Doc SF-330 Abs 1.6 24. 4 1
SAM- JB66-00169A Lever-m-sensor Scan SF-330 Abs 1.6 20 .5
SAM- JB66-00188A Roller-m-friction SF-330 Pom N109ldk
SAM- JB66-00205A Shaft-mpickup SF-452 Abs GF20 31.2 Ntr
SAM- JB66-00217A Lever-msensor Door SF-452 Abs Hb 33.4 3
SAM- JB66-00218A Lever-mactuator Feed SF-452 Abs GF10 1
SAM- JB66-00220A Lever-msensor Scan SF-452 Abs 1.6 10. 02
SAM- JB66-00226A Roller-tire Pick SF-457 Epdm
SAM- JB66-00260A Gear-mroller Feed SF-452 Pom 0.4 Z52 L5
SAM- JB66-00274A Lever-mscan Open SCX-1557f/hpr Hips Hb
SAM- JB66-00275A Latch-mpen SCX-1557f/hpr Pc 20gf Blk
SAM- JB66-00277A Lever-mflag Oops SCX-1557f/hpr Acetal H
SAM- JB66-00283A Shaft-mprescan Pinch SCX-1557f/hpr Pom
SAM- JB66-00284A Roller-output SCX-1557f/hpr Epdm 16. 12
SAM- JB66-00285A Roller-turn SCX-1557f/hpr Epdm 17.44 Bl
SAM- JB66-00286A Roller Adf-tire Pick SCX-1557f/hpr Epdm
SAM- JB66-00288A Roller Adf-prescan SCX-1557f/hpr SUM22 E
SAM- JB66-00289A Roller Adf-postscan SCX-1557f/hpr SUM22
SAM- JB66-00290A Roller-prescan Tire SCX-1557f/hpr Si 9
SAM- JB66-00292A Gear-moutput SCX-1557f/hpr Acetal 0.5 7
SAM- JB66-00293A Gear-midler SCX-1557f/hpr Acetal 5 Ptfe
SAM- JB66-00296A Wire-trail Flex SCX-1557f/hpr Stainless
SAM- JB66-00298A Wire-postscan SCX-1557f/hpr Music Wire 0
SAM- JB66-00324A Roller-prescan SCX-1457f SUM22 Epdm Gray
SAM- JB66-00325A Roller-postscan SCX-1457f SUM22 Epdm Bla
SAM- JB67-00012A Cap-push On SF-457 Epdm Blk
SAM- JB67-00015A Lens-led Quality SCX-1557f/hpr Pmma Tran
SAM- JB67-00016A Lens-led Print SCX-1557f/hpr Pmma Transp
SAM- JB67-00017A Lens-led Exclam SCX-1557f/hpr Pmma Trans
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