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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Page 319:
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Part Number Description
SAM- JC33-00027C SOLENOID-FEED SCX-5636nd Dc 24v 120ohm 2
SAM- JC33-00028A SOLENOID-MP ML-3471nd DC24v 120 Ohm 200m
SAM- JC33-00028B SOLENOID-MP SCX-5135nd Dc 24v 120ohm 200
SAM- JC33-00028C SOLENOID-MP ML-1660 DC-24v 120ohm 525mm
SAM- JC33-00028D SOLENOID CLP-680nd Dc 24v 70 21.3 14 .8
SAM- JC33-00029A SOLENOID-DUPLEX CLX-8380nd/xaa 24v 45 2
SAM- JC33-00029B Solenoid-mp CLX-9350 DC24v 18.4 27*30 -
SAM- JC33-00030A SOLENOID-DADF DLH-34L130-01 CLX-6240fx D
SAM- JC33-00031A SOLENOID-LIFTING DAH-10H080-01 CLX-6240f
SAM- JC33-00031B Solenoid-lifting CLX-9350 24 80ohm -10c
SAM- JC33-00032A Solenoid-pick Up SCX-6555n 24v 80 36 .5*
SAM- JC33-00034A Solenoid-pick Up ML-5050 24v 80ohm 41 .4x
SAM- JC33-00035B SOLENOID CLP-680nd DC24v 27.5 27.75 0 .24
SAM- JC33-00035C SOLENOID SLC4010nd 24 100 27.54X27.75
SAM- JC33-00037A Solenoid TDS-10sl SL-FIN501l DC24v 10% 3
SAM- JC33-00038A Solenoid Dc 24v 120 70 B
SAM- JC34-00001A Switch-signal lever Type Pbt Pom Bsp D
SAM- JC39-00001A Cbf IF-USB ML-6100 4 UL2725 1800 +/- 50
SAM- JC39-00001C Cbf If-usb SEG1 2 3 Wireless Model 4 UL2
SAM- JC39-00007A Cbf Line CORD-6p 3000mm E3115blk STUK30+
SAM- JC39-00008A Cbf Line CORD-6p 100mm Blk STUK30+100mm+
SAM- JC39-00045A Cbf HARNESS-THERMISTOR SF-5100 26 UL106
SAM- JC39-00065A Cbflinecord-koreantelline CF-5100 6p
SAM- JC39-00090A Cbf Harness-duplex Gnd ML-7050 UL1007 70
SAM- JC39-00112C Cbf Harness-front Panel ML-1210 Cbf Ul 1
SAM- JC39-00166A Cbf Harness-devid SCX-5100 Wire Harness
SAM- JC39-00171A Cbf Harness-ac Wire SCX-5100 Wire Harnes
SAM- JC39-00179A Cbf Harness-opc Gnd SCX-5100 Wire Harnes
SAM- JC39-00204A Cbf Harness-fuser Frame ML-3550 UL1332aw
SAM- JC39-00208A Cbf Harness-paper Size ML-3550 UL1061awg
SAM- JC39-00209A Cbf Harness-smps Engine ML-3550 UL1061aw
SAM- JC39-00210A Cbf Harness-ac Inlet ML-3550 UL1061AWG24
SAM- JC39-00211A Cbf Harness-main Moter ML-3550 UL1061awg
SAM- JC39-00213A Cbf Harness-smps rip ML-3550 UL1061AWG24
SAM- JC39-00214A Cbf Harness-oppanel ML-3550 UL1061AWG24
SAM- JC39-00216A Cbf Harness-ta Sensor ML-3550 UL1061AWG2
SAM- JC39-00217A Cbf Harness-oppanel Frame ML-3550 UL106
SAM- JC39-00219A Cbf Harness-rip Interface ML-3550 UL1061
SAM- JC39-00222A Cbf Harness-lsu Frame ML-3550 UL1061AWG2
SAM- JC39-00223A Cbf Harness-exit Unit ML-3550 UL1061AWG2
SAM- JC39-00232A Cbf Harness-main To Engine SF-555p Cbf U
SAM- JC39-00234A Cbf Harness-fuser 220v SF-555p Awg 18 Ul
SAM- JC39-00236A Cbf Signal-Ccd FFC SCX-5315f 24 Ffc 700m
SAM- JC39-00242A Cbf Harness-lsu ML-1710 26 UL1061 11 7
SAM- JC39-00247A Cbf Harness-Hvps ML-2150 Cbf Ul 1617 8 1
SAM- JC39-00254A Cbf Harness-exit ML-2150 Cbf Ul 1061 3 1
SAM- JC39-00306A Harness-lcd CLP-500 Wire UL2877 14-14 35
SAM- JC39-00321A Cbf HARNESS-LSU SF-755p 26 UL1061 11 5
SAM- JC39-00343A Cbf Signal-ope Ffc SCX-6320f 22p Ffc 90m
SAM- JC39-00351A Cbf Harness-Adf SCX-4720f Cbf UL2835 16
SAM- JC39-00358A Cbf Signal-cis FFC SCX-4100 12pin Ffc 70
SAM- JC39-00359A Cbf D Sub Cable-dadf SCX-6320f 15/16 16
SAM- JC39-00364A Cbf Harness-scf Sen SCX-4920n Cbf UL1061
SAM- JC39-00367A Cbf Signal-Ccd Ffc SCX-4920n 24pin Ffc 6
SAM- JC39-00374A Cbf Line Cord-tel Line SCX-4920n 6p/ 4c 2
SAM- JC39-00387A Cbf Harness-scfmt CLP-510 Wire Harness
SAM- JC39-00391A Cbf Harness-counter SCX-6320f Cbf UL1061
SAM- JC39-00400A Cbf Harness-Hvps ML-1610 Wire Harness Ul
SAM- JC39-00406A Cbf Harness-lsu ML-1610 Cbf Harness UL10
SAM- JC39-00407A Cbf HARNESS-Adf SCX-4521f Cbf UL2835 16
SAM- JC39-00408A Cbf Signal-cis FFC SCX-4521f 12pin Ffc 8
SAM- JC39-00410A Cbf Harness-Hvps SCX-4521f Cbf UL1061 20
SAM- JC39-00412A Cbf Harness-ope SCX-4521f Wire Harness U
SAM- JC39-00423A Cbf Harness-stepmotor CLP-600 Cbf Harnes
SAM- JC39-00427A Cbf Harness-deveif CLP-600 Cbf Harness
SAM- JC39-00431A Cbf HARNESS-MPEMP2 CLP-600 Cbf Harness
SAM- JC39-00453A Cbf Harness-mainscf CLP-600 Cbf Harness
SAM- JC39-00456B Harness-fuser ML-3560 Cbf Ul 3122 2 350/
SAM- JC39-00460A HARNESS-SMPS SCX-6345n Cbf UL1061 28 Red
SAM- JC39-00461A Harness-scf-feed SCX-6345n Cbf UL1061 7
SAM- JC39-00467A Harness-traysize SCX-6345n Cbf UL1061 1
SAM- JC39-00473A Cbf Harness-limitemt SCX-6345n Cbf UL10
SAM- JC39-00480A Cbf Harness-mainmotor SCX-4521f Wire Har
SAM- JC39-00496A Cbfharness-lsu Gnd CLP-300 Wireharness
SAM- JC39-00504A Cbf Harness-scf CLP-600 Cbf Harness UL10
SAM- JC39-00505A Cbf Harness-fuserac CLP-600 Cbf Harness
SAM- JC39-00507A Cbf HARNESS-GND1 CLP-600 Cbf Harness UL1
SAM- JC39-00510A Cbf HARNESS-BLDC2 CLP-600 Cbf Harness U
SAM- JC39-00511A Cbf Harness-hdd SCX-6345n Flat UL2651 44
SAM- JC39-00514A Cbf Signal-Ccd Ffc SCX-5530fn 24pin Ffc
SAM- JC39-00518A Cbf Harness-engine SCX-5530fn Cbf Ul 106
SAM- JC39-00523A Cbf Harness-ac Inlet SCX-5530fn Cbf UL16
SAM- JC39-00530B Harness-dpx Mtr ML-3471nd Cbf Ul 1061 4p
SAM- JC39-00536A Cbf Harness-Adf UPPER SCX-5530fn UL1061
SAM- JC39-00547A Cbf HARNESS-SCF SCX-6345n Cbf UL1061 11
SAM- JC39-00548A Cbf Harness-scf-tray SCX-6345n Cbf UL106
SAM- JC39-00552A Cbf Harness-opekey SCX-6345n Cbf UL1061
SAM- JC39-00562A Cbf Harness-scf Gnd CLP-600 Cbf Harness
SAM- JC39-00563A Cbf Harness-coveopen CLX-3160 Wire Harn
SAM- JC39-00565A Cbf Harness-adfdraw CLX-3160 Wire Harne
SAM- JC39-00566A Cbf Harness-drawjoin CLX-3160 Wire Harn
SAM- JC39-00583A Harness-gndframe CLP-300 Wire Harness U
SAM- JC39-00585A Harness-ih Smps CLP-650 Wire Harness UL3
SAM- JC39-00586A Harness-ih Brack CLP-650 Wire Harness Ul
SAM- JC39-00587A Harness-ih Main CLP-650 Wire Harness UL1
SAM- JC39-00594A Harness-ope SCX-6318f Cbf UL1061 6 525 B
SAM- JC39-00600A Harness-fuser SCX-6318f Cbf UL3122 2 575
SAM- JC39-00605A Harness-pemtsenscf CLX-3160 Harness U
SAM- JC39-00624B Harness-inlet ML-5050nd Cbf UL1617 AWG16
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
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