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Lake Erie Systems
5321 Buffalo Road
Erie, PA 16510
(800) 570-4533

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Part Number Description
SAM- JC39-00643A Harness-exitsensor SCX-4725fn UL1061 3
SAM- JC39-00648A Harness-bfull CLX-3160 Harness UL1061 4
SAM- JC39-00650A Flat Cable CLP-660 30p 0.05 410mm AWM206
SAM- JC39-00651A Flat Cable CLP-660 24p 0.05 390mm AWM206
SAM- JC39-00666A Harness-mp Draw-fr CLP-660 UL1061 6PIN/2
SAM- JC39-00668A Harness-fuser Draw-f CLP-660 UL3398 2pin
SAM- JC39-00673A Harness-jscribe SCX-6345n Cbf UL1061 4p
SAM- JC39-00675A Harness-fdb Smps CLP-660 UL1617 2pin Blk
SAM- JC39-00680A Harness-ope SCX-4500 Harness UL10272 17
SAM- JC39-00701A Harness-lsu Clean Mot/Sens CLX-8380nd Ul
SAM- JC39-00721A Harness-scf-clt CLX-8380nd UL10272 2p Gr
SAM- JC39-00747A Harness-fuser Fu CLX8380nd UL3398 4p Wht
SAM- JC39-00753A Harness-sata POWER SCX-6555n Flat UL1061
SAM- JC39-00754A Harness-sata-signal SCX-6555n Flat UL272
SAM- JC39-00769A Harness-jscribe ML-4551nj UL1061 - 6 50
SAM- JC39-00777A Harness--main-mtr SCX-6555n UL10272 30p/
SAM- JC39-00780A Harness-scf Main rushmore UL10272 18p Gr
SAM- JC39-00783A HARNESS-DUPLEX SCX-6555n UL10272 24p Gra
SAM- JC39-00787A Harness-ope MAIN SCX-6555n UL10272 10P/1
SAM- JC39-00789A Harness-stp MTR SCX-6555n UL10272 12p /4p
SAM- JC39-00790A Harness-regi SCX-6555n UL10272 13P/3p 3p
SAM- JC39-00792A Harness-mp SPK SCX-6555n UL10272 7p/ 2P.3
SAM- JC39-00796B HARNESSAPSSEN UL10272 Gray/Blk AWG26 1
SAM- JC39-00801A HARNESSDUPLEXSEN SCX6555n UL10272 9p/
SAM- JC39-00806A Harness-feed-mtr SCX-6555n UL10272 10p 2
SAM- JC39-00814A Harness-simif Rushmore UL10272 8p 100 G
SAM- JC39-00815A Harness-Ccd FFC SCX-6555n 40p 680mm Wht
SAM- JC39-00816A Harness-ac Inlet ML-2851nd Wire Harness
SAM- JC39-00820A Harness-motor&solenoid ML-2851nd Wire Ha
SAM- JC39-00822A Harness-engine Sensor ML-2851nd Wire Har
SAM- JC39-00826A Harness-lsu Sw&fan ML-2851nd Wire Harnes
SAM- JC39-00834A Harness-power SW SCX-6555n UL1617 3p/ 3p
SAM- JC39-00841A Harness-scan Gnd CLX-6240fx UL1007 1p Gr
SAM- JC39-00842A Harness-fuser Control CLX-6240fx UL10272
SAM- JC39-00845A Harness-rev Mot Exit CLX-6240fx UL10272
SAM- JC39-00846A Harness-rev Swing CLX-6240fx UL10272 3p/
SAM- JC39-00851A Harness-dadf Upper CLX-6240fx UL10272 22
SAM- JC39-00854A Harness-dadf Sensor 2 CLX-6240fx UL10272
SAM- JC39-00857A Harness-bin Full CLX-6240fx UL10272 3P/3
SAM- JC39-00859A Harness-clutch Joint ML-2851nd Wire Harn
SAM- JC39-00861A Harness-Hvps SCX-5235nd UL10272 22p/ 22p
SAM- JC39-00866A Flatcable CLP-310 26p 0.05 540mm AWM206
SAM- JC39-00867A Flatcable CLP-310 16p 0.05 420mm AWM206
SAM- JC39-00869A Harness-bldc SCX-5235nd UL10272 10p/ 10p
SAM- JC39-00871A Harness-dadf-main SCX-5235nd UL10272 12p
SAM- JC39-00879A Harness-scf-main SCX-5235nd UL10272 10p/
SAM- JC39-00883A Harness-fax SCX-5235nd UL10272 12p/ 12p G
SAM- JC39-00886A Harness-fuser-ac SCX-5235nd UL10272 4P/2
SAM- JC39-00891A Harness-fdb Smps CLX-6240fx UL1617 2pin
SAM- JC39-00900A Harness-coversw CLP-310 UL1007 2pin 450/
SAM- JC39-00906A Harness-crumjoint CLP-310 UL10272 5pin G
SAM- JC39-00908A Harness-inlet CLP-310 UL3122 2pin Wht Aw
SAM- JC39-00911A Harness-smps-fan SCX-5235nd UL10272 2P/2
SAM- JC39-00920A Harness-scf ML-2851nd Cbf-harness 8p 400
SAM- JC39-00924A Flat Cable CLX-3170 20p 0.05 130mm AWM20
SAM- JC39-00925A Flat CABLE CLX-3170 12p 0.05 730mm AWM20
SAM- JC39-00932A Harness-motor ML-2240 Harness UL10272 10
SAM- JC39-00936A Harness-lsu ML-2240 Harness UL10272 14 7
SAM- JC39-00941A Flat CABLE-APSFFC SCX-6555n 6p 410mm Aw
SAM- JC39-00948A Harness-Adf Lower SCX-4828fn Cbf Harness
SAM- JC39-00951A Flat CABLE SCX-4828fn 12p 630mm AWM20624
SAM- JC39-00952A Flat CABLE SCX-4828fn 30p 140mm AWM20624
SAM- JC39-00965A Harness-wlan CLX-3170 UL2725 6 Blk AWG24
SAM- JC39-00971A Harness-bin Full Lower SCX-4828fn UL1027
SAM- JC39-01002A Flat CABLE SCX-5535nd 24p 560mm AWM20624
SAM- JC39-01003A Harness-duplex-motor SCX-5535nd UL10272
SAM- JC39-01019A Harness-engine Sensor SCX-4828fn UL10272
SAM- JC39-01020A Harness-fuser ML-1610 UL3122 UL3122 2p 1
SAM- JC39-01020B Harness-fuser ML-1610 UL3122 UL3122 2p B
SAM- JC39-01020C HARNESSFUSER ML2571n UL3122 2p Blk Awg
SAM- JC39-01020D Harness-fuser ML-2571n UL3122 2p Wht Awg
SAM- JC39-01024A Harness-scf-main CLP-770nd UL10272 11P11
SAM- JC39-01025A Harness-ac Inlet CLP-770nd UL1617 2p Wht
SAM- JC39-01042A Flat CABLE SCX-5835fn 40p 630mm AWM20624
SAM- JC39-01043A Harness-ope-hub SCX-5835fn UL2547 UL2547
SAM- JC39-01052A Harness SCX-5835fn UL10272 UL10272 4p /5p
SAM- JC39-01054A Harness-hook SCX-5635fn Harness UL10272
SAM- JC39-01055A Harness-fax SCX-5635fn Harness UL10272 1
SAM- JC39-01066A Harness-binfull ML-2580n Wire Harness Ul
SAM- JC39-01067A Harness-lsu ML-2580n Wire Harness UL1027
SAM- JC39-01068A Harness-engine Power CLX-9350nd UL1061 1
SAM- JC39-01069A Harness-engine Power CLX-9350nd UL1061 1
SAM- JC39-01071A Harness-smps CLX-9350nd UL1061 12p 175mm
SAM- JC39-01072A Harness-smps CLX-9350nd UL1061 13p 125mm
SAM- JC39-01073A Harness-side Cover Joint Board CLX-9350n
SAM- JC39-01074A Harness-bottle Joint Signal CLX-9350nd U
SAM- JC39-01080A Harness-bldc-motor-clutch ML-2580n Wire
SAM- JC39-01081A Harness-crum ML-2580n Wire Harness UL102
SAM- JC39-01085A Harness-inlet CLX-9350nd UL1617 2p 325mm
SAM- JC39-01086A Harness-cover Open Switch CLX-9350nd UL1
SAM- JC39-01087A Harness-fuser Bias CLX-9350nd UL3239 1p
SAM- JC39-01088A HARNESST2 CLX9350nd UL3239 1p 875mm Bl
SAM- JC39-01089A HARNESSSAWPLATE CLX9350nd UL3239 1p 1
SAM- JC39-01090A Harness-fuser Drawer CLX-9350nd UL1617 3
SAM- JC39-01091A Harness-ctd Sensor CLX-9350nd UL10272 20
SAM- JC39-01092A Harness-ozone Fan CLX-9350nd UL10272 3p
SAM- JC39-01094A Harness-smps If CLX-9350nd UL10272 20 /10
SAM- JC39-01095A HARNESSSMPSFAN CLX9350nd UL10272 3p G
SAM- JC39-01096A Harness-lsu If CLX-9350nd UL10272 32/ 34/
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