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Part Number Description
SAM- JC39-01967A Harness-smps-sub sl-k2200nd ul10272 9 17
SAM- JC39-01968A harnessduplexstep slk2200nd ul10272 4
SAM- JC39-01970A Harness-main-drive sl-k2200nd ul10272 28
SAM- JC39-01971A Harness-regi-cl-empty Sen-regi-sen sl-k2
SAM- JC39-01972A harnessmpsenmpcl slk2200nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01973A harnessscan slk2200nd ul10272 9/1 275
SAM- JC39-01974A harnessthermistortonerdccrum slk220
SAM- JC39-01975A Harness-opc Crum-tc Sen-eraser-exit Sen-
SAM- JC39-01978A Harness-radf Interface sl-k2200nd ul2835 20 52
SAM- JC39-01979A harnessscfi/f slk2200nd ul10272 15/18
SAM- JC39-01980A harnessscfsensorstepclsw slk2200nd
SAM- JC39-01981A harnessfuserstep slk2200nd ul10272 4
SAM- JC39-01982A Harness-opc Crum tc sl-k2200nd ul10272 8
SAM- JC39-01984A Flat Cable-wlan ml-2975dw 11 0.05 100 Aw
SAM- JC39-01985A Harness-ope-ba scx-4805fw ul10272 13p 30
SAM- JC39-01986A Harness-crum-if-front scx-4805fw ul10272
SAM- JC39-01987A Harness-crum-if-main scx-4805fw ul10272
SAM- JC39-01988A Harness-adfjoint scx-4805fw ul10272 12p
SAM- JC39-01989A Harness-hook scx-4805fw ul10272 5p 475 G
SAM- JC39-01990A harnessopeki ml2975dw ul10272 13p 75
SAM- JC39-01991A Flat cable-cis scx-4805fw 12p 0.05 690 A
SAM- JC39-01993A Flat Cable-fax scx-4805fw 10p 0.05 130 A
SAM- JC39-01994A Harness-scf-feed-sensor ml-4210nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01996A Cbf Flat Cable-ffc-lsu sl-k2200nd 640 Aw
SAM- JC39-01997A Cbf Flat Cable-ffc-dcis sl-k2200nd 600 A
SAM- JC39-01998A Flat Cable-Adf cis sl-m4075fr 16 0.05 67
SAM- JC39-01999A Flat Cable-fax Flat sl-m4075fr 10 0. 05 1
SAM- JC39-02002A Harness-led Ope sl-m4025nd ul10272 13 20
SAM- JC39-02003A harnessscanmotor slm4075fr ul10272 4
SAM- JC39-02004A Harness-radf Joint sl-m4075fr ul10272 20
SAM- JC39-02005A harnessadfjoint slm4075fr ul10272 12
SAM- JC39-02006A harness-4line ope sl-m4075fr ul10272 14
SAM- JC39-02007A Harness-motor Clutch sl-m4025nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-02008A Harness-zcrum Joint sl-m4020nd ul10272 7
SAM- JC39-02009A harnesszcrum slm4025nd ul10272 7 500 G
SAM- JC39-02010A harness-2line Ope sl-m4025nd ul10272 6 1
SAM- JC39-02014A Harness-power-smps t2 sl-m4025nd ul1061
SAM- JC39-02015A harnesspowersmpst3 slm4075fr ul1061
SAM- JC39-02016A Harness-usb host sl-m4075fr ul2725 4 250
SAM- JC39-02017A Harness-fuser Therm sl-m4025nd ul10272 6
SAM- JC39-02018A Harness-sensor Interface sl-m4025nd ul10272 9
SAM- JC39-02019A Harness-Hvps sl-m4025nd ul10272 12 350 R
SAM- JC39-02022A Flat Cable-radf cis sl-m4075fr 16 0. 05 6
SAM- JC39-02023A Harness-wireless sl-m4075fr ul10272 6 22
SAM- JC39-02028A harnesstonercrumjoint slk2200nd ul10
SAM- JC39-02030A Cbf-conn.coax-inlet Gov Inlet-gov ul1617
SAM- JC39-02030B Harness-inlet Inlet ul1617 200 Blk/ Wht A
SAM- JC39-02031A cbfflatcablehvpsi/f slk2200nd 80 Aw
SAM- JC39-02032A harnessope slk2200nd ul10272 1050 Gray
SAM- JC39-02032B Wire Harness-ope ul10272 1050 Gray/ Blk A
SAM- JC39-02036A Flat Cable-main sl-m4070fx 30 0.05 630 A
SAM- JC39-02037A Flat Cable-ope sl-m4070fx 24 0.05 230 Aw
SAM- JC39-02038A flatcablemain slm4020nx 30 0.05 220 A
SAM- JC39-02041A harnessscanhomesens slm4070fx ul1027
SAM- JC39-02042A harnessscanmotor slm4070fx ul10272 4
SAM- JC39-02045A harnessope m2022w ul10272 9p 75 Gray/ Bl
SAM- JC39-02046A Flat Cable-fax m2070fw 10p 0.05 90 awm20
SAM- JC39-02047A Flat cable-cis m2070fw 12p 0.05 690 awm2
SAM- JC39-02048A Harness-adfjoint m2070fw ul10272 325 Gra
SAM- JC39-02049A flatcablefaxflat slm4070fx 10 0.05 1
SAM- JC39-02051A Harness-ope sl-c4821nd/sli ul10272 625 G
SAM- JC39-02052A harnesswlan clxnwa20l ul2725 300 Blk A
SAM- JC39-02053A harnesswlanextension clxnwa20l ul2725
SAM- JC39-02057A harnessscfpaperlow ml5510nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-02060A harnesssmps m5370 ul1061 325 Gray/Blk A
SAM- JC39-02061A Harnesscoveropen gray/Blk 550 Boardto
SAM- JC39-02062A Harness-ope m5370 ul10272 725 Gray/ Blk A
SAM- JC39-02063A harnesshumidity m5370 ul10272 75 Gray /B
SAM- JC39-02066A harnesshvps3pin blk/wht 675 Boardtob
SAM- JC39-02067A harnesshvps5/2pin m5370 ul3239 500 Re
SAM- JC39-02068A harnessm5370ope m5370 ul10272 600 Blk
SAM- JC39-02069A Harness-hdmi m5370 ul20276 750 Blk 30awg
SAM- JC39-02071A Harness-ope Power x4300 ul10272 1050 Gra
SAM- JC39-02072A Harness-finisher x4300 ul10272 200 Blu/B
SAM- JC39-02073A harnessmpsizelink x4300 ul10272 200 G
SAM- JC39-02074A harnessmainitbmot x4300 ul10272 550 G
SAM- JC39-02075A Harness-exit C x4300 ul10272 525 Gray /Bl
SAM- JC39-02076A Harness-fuser C x4300 ul10272 625 Gray/B
SAM- JC39-02078A Harness-pickup C x4300 ul10272 28 575 Gr
SAM- JC39-02079A harnessopcsensor x4300 ul10272 36 650
SAM- JC39-02080A harnesswtbc x4300 ul10272 1175 Gray/ Bl
SAM- JC39-02081A Harness-toner C x4300 ul10272 525 Blu /Bl
SAM- JC39-02082A harnessnfcusb1 x4300 ul2725 5 275 Blk
SAM- JC39-02083A Harness-side In C x4300 ul10272 675 Gray
SAM- JC39-02084A harnessshuttermot x4300 ul10272 1200 G
SAM- JC39-02085A harnessfeed/regisensorm k4350 ul10272
SAM- JC39-02086A Harness-ope Usb x4300 ul2725 5 1250 Blk
SAM- JC39-02087A harnesssizesensor x4300 ul10272 3 75 G
SAM- JC39-02088A harnesssidesetm k4350 ul10272 575 Blu
SAM- JC39-02089A Harness-exit&fuser-m k4350 ul10272 425 G
SAM- JC39-02090A harnessnfcusb2 x4300 ul2725 5 675 Blk
SAM- JC39-02091A harnesstonerm k4350 ul10272 300 Gray/ B
SAM- JC39-02093A harnesspickupm k4350 ul10272 600 Gray /
SAM- JC39-02094A Harness-wtb M k4350 ul10272 1100 Gray /Bl
SAM- JC39-02095A harnessmain&opcmotm k4350 ul10272 36
SAM- JC39-02096A Harness-side In-m k4350 ul10272 30 175 G
SAM- JC39-02097A harnessctd k4350 ul10272 3 350 Gray/ Blk
SAM- JC39-02098A Harness-deve Crum&tc k4350 ul10272 8 225
SAM- JC39-02099A Harness-fuser Bias k4350 ul3239 2 150 Bl
SAM- JC39-02101A Flat Cable-key m5370 20 0.3 120 awm20624
SAM- JC39-02102A harnessopemini m5370 Miniusbcable Ul
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